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Bob’s Kid Stroller is a high-end pram for a good reason, and the brand has gained traction in many areas. Let’s get to know more about them in this article.

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It was formed back in 1994 by an airline mechanic and a bicycle industry mogul. Essentially, it takes the bike style (just like best baby carrier bikes) but then puts it into the form of prams that can be used for any adventure. Bob kid’s strollers are known for running practicality, comfort, and even their innovative design, and they were the ones to introduce the swivel locking front wheel design. But, they’ve also been known the expensive kids prams . Here’s a news sign: Bob’s kids prams have been acquired by Britax Inc., so they are more affordable.

Features Of Bob Kid Strollers

The one downside to these is while they are high-performance prams that have come down a little in price, they tend to still be expensive. But luckily, we can show a path to some great deals on Bob company strollers you can indulge in so that you, too, can give your child the most comfortable stroller out there.

To give you an idea of what the best selling Bob’s kids prams are on Amazon, beware of a buying guide list we made for you, and we support a detailed description for each prams so you can compare. We also wrote a personal review of some of their most popular prams , so keep reading to learn more about all sorts of different Bob’s kids prams and the deals you can find.

BOB Gear Rambler Travel System with B-Safe Gen2 Infant Car Seat


The Gear Rambler is one of their jogging prams that has a great suspension and the swivel front lock tire these prams became famous for. This set happens to be part of a travel system that is compatible with infant car seats. If you purchase this package, you’ll get an infant car seat with your rugged stroller. You will also get an adapter that allows you to use it as part of your child’s prams travel systems with select baby carriers.The weight for the  jogging prams is 75 lbs. That means you can use it from infant to toddler, and on up through childhood.

Black strollers from BOB , a popular brand of strollers

  • The travel system from BOB’s kid’s prams is made from high-quality materials, and it is engineered with Britax top safety technologies.
  • These Jogging + Travel System prams have an extra large canopy that helps protect your child from the heat when you want to run on the road.
  • Bob’s kid’s prams has parts like front wheel swivels and suspension system which makes it easy to maneuver and stroll smoothly.
  • How to close Bob kid’s stroller is easy. Engage the release mechanisms, fold the prams by bringing the handlebar towards the frame, and secure any additional locking mechanisms or straps provided

Bob gear strollers, a detailed look of the baby stroller with one-hand recline adjustment, large cargo basket, flip-flop friendly parking brake


Gear Alterrain Pro Jogging Travel System


As a follow-up, the Gear Alterrain Pro Jogging prams products are made with safety and comfort in mind. They have a convenient hand brake so parents can have better control when they’re using their baby jogger going downhill. The fabrics of this prams is made of are super durable so you can jog anywhere and it will travel well. These jogging prams are pretty pricey so you may want to look for a Black Friday kid’s prams sale or shop the single prams , double prams , jogging prams , and travel systems sales at some of your favorite discount retailers like Kohl’s  or buybuy BABY.

  • It is easy to fold even only with one hand and it can hold a standing position when folded.
  • It has a sleek frame and it is made of superior fabric which gives it a luxurious look.
  • It comes with a Smoothshox suspension and air filled tires which help keep its balance even on unstable terrain.
  • It is complete with ergonomic handbrake to ensure safety on a downhill stroll.


Gear Rambler Jogging Pram


This item desevers to be listed above as part of a travel system. You can purchase these Bob kid’s strollers on their own. They’re single prams for an infant or toddler that have a safety strap for your wrist, a good sized storage basket underneath for keeping all your baby gear and even diaper bags and adapters with you, and can be used with an adapter for baby carriers car seats and convertible car seats. Purchasing these kid’s prams outside of the travel system saves you a couple hundred dollars, which is why we listed it this way in our buying guide.

  • The Rambler prams are your perfect jogging companion when you bring your little one with you.
  • It has a superior suspension system that provides a super smooth ride, it also has a spacious trunk where you can put all your baby essentials.
  • It is equipped with padded seating that is positioned fully upright to allow your baby to explore the surroundings while you jog together.


The BOB’s Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Pram 


Most parents who shop for single prams, double prams, or jogging prams from Bob’s kid’s prams are looking for something that has it all for them, including perfect accessories. The Revolution Flex 3.0 model is the Gearstroller that does have it all. It has huge rear wheels that won’t have any problems with whatever type of terrain you want to roll them over. It has tons of space for diaper bags, personal items, devices, and toys. It has an over-sized canopy for keeping children protected from the sun and out of the wind. These prams are the top of the line. They also have a top of the line price tag so look for a Black Friday kid’s prams event or something similar like Amazon Prime Day.

Bob gear stoller - Moms will love this stroller for babies, it has two large wheels on the back and a single front wheel.

  • Majority of the prams from BOBs have air filled tires and suspension system for comfortable strolling, but the Revolution has more space and pockets than the rest.
  • They have extra large cargo basket, 6 storage pockets and a cellphone pocket, therefore it is not only good for jogging it is also the perfect prams for travelling. It will definitely click with your preference.
  • These prams are also travel ready, they are compatible with most car seat brands when you use the infant car seat adapter which you can buy separately.

This is probably one of the best jogging prams deals out there, being less than 350 dollars sometimes. Even when this brand is known to be high end, Bob’s kid’s prams sale deals are everywhere. They’re equipped with a locking swivel front so that you can move easily, and also air-filled tires and a bike suspension for a smooth ride. It’s got a 9-point adjustment handlebar, and a padded seat with a large canopy, and can fit children up to 75 pounds, and 44 inches in height, so it’s a good one if you want a cheap jogger.

You can get these kid’s prams at Target for a great deal, and there is a reason why it’s got a 4.5 star ranking among many parents.

Daddy is listening to music while pushing his baby on the stroller - seems this family is having a lot of good time!
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2016 Bob Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller Duallie

This is a dual version of the one listed above, and it involves many of the different aspects. However, these kid’s prams only fit children up to 50 pounds in each seat, but it’s got the same height restrictions. This is great for those active families that are looking for a great deal. Here is a swiveling front wheel, and it allows for super easy maneuverability whenever you hit rough terrain. The Revolution FLEX prams have an adjustable handlebar that allows for the perfect fit, and it has a wonderful suspension system, along with upright seats that you only need to recline to maintain the angles. You can put every single extra aspect of your gear into a basket that makes it super easy to move about. Plus, it’s got a two-step folding system that will let you pack up no matter where you need to go. The thing about this stroller is that it is a little expensive. However, Target is a great place for Bob’s kid’s prams sale deals, especially if you’re looking for a good model that still does the job and then some.

Rambler Jogging Pram

This is a little more expensive than the first model, but it has a lot of stability and mobility while you’re on the go. The tires of these Bob kid’s prams are about 12 inches, and filled with air, and comes with a bike suspension system so that the ride is smooth. You can even activate a parking brake with your foot, so you don’t have to worry about it moving about. You don’t need to rethread the harness, and you can create a flat recline for the children. The Rambler Jogging prams can fit up to 75 pounds, and you can even use the infant car seat adapter with this. It’s perfect for those who have family adventures, and want something that will fit most families. It’s a bit heavier than the others at about 25 pounds. But it’s got an aluminum frame and a canopy that has a UPF protection of 50+ on it, and a super-easy harness to secure the child in. These prams are perfect for those parents who like to go on adventures with their kids since they are easy to move and quite simple in terms of how they are used, and the different ways you can move them about.

BOB beautiful stroller in all-black color, big wheels, storage basket, and rubber front wheel
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Expedition Double Jogging 

Not all kid’s prams require you to have to shell out a few hundred dollars. For half of the other ones listed here, these Bob jogging strollers are perfect for if you have two kids. These prams do hold up pretty well with a five-point harness system that keeps children safe and secure. These bob strollers also contain lockable swivel wheels in the front to help with any terrain. They also have foot brakes like the other ones, and the seats can be reclined too. The harness does have an ergonomic feeling to it, so it’s not hurting the kid, and there is even an ergonomic handle that’s perfect for steering in a comfortable sense.

The Bob Expedition stroller got trays for parents as well that allows for you to have two cup holders and covered compartments for small items, and a basket that allows for essentials and storage. These kid’s prams also have a rotating canopy that shields everyone from the sun and conditions, and it allows for proper storage and transport. If you’re wanting to utilize kid’s prams that do not cost a ton of money, these are for you. While these prams are a little bit on the heavier side, they do the job well and are perfect for those parents who want strollers on a budget.

Really, if you want to purchase a stroller, the best way to do it is to check Walmart, Target, or other baby outlets and look for these models. Most of these strollers are from 2016 or before, so they’re not totally new, which means they’ll be a better price than what you’re used to. You too can indulge in pram, which are perfect for the active parents out there, and the best part is you don’t need to be on some extreme budget to do so. You can get a stroller for reasonable prices if you look in the right places. There are a lot of good sale deals that you can purchase without breaking the bank. Many parents take advantage of clearance sales due to their price, and they rarely buy directly or new, so that’s always an option.

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