Cutest Baby Alive Doll Accessories & Themes

The craze for Baby Alive Dolls seems to have really come alive! Just as the name says, these dolls are very life-like. When you purchase your first Baby Alive Doll, you can choose between black sculpted hair, sculpted brown hair, and blonde sculpted hair dolls. You can choose the one that your daughter will most easily relate to and connect with!


What Makes Them Seem Real?

Baby Alive Dolls are very life-like. They are some of the most popular baby dolls on the planet. They have 80 life-like movements, expressions, and sounds. They eat, drink, cry, smile, and even poop like babies! Let your daughter learn how to nurture and mimic how you take care of her with these dolls.

The Baby Alive Dolls In The Past

The Baby Alive Dolls first came out in the 1970s and was produced by a company called Kenner. Although those dolls in the ’70s are very different from what they are today, they still seemed very real. They ate, they wet their diapers, and they also threw up regularly.

Later on, The Kenner Company was purchased by Hasbro. The later made changes to Baby Alive Dolls and reintroduced the dolls to the market in 2006.

Today, you can purchase several Baby Alive Dolls as well as accessories and themes. You can get newborn dolls that “Sip ‘N Slurp,” “Wets ‘N Wiggles,” “Pat ‘N Burp,” and “Sip ‘N Snooze.” You can also get speaking toddler dolls that can potty, go through teething, that giggles, sings, and gets ill.


Different Baby Alive Dolls Today

Today, there are a lot of Baby Alive Dolls that you can choose from. There is a Baby Alive Doll to suit the interest of your daughter. There are Baby Alive Doll accessories to make playing more fun. There are also a lot of different accessories to keep your daughter interested in her doll for a long time!

Here are some of the popular ones.

Baby Alive Newborn Sip N snooze—The fun Baby Doll that Sleeps!

This Baby Alive newborn doll is a bit different. The Baby Alive newborn sip n snooze is a cute doll that is pretty fun.  With the newborn sip n snooze, you can feed the newborn sip n snooze food, and as the newborn sip and snooze drinks, it begins to fall asleep.

The Baby Alive newborn sip n snooze is one of the more realistic Baby Alive newborn toys out there, and is considered one of the top toys that children will enjoy. The Baby Alive newborn sip n snooze is in the top 100 in toys, and this is a doll reviewed by many parents. 

The Baby Alive newborn sip and snooze is a snooze doll, so when you’re done feeding the Baby Alive newborn, the snooze doll will then fall asleep. But then, over time, the Baby Alive newborn sip and snooze will wake up again.

This is part of the Baby Alive newborn line of dolls, and this one is not only a fun snooze doll, but also a cute doll, and if your child wants more realistic baby dolls, the Baby Alive newborn sip and snooze is one of the best baby dolls for the job. 

The Baby Alive Sip in Snooze is also pretty strong too.  The doll is sturdy, so if your child actually drops the Baby Alive Sip in Snooze, it won’t break on them.  

These were featured in the dancing with the stars Baby Alive series of dolls dollhouses and other features, and the Baby Alive newborn sip and snooze is not only a simple doll, but quite functional and is one of the best Baby Alive dolls to get.


Baby Alive Snackin’ Treats Baby

This Baby Alive Doll is a lot of fun! Your daughter can make yummy-looking pretend snacks. The snacks are made from reusable materials that come with the doll. It even comes with a roller and shaper and bakes the snack in a toy oven! Just slide the baking tray inside and push down the timer. Once your daughter hears the ding, it is time for a snack! Once your Baby Alive Doll is done with her snack, she will be ready to poop and ready for a diaper change soon!

Baby Alive Twinkles ‘n Tinkles

When you have a baby, you can expect a wet diaper every so often! So, of course, you can buy a Baby Alive Doll that wets her diaper!. This one has a diaper that lights up when the baby needs to change. Baby Alive Doll accessories have made the play more realistic.

You cannot change a diaper without the proper materials. This doll comes with baby wipes and diaper cream. You will need to make sure your Baby Alive Doll does not get rashes!

This Baby Alive Doll also comes with a drinking bottle and makes drinking sounds. This one of the most favorite Baby Alive Doll accessories. Your Baby Alive Doll will also know 20 phrases and sounds in English and Spanish.

Baby Alive Better Now Bailey

It is the worst day for you, as a mom, when your baby is sick or not feeling well. For your daughter, though, and her Baby Alive Doll, it is training for when she becomes a doctor!

Yes, Better Now Bailey is a Baby Alive Doll that comes with a thermometer and stethoscope. It is time for your daughter to take care of her baby and make her feel better. The set comes with a diaper and her feeding bottle as usual.


Baby Alive Ready For School

The day has come. As a mom, you will eventually need to let go of your little one. You will have to allow her to explore the world beyond your home. The day will come when you will need to bring her to school and hand her to the capable hands of her teachers.

The same is true for your Baby Alive Ready for School Doll! Help get your daughter excited for school. Get her ready as she, herself, gets her own Baby Alive Doll ready. Your daughter can style her dolls hair and, of course, let her bring her notebook! Then, off to school, they go.

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