Sleepless Nights No More: Rock N Play To The Rescue

Were you able to sleep peacefully last night? If you answered no, then you’re not alone. A lot of new parents are struggling with putting their babies to sleep. You’re lucky if you get one hour or two hours of uninterrupted rest during the night.


It’s normal for newborns to be adjusting to their environments. From the comfort of their mom’s womb, they have to get used to life in the outside world. No wonder they tend to cry a lot during the night. However, there are also fussy babies who don’t want to be put down even when they are already asleep. But there is no more rock n play will do the trick for that.

Thank goodness for the creation of the Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play Sleeper. This nifty all-in-one sleeper helps babies sleep during nap time and even during the night. If this is your first time encountering the Fisher-price auto Rock ‘N Play sleeper, here are some of the key features you will love.



Helps Your Baby Sleep Soundly (Even During The Night!)

The Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘N Play sleeper is a popular must-have item among new parents. Why? This product helps babies sleep soundly during the night!

The auto rock feature of the Rock ‘N Play sleeper lulls babies into a deep sleep. There is also an included soothing system with different sound effects and songs. You don’t have to sing all through the night and wake up with a sore throat after again.


Helps Babies With Reflux And Colic Issues

The Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play sleeper has a semi-reclined position bassinet that is good for babies with reflux or colic issues. If your baby needs a longer time to digest milk before sleeping, the Rock ‘N Play sleeper should be your best bet.


Usable Even During Playtime

Are you looking for a playtime seat for your newborn? The Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play also doubles as a playtime seat for babies. If you need to do errands while keeping a close eye on your baby, just strap your baby in the rock n play, and you’re good to go.

You can also attach the linkable teething toy to the rock n play’s body. This feature is a big help when your child reaches the teething stage. Most children tend to throw their teethers after a few minutes. How many times will you have to sanitize those teethers in a day?



Pack And Go

One of the Rock ‘N Play’s key features is its lightweight and easy to carry built. Parents love this rocker because you can easily store it on the back of the car’s compartment. The rock n play is also easy to bring from one area to another, unlike other sleepers. 


Easy Wash

The Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play sleeper’s insert is machine wash friendly. Therefore, no more rock n play issues there. You don’t need to spend too much of your precious time washing it by hand. Just toss it in the washer then dry. The insert will be ready in time for your baby’s next nap time.


Ensures Baby’s Safety

The rock and play sleeper have a three-point restraint safety system. This restraint reassures parents that their babies will be sleeping safely during the night.


All in all, the Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play is a godsend product to all parents with newborn children. The Rock ‘N Play’s features soothing music and customizable sounds together with the auto rock and allows babies to sleep during the night. The rock n play’s body is also comfortable to carry, which enables parents to bring this product anywhere quickly.

On the other hand, the insert itself is made with mesh material so you can easily monitor your child from different angles. The insert is also machine wash and dryer-safe.

Definitely, the Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play sleeper is the ultimate all-in-one product for every parent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Are rock ‘n plays safe for sleeping?

No, rock ‘n plays are unsafe for sleeping babies. If they want to sleep, the parents need to move them to a flat surface.

Can my newborn sleep in a rock and play?

No, your newborn cannot sleep in a rock and play. It does not have a seal of approval from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Can a newborn sleep in a pack and play without the bassinet?

Yes. It’s because Pack ‘n Play is a playard that can be used from birth up to the toddler years. It is a secure, portable place for your baby to sleep or play. Some use it instead of a bassinet or crib since it grows with the baby. So, no more rock n play products are not for kids.

Is it OK for a baby to sleep in a pack and play?

Babies should sleep in a Pack ‘n Play or a crib since it is the safest position for babies. However, an unsafe sleep environment for babies is when using blankets, crib bumpers, pillows, or toys in the crib.

Can a baby sleep in a pack and play instead of a crib?

Yes. There are a lot of advantages to using a pack and play over a crib, One of which is mobility. You can use a pack n’ play full time, and you bring the bed wherever you go.

How long can you use pack n play?

Babies or infants sleep in the Pack N Play bassinet until they are three months old. After that, you can transfer your child to the playpen feature cribs for approximately another two years.

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