5 Best Immune Booster Supplements For Kids

Kids are undeniably prone to sickness, especially if they go to school during the cold season. As a parent, we do not want them to suffer and feel in pain any longer. Thus, we do our best to care for them with all our might. Treating our sick child is quite a handful sometimes.

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The best thing that we could do beforehand is to keep them healthy and fit for all kinds of environment. To achieve this, we listed recommendations of the best immune booster supplements for kids, which can help them become cold- and virus-resistant anywhere they go.

List Of Best Immune Booster Supplements For Kids

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The best immune booster supplements for kids include multivitamins, antioxidants, and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B6, and Zinc, to name a few. Supplements could be either solid like gummies or liquid like syrup.

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  1. myKind Organic Kids Multi Gummies

First on the list of best immune booster supplements is myKind Organic Kids Multi Gummies. This supplement is famous for its non-synthetic vitamin content, non-GMO project-verified fruits, and glucose-free content. One of its best components is its high content of vitamin E and vitamin C, which are 7.5 mg and 90 mg, respectively. These vitamins help the body in different ways, like the improvement of the cardiovascular system, the betterment of lung function, the formation of collagen, restoration of tendons, and renewal of blood vessels. Not to mention, it also contains naturally produced or organic fruits like cherry and orange, which make the supplement taste suitable for kids who are not into syrup.

  • Jamieson Kids Chewable Vitamin D3 400 IU

Rich in vitamin D3, this supplement safeguards the immune system of children going to school, especially during the cold season. It is one of the best immune booster supplements for kids since its formulation helps in bone development. It also has a role in establishing the metabolism and digestion of minerals in the body, which could help prevent infection and other risky conditions like diabetes. It is one of the best immune booster supplements that kids enjoy because of its chewy characteristic.

  • Brain Child’s Liqui-Zinc Supplement

Unlike the first two supplements mentioned, this one comes in liquid form. It is best known for its high zinc content, which promotes enzymatic reaction for detoxification, a healthy immune system, protein digestion, and cell integration. Although it is in liquid form, it is still great for children due to its pleasant taste. It is the perfect supplement for kids who do not consume chicken and beans often.

  •  Barlean’s Omega Kids Swirl

Fourth on the list of the best immune booster supplements for kids is Barlean’s Omega Kids Swirl. This supplement is like a smoothie. Kids who do not consume enough fatty fish would enjoy and benefit from this since it has enough dosage of Omega-3. It is a good source of EPA and DHA, which are essential for a healthy brain and eyes. Furthermore, it helps in the prevention of allergies, asthma, ADHD, and depression in kids.

  • Nature’s Plus Animal Parade Acidophi Kidz Children’s Chewables (Berry Flavor)

Last on the list of the best immune booster supplements for kids is Nature’s Plus Chewable. It is a probiotic chewable supplement that promotes healthy digestion by helping lessen eczema caused by milk allergies. One of its beneficial effects for kids is the bioavailability and fostering of intestinal flora growth for reducing bowel problems and boosting immunity. Parents don’t need to worry, for it is a product designed and formulated for kid’s daily needs.

Other Ways To Prevent Sickness in Kids

Other than the intake of the best supplements, there are also different ways to boost the immune system of your child naturally. These include the following:

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  1. Teach your child to wash hands after coming from school or any outdoor activity.
  2. Wash hands before eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  3. Have enough sleep daily because sleep encourages cell restoration.
  4. Prioritize the intake of a balanced diet and nutritious meals.
  5. Make sure to de-stress by taking the time to play in outdoor activities. It will also help strengthen the immune system and avoid obesity.
  6. Always keep hydrated by bringing a bottle of water anywhere you go.
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Kids tend to get sick, whether we like it or not. What we can do as parents are to think of ways on how to lessen the adverse side effects and complications that it could bring to our child by boosting their immune system. Taking the best immune booster supplements would aid in strengthening their immune system. We could achieve this if we remember some daily precautions that will help them get better and be bright every day.

Best Immune Booster Supplements For Kids FAQs


What are home remedies to boost your immune system?
Boost your immune system by adequate sleeping, eating fruits and vegetables, drinking a lot of water, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, and meditation.
What fruits boost your immune system?
These are the following foods that help boost the immune system. There’s Blueberries, Broccoli, Oily fish, Turmeric, Ginger, Spinach, Sweet potatoes, and Dark chocolate.

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