Holle Formula Review: Is It The Best For Baby?

When feeding your baby, you want to give the healthiest formula available. If you can’t breastfeed, formula is the next best thing, but not all formulas are created equal. Some formulas contain ingredients that may not be good for a growing baby. Some mothers have been looking to other countries for their baby formula.

Holle formula is a European brand, and many people have said that the ingredients may be healthier. It’s organic, has no additives, and is just made from wholesome stuff. The Holle brand has been around for over 80 years, so it does have lots of experience in what they do.

Holle Availability

Unfortunately, getting it is a hassle. It’s not available in the US, and unless you’re traveling to Europe all the time, it’s hard to get. We’ll discuss that later. Until then, let’s learn more about Holle below.

Holle Stages

Holle European baby formula has four different stages, each with a different age recommendation. Holle stage 1 is for newborns up to 6 months. Holle stage 2 is for babies who are between 6 and 10 months. Holle stage 3 is from 10 to 12. Stage 4 is for your 12-month-old son or baby girl and beyond. Always make sure you get the appropriate Holle stage for their age range, as you want to meet the baby’s nutritional needs. Each Holle stage baby formula has specific nutrition levels that focus on what is developing and growing during those specific months. The best way to ensure your baby has the best nutrition, the milk stages are important.

Holle Bio Milk
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Holle Formula


Preparing the baby formula isn’t rocket science. Like any powder-based mix, Holle Formula comes with a scooper, and you put one scoop per ounce of water. If you have 3.5 scoops and ounces, you get another half ounce.

Holle Formula


You’ll notice how creamy and sweet-smelling the Holle Formula is. A baby formula usually doesn’t taste good; you’re feeding it to someone who isn’t exactly picky, and they just need the essential nutrients. However, Holle Formula has a good taste to it, and you may find yourself trying it as well.

It palm oil in it. Some formulas contain palm oil, and some babies may have a bad reaction to that. It can make their intestines uncomfortable, and you may notice hard stools. It can affect the bone mass of a baby.

If your baby girl or boy experiences this, switch formulas. However, if your baby has a normal reaction to it, then you should keep trying it.

If you bought in bulk and your baby can’t have it, consider giving it to your friends or selling some to make some money back. That way, you have less of a financial risk when you’re purchasing. You never know if your baby is allergic to it until you give it to them, so keep that in mind when you purchase the formula.

Holle Formula


  • You may wonder what else is in the baby formula. It’s made from almost 100 percent organic ingredients. It uses cow milk, and the cows milk itself is grown from local farms in an environment that is good for the cows.
  • These cows are fed the best grasses and are taken care of by the best farmers. Many procedures, such as removing a cow’s horns, aren’t done on these farms.
  • Meanwhile, there are other organic ingredients. The mentioned oils can give your baby the essential fatty acids. Meanwhile, organic starch and other goods are added to give the formula its creamy and filling appearance. Thanks to its ingredients, you don’t have to worry much about your baby feeling hungry any time soon. Then, vitamins and minerals are added that your baby needs.
  • It’s free from gluten, wheat, preservatives, artificial colors, and added sugars. It isn’t just a bunch of organic buzzwords; it is made from care by one of the oldest makers around. For more detailed ingredients, please check here: https://mommyhood101.com/holle-infant-formula-review.
  • It sounds so tempting, and you may wonder where you can buy it. Here are your options.
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  • Holle Formula Review

Is Holle Organic Formula FDA Approved?

The FDA does not approve the Holle Organic Formula. When some people think of products not being approved by the FDA, they think of pseudoscience and alternative medicine. However, the reason why the Holle Organic infant formula is not approved because it isn’t available for purchase in the USA through traditional means. In other parts of the world, this brand is quite trusted, and you should still give it a go.  Read further here.

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Is Lebenswert Better Than Holle Infant Formula?

So, Lebenswert or Holle Formula? Your mileage may depend on whether or not Holle Organic is better than the Lebenswert. Both brands of organic baby formula are quite good, but there are some slight differences. Some like Lebenswert better because this organic baby formula is more accurate to breast milk, and its sweetener is made from lactose and not corn syrup. However, it’s up to your baby in the end. Try both Lebenswert Stages and Holle Formula to see which is for your baby.

What’s The Difference Between Holle Pre Formula And Stage 1?

If you’re confused with Holle Organic Infant Formula Stage 1 formula and Holle Organic Infant Formula Stage Pre is, we’ll give you the answer. Stage Pre and Stage 1 have different carb sources. Stage 1 formula has maltodextrin as its carb source, while Stage Pre has lactose. Either one is a great formula in the Holle organic baby formula world. For more information, you are able to find many comparison charts online.

There are many other stages for your baby’s life. Make sure you’re getting the right Holle Stage for your baby. By picking the wrong Stage, it may have an impact on your baby’s growth. Choose the right stage.

Does Holle Formula Have Iron?

Some of Holle’s cow and goat milk formulas have iron and ferrous lactate. These are Holle Organic Infant Formula Stage Pre and Bio at stage 2, stage 3, and stage 4.

Does Holle Formula Have DHA?

Yes, Holle Formula contains DHA. However, it does not come from an artificial source.

How Long Does Holle Organic Formula Last In Fridge?

It can stay in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Just make sure that it is in the coldest part of it.

Where’s Holle Formula Made?

Holle is a European baby formula brand. The baby formulas are made in Germany and are goat milk based, with other options with cow-based ingredients.

How Many Bottles Does Holle Organic Formula Make?

This will depend on your bottle size, but for a 3oz bottle, a 400g container of Holle makes about 30 bottles.

Holle Formula Cost

A box that’s 400g doesn’t come cheap. It costs about $25.99, and then about $8.60 for shipping, which brings it to a total of $34.59 plus sales tax. A box of It doesn’t come cheap, that’s for sure. With that said, we highly recommend you buy it in bulk for much less. Some sellers have four boxes for $67 and free shipping too. A box of Holle is going to differ, but either way, it’s worth it. Try it and see if it’s for you. Just make sure that when you buy a box of Holle, it’s from a genuine seller to ensure your purchased Holle is authentic.

FAQs On Organic Formulas


Is HiPP Better Than Holle?

For Holle Organic vs. HiPP Formula review, both types of organic baby formula are good, but there’s only one winner. When it comes to HiPP and Holle, we prefer the Holle Organic. That is because it has less aluminum, unlike the HiPP, which has more. The HiPP is still high quality and safe for your baby, but we do believe that Holle Organic is naturally the winner. HiPP and Holle are both awesome, but most can’t pick both. We say to try both HiPP and Holle and pick your winner.

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What’s The Best Formula?

The best honestly depends on your baby’s needs. It’s something you may need to discuss with a doctor if you have any concerns. Most types of organic formulas are made from the freshest ingredients, but some may be better than others.

What’s the best-tasting formula?

That’s a bit hard to answer. Every baby has their tastes, and since they can’t tell you which they prefer, you’ll just have to guess with their reactions. Most types of organic taste great, but as we said, babies have different taste buds, and one type of organic formula may not taste good for one baby, but another may love it.


HiPP formula
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Healthiest Organic Formula

Holle is some of the healthiest around. With any type of organic baby formula, you should have some peace of mind about it being healthy, however. Holle Formula is the cream of the crop with many vitamins and minerals, and although it isn’t as good as breast milk, it comes close. Anything Holle related is awesome, including Holle Organic Baby Food.

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Should You Boil Water For Holle?

For Holle Formula, it isn’t necessarily required. However, many parents may want to boil their ounces of water before using Holle, or any kind of formula. Your option is to discuss it with your baby’s doctor and see whether or not you should boil the ounces of water. It may depend on the water in your area.

What’s The Best Non-dairy Milk?

Cow milk formula works well for most babies, but some babies may be sensitive to cow-milk, or there may be a personal reason as to why you want something else. Here are a couple of other choices.

Mt. Capra CapraLactos

It is a goat milk formula. Goat milk can be a great alternative to cow’s milk, and this goat milk formula doesn’t have any dairy in it. It’s easy to digest and doesn’t have any pesticides. Coming from pure grass-fed goats and organic farming, this is one great formula to use.

Enfamil ProSobee Soy Sensitive

If you want your formula to come from plants, this is the one for you. It has all your baby’s needs, coming from plant-based sources. It gives you a less fussy baby and has all the omega 3s and other nutrients you need for the baby’s first year.

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How Long Can HiPP Formula stay out?

If you have to have your HiPP formula outside, you may wonder how long it’ll be until you can’t safely use it. The answer is about 2 hours. Then the formula may not be safe to drink. With that said, you can keep the formula in the fridge for about 24-48 hours, so that is an alternative to try if you want to.

Is HiPP Organic Better Than Aptamil?

When it comes to formula, HiPP and Aptamil are two types of European baby formula that are great. However, there can only be one best formula. For us, the best formula is HiPP. It is because it is purely organic, and it isn’t as harsh on your baby’s stomach. Of course, your baby’s needs may vary, so maybe you can try out both and see which works best for you. Either choice, you get some great European organic baby formula to try out.

Does HiPP Organic contain probiotics?

Yes, HiPP organic formula has probiotics for your baby’s gastro health. They’re not something you should worry about.

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What Ingredients Should I Avoid?

There are many ingredients that you may want to avoid. Here are a few that you should think twice about finding in your formula because these ingredients may point to genetically modified formulas.

  • Sweeteners. A bit of natural sugar is needed to help babies digest foods, but if it has added sucrose, this could lead to your baby having a sweet tooth when they’re older, and possible dental problems. You don’t need a super sweet formula when having a baby. It’s okay.
  • Too much sodium chloride.
  • Too much soy. Many plant-based formulas account for the soy, but if your formula has too much. That could lead to developmental problems in some circumstances. Do not use a soy-based formula unless you’re a vegan, or your baby is allergic.
  • Avoid DHAs and ARAs. These are fatty acids, and they are good for you in natural sources, but in the milk, they are created through less than ethical means.
  • Palm oils. We mentioned this before. Milk containing palm oil can be problematic for a few reasons. To avoid this, just avoid palm oil if you can, or make sure it’s not a huge amount. The same can be said about vegatables oils and rice syrup.
  • Carrageenan. It is a thickener that could lead to gastrointestinal problems. If you’re choosing a European formula, you actually won’t have to worry. It’s been banned from any European formula since 2007. However, an American milk may have it. Check your American formula and see.

Also, some parents want milk made from organic ingredients. Some say that it’s better on a baby’s stomach. Although GMOs have been proven safe, trying organic may be a better option for your baby’s tummy. With that said, it does tend to be more expensive, so choose the one that’s friendliest to your budget, and you can work with it.

What’s The Closest Formula To Breast Milk?

Plum Organics is the closest to breast milk. This powdered milk contains ferrous lactate, DHA, ARA, and other non-GMO ingredients.


  • Look for Sales

European formulas can be expensive. Besides having to import them, they tend to be made from the best ingredients, unlike some American milk powder. It’s understandable why you would choose American formulas over European formulas if you’re on a budget, there are some ways to get more.

If it’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday, check some websites. Black Friday means that there are some deals, and Black Friday is great for bulk buyers. With that said, make sure you store the formula properly should you buy a bunch on Black Friday.

  • Read The Guide

The baby milk guide included in the case is your friend for any formula. The baby guide can tell you how much you should give your baby, depending on their age, weight, and other factors. The guide can tell you how you should mix it and other precautions, including side effects. Also, the baby formula guide is easy to read and understand. Besides that, you can always contact customer service if you have any questions about how to prepare your formula.

  • How To Switch

When choosing the best organic infant formula, or the best baby formula in general, you sometimes have to make a switch. If you’re switching to Holle, for example, but your baby gets hooked on another formula, it may take a bit. Switching to Holle cold turkey may make the baby dislike it, or cause digestion problems. So we highly recommend switching slowly. Put a bit of Holle Formula in your baby’s previous formula, and gradually add until your baby is switched. It makes switching to Holle goat milk so much easier. The same advice goes for if you are switching from breastfeeding your baby to Holle formula.

Review On Other Products

Also, there are other Holle products to check out as well, besides the European organic baby formula we all know and love. Some of the examples include:

  • Holle goat milk. It works the same as cow’s milk, offering quite a bit of quality. That is great if your baby has a cow’s milk allergy.
  • Other Holle products include baby food. You can buy Holle milk, but besides Holle milk, you can get cereal and other delicious foods for your infant.
  • Try all the products, and we guarantee your baby will love it. Buy Holle, and when you buy it, add some other foods and goodies to your box as well and save a bit on shipping.


Bio 2 Folgemilch
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Holle Formula Conclusion

It does feel like other countries do baby formula better, and Holle Formula is no exception. If more people become interested in this formula, maybe we can get it in the States. The problem is that Holle Formula isn’t FDA-approved, and the approval process can be slow and a hassle.

Luckily, there is importing until then. Holle Formula is pricey, and you shouldn’t buy it if you can’t afford it, but if you can, we highly recommend you’re giving your baby the experience of a lifetime and making your baby a happy baby.




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