HiPP vs. Holle Formula: Which is Better?

Ah, baby formula. For those who cannot breastfeed or are in a place where they can’t breastfeed their baby, the right formula can be substituted, but picking the best formula for your baby can feel like a challenge. There are many brands available. 

Many formulas promise good nutrition for your baby, but it can be challenging to find the right one because there are too many options to choose from. To help you, we created a list of the best infant formula that you can buy from Amazon, and we highlighted the benefits that they offer so you can see which one will satisfy your baby’s needs. If you continue reading, you will also find a detailed review of the formulas HiPP and Holle.


Is HiPP vs. Holle Formula The Same?

In theory, the baby formula should be the same. It’s just powder you mix into water, and it’s filled with the essential nutrients a baby needs to grow. However, there are many differences and questions you should ask yourself when choosing a formula, such as:

HiPP formula vs. Holle formula debate - Which one is the better formula milk?
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How was this formula created? 

What ingredients does this formula use? Will any of these formulas potentially make my baby feel uncomfortable?

How does this formula taste? 

How organic is this formula? 

Does this formula have anything else that sets it apart?

HiPP vs. Holle Formula List Of Options


Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula Milk Stage 1 - (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


HiPP vs. Holle Formula: Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula Milk Stage 1 - (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)

  • The Happy Baby Organic Formula is concocted as close as it can be to breastmilk. It contains premium ingredients and has 4x more prebiotics.
  • This formula is made from organic lactose therefore has a special carbohydrate that is found in mom’s milk.
  • This formula is also Non-GMO, has no corn syrup solids and it is loaded with Iron, Vitamin D, Calcium, DHA, ARA, Zinc and choline.


Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula with Lactoferrin - (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


HiPP Formula vs. Holle Formula: Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula with Lactoferrin - (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


  • Formula boasts to be the first and only baby formula that contains lactoferrin which is a special protein found in colostrum and breast milk.
  • Aside from Lactoferrin which helps promote brain development and boost the immune system, formula also has Omega 3 DHA and choline and prebiotics to support digestive health.
  • This formula is highly recommended by pediatricians and formula helps provide complete nutrition for babies through their first year.


Earth's Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder Formula - (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


HiPP formula vs. Holle formula: Earth's Best Organic dairy infant formula with iron, milk based powder, our closest formula to breast milk

  • The Earth’s best Organic Formula has been in the business for more than 30 years and they are known to produce superior products for children.
  • The formula is ideal for your baby’s first 12 months. It is all lactose milk and contains essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Formula is Kosher certified, Non GMO and contains no artificial growth hormones.


Baby's Only Dairy Toddler Formula - (See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


HiPP formula vs Holle formula: Baby's only organic non gmo dairy pure 10 pledge toddler formula

  • The formula from Baby’s only is certified USDA organic, it has no hormones and was not extracted from anti-biotic treated cows.
  • Formula is rated as “Best in Class” by CleanlabelProject.org because of formula’s pure ingredients for its formula.
  • Formula contains just the right amount of protein, essential fat found in breast milk, vitamins and minerals that helps support your baby’s health and growth.

Shopping for formula is a challenge. Today, we’re going to make formula shopping easier by comparing HiPP vs. Holle. These two formulas come from the same brand, but there are differences, and these differences can help identify which one is better the better formula in the long run.

When choosing an alternative to breast milk, you need to look at different formulas. You want to feed your child baby formula that helps them grow, and something similar to breast milk. That means, you want a formula that has the same texture as breast milk, and is easily digestible and anti-reflux.  But what are the two best on the market. 

HiPP and Holle are two formulas that some people think of when choosing an alternative to breast milk. Holle organic formula is a great goat milk alternative, and HiPP formula is a cow’s milk alternative, both of which contain high-quality nutrients. Some parents like the HiPP formula more because it’s cheaper, but in the HiPP formula vs. Holle formula debate, many pros and cons can be seen in this case. So when we compare HiPP formula and Holle formula, which is better? We’ll go over not only the qualities of Hipp formula and Holle formula, including how both of them are great anti-reflux options for children, but also what the differences are between HiPP formula and Holle formula. 

HiPP formula and Holle formula are considered two of the most popular formulas out there, and HiPP and Holle are formulas you can rely on. The one downside to HiPP formula and Holle formula is that they’re European-only brands, but you can get both HiPP formula and Holle formula online through different retailers. 

There are many different products from HiPP formula and Holle formula, hip formulas and other great options, but in the HiPP formula vs. Holle formula debate, both are great options, though some may like the HiPP formula for one reason or another. 

Holle And HiPP Baby Formula: What They Have In Common

Coming from the same brand, these two formulas naturally have a few things in common. They are organic formulas that have enough nutrients to make them a worthy substitute for breastfeeding. These formulas are also both from the UK. If you live in the US, you will have to order the formula online or pick it up if you or a friend are going. However, there are naturally some differences, as well. Let’s take a look at those. 

HiPP Formula

HiPP formula is for babies from birth to a year old or whenever they don’t need formula anymore. HiPP formula has nutrients like Omegas 3 and 6, which are great for growth. HiPP formula comes with various other vitamins and minerals as well. HiPP formula is from skim milk from cows. These cows come from organic farms, so the cows themselves have excellently treated, and you don’t have to worry about factory farming. The HiPP formula is great because it doesn’t have many different chemicals like other organic formulas possess.

What parents love about HiPP formula is that it’s quite gentle. Some babies have sensitive tummies and may get a little sick with a few brands, but HiPP formula is generally safe for babies to consume. However, HiPP formula does contain palm oil, which some babies may be sensitive to. If your baby has hard stools, switch formulas.

HiPP formula is made from the best ingredients and is overall a good brand. It has no added sugars either, using lactose to sweeten it.

HiPP formula is one of the best high-quality infant formulas out there. HiPP Organic Formula is a formula that many parents use as baby food. This high-quality formula offers an alternative to breast milk. 

HiPP formula is from a Dutch company, so this formula is commonly referred to as HiPP Dutch. HiPP Dutch Formula comes in similar organic formulas options like Holle formula does, except HiPP Dutch Formula has other qualities that you may not see in Holle formulas.  HiPP Dutch Formula is a formula that’s very similar to breast milk since it does contain the same fatty acids as the Holle formula does.  HiPP Dutch Formula also doesn’t contain any preservatives and other chemicals other than aluminum, making it one of the top organic formulas on the European baby formula market. 

HiPP formula uses no gluten in it either, so if you know your child has a sensitivity to it, the HiPP formula doesn’t contain it. HiPP formula is one of the few infant formulas that you don’t have to worry about. 

HiPP Organic Formula doesn’t have any synthetic nutrients in it, and with the HiPP formula, you’re getting real nutrients that can help your child. 

HiPP formula offers a very high-quality option for those looking for organic formulas that will help their baby.  HiPP formula does contain organic palm oil in it, and it offers a great baby formula for many children. 

HiPP formula is one of the main European formulas on the market, and HiPP Dutch Formula is pretty easy to come by, since it is a German manufactured company. However, the HiPP formula is not one of the organic formulas you can get in the US, so you’ll have to order online. 

HiPP formula is an anti-reflux formula.  With an anti-reflux formula, you don’t have to worry about your child struggling to digest the formula, unlike with other European formulas on the market. The HiPP formula uses different anti-reflux options, so that when your child drinks the formula, they don’t have to worry about getting sick. The anti-reflux qualities in this baby formula are similar to what your child may get through breast milk. 

Holle Formula

Now, let’s look at Holle formula. Unlike HiPP formula, Holle formula comes in various stages, depending on your baby’s age. Make sure you’re following those stages, so your baby gets the best nutritional needs out there. Like HiPP, Holle comes from cows and uses some of the most organic and humane treatments available. 

With cow-based products, some parents are rightfully worried about how the animals are treated, but these formulas are from cows who are raised humanely. They aren’t even dehorned.

Holle milk keeps many of the other fatty acids that other infant formulas might take out. That means, you’ll have the high-quality fatty acids that’s similar to what’s seen in breast milk, but also other valuable nutrients that other infant formulas usually keep out. 

Holle goat milk and other certified organic formulas provide a lot of benefits to your child.  They’re all from Demeter Biodynamic, which is a high-quality manufacturer for both the Holle goat milk options, and other breast milk alternatives. 

holle formula drink
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Holle is anti-reflux as well. Anti-reflux is good for those parents who don’t want their child to get sick, or if the child has a sensitive stomach. The anti-reflux capabilities of the Holle formula are on the same level as the HiPP for comparison. 

This is organic baby formula made with cow milk, which has all of the nutrients kept in it.  Holle formula is made with ethical cow milk, so you don’t have to worry about it possibly being tainted by unethical practice.  This organic baby formula is made with milk from grass-fed cows. 

Holle has many vitamins and minerals as well and is made from 99 percent organic ingredients. It’s a very creamy, sweet, and filling brand of breastmilk, with some babies not even recognizing the difference. Just like HiPP, Holle is good on the stomach but has palm oil as well. 

Holle Goat Milk

Holle also comes with a goat milk milk formula which is great for those who normally have an allergy to cow’s milk, or it’s sensitive to them. 

The Holle is made with the same goat milk level of quality that their other formula options have. Goat milk is incredibly healthy for a baby. The goat milk in this formula is for babies from stage one and up, and is an alternative to breast milk.  The milk formula that’s made with goat milk also comes with other essential vitamins and minerals, so not only are you getting high-quality goat milk, you’re getting a milk formula you can rely on. 

This milk is a great alternative to breast milk, and Holle goat milk is a high-quality infant formula. More and more moms are choosing goat milk formula as their baby formulas. Goat milk formula is also great for changing from breast milk to regular milk, since it is quite similar to breast milk in texture. 

Holle goat is one of the more popular alternative baby formulas on the market. While it is also one of the more expensive baby formulas, Goat milk formula is also a great milk-based baby food, and Holle organic has a certified organic formula. 

The Holle certified organic baby formula that is from Demeter biodynamic. Demeter biodynamic is a very reliable place for milk formula, and you can get certified organic baby formulas from this.  that means, the baby formulas you get from Holle organic will be high quality, and worth it. 

Holle goat is a high-quality goat milk, and you can’t go wrong with Holle goat milk when feeding your child organic formulas. Again, it’s certified organic, and worth considering if you’re looking for a high-quality formula

HiPP Formula vs. Holle Formula

When it comes to HiPP vs. Holle, there are a few differences. HiPP is less expensive, but has aluminum, an ingredient that some people may be a bit turned off by depending on who you are. 

How they are sweetened is different as well. HiPP uses a lactose sweetener, and Holle uses plant-based sweetener maltodextrin. There isn’t a vast difference between these sweeteners, but your baby may have his or her preferences. 

You should also know that Holle comes from a biodynamic farm, unlike HiPP. Biodynamic farming is said to be better than organic farming, and you can look into it if you wish if you want to see how it works. 

Holle and HiPP are both great options though, because while Holle and HiPP have some ingredient differences, they definitely will offer a high-quality option for your baby formula. 

HiPP formula drink
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Which Formula Is Better? HiPP or Holle?

Both are great, but Holle is a little bit objectively better due to its higher quality ingredients and farming method. It is a bit pricier, and HiPP is still great, but if you have the budget, Holle maybe your best option. With better ingredients, Holle may be the better one. 

HiPP and Holle both have their pros and cons. Some parents like the HiPP formula since it is a bit less expensive. With HiPP, you will also get different options for different stages, and HiPP is still high-quality, and you really can’t go wrong with HiPP and Holle. 

But like we said, both are good. If you can find HiPP for cheaper, and it’s within your budget, it’s okay. You may try both and see which one your baby prefers, too. Some babies have no pickiness, but others may prefer one formula over the other. 

Buying HiPP Formula and Holle Formula 

With that said, these formulas are not available in the states. Not everyone can travel to the UK or Germany, or wherever else they are available, and you may not know someone who can give you. However, what you can do is purchase online. 

HiPP and Holle do offer some free Shipping and other options too. Both HiPP and Holle do have their own packages too, and you can sometimes get either free or discounted Shipping on both HiPP and Holle if you look hard enough. 

When buying online, you should purchase it in as bulk as possible. Shipping and pricing are going to be high, so make sure you buy in the bulkiest way possible. When you do purchase, make sure you do so from a reputable seller. Buying one that’s too good to be true in price, or from a seller with no or negative reviews may cost you. 

With any overseas shipment, you may have to wait a little bit as well. Be patient, and order ahead of time. You may have to wait a few weeks to get your formula. HiPP and Holle usually don’t take that long to get here, but with current events, both HiPP and Holle retailers may be seeing a bit of a slow in Shipping. 

Finally, always make sure the formula wasn’t tampered with when it arrives. Sometimes, customs may tamper with it to make sure it’s baby formula. However, this is unlikely, but it is possible.

HiPP Formula vs. Holle Formula Conclusion

When deciding on HiPP vs. Holle, don’t just buy the first formula you see on store shelves; a baby is delicate, and you want the best stuff out there for them. By shopping smart, you can

HiPP is a great one for the budget-friendly options and it iss awesome for those babies up to a year, since there are plenty of options for the HiPP formula, but Holle does have more quality-ingredients to the formula. 

Either way, whether you like HiPP or Holle, both of these anti reflux formulas are high quality and worth considering.  

HiPP vs. Holle FAQs

Is HiPP Better than Holle?

The Holle vs. Hipp debate has been going on for years. At first glance, HiPP seems like a better formula brand than Holle because it contains prebiotics and a better sugar source. However, it also contains aluminum, which is harmful to the babies, so Holle is better than HiPP. The HiPP is great for the budget-friendly people, but overall, HiPP is definitely not as superior in quality to Holle. 

What is the difference between Holle and HiPP?

HiPP uses cow’s milk to make their baby formula. Holle, on the other hand, is the only brand that uses goat’s milk aside from cow’s milk.

Why is HiPP not FDA approved?

The FDA does not approve HiPP because it is not registered in the United States. The labels may not be translated well in English, or they contain ingredients that kids may be allergic to.

Which is the best HiPP?

HiPP Combiotic First Instant Milk is the best formula from the brand. It is certified organic and contains six LCPs and omega-3 fatty acids.

Is HiPP FDA approved?

No, the HiPP is not FDA-approved. The US government agency has no control over European products.

How long does HiPP Organic last?

HiPP won’t go stale if you keep it in the fridge for 24 hours. Still, it is ideal only to prepare what your baby can finish in one feeding session.

Can you pre-make the HiPP formula?

Yes, you can make the HiPP formula ahead of time. If you don’t have a refrigerator to put it into, though, be sure to consume it within a couple of hours.

Why is HiPP Organic different?

HiPP Organic is different from other brands because it produces 100% natural baby formula. It even contains prebiotics to help a baby digest milk.

How long is HiPP Formula good for once opened?

The HiPP formula pack should not go bad until after three weeks of opening it. Just make sure that it does not stay in a sweltering room.



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