The Best Automatic Nerf Gun That Really Packs A Punch

Nerf guns are a ton of fun, and you’d be surprised at the difference this makes in family fun and fighting. But, did you know that some automatic nerf guns are better than others? That’s right, you can have these auto fire, and that makes the battles even more epic. Here are the best automatic nerf guns that can pack a punch, and will allow you to do battle no matter what.


Nerf N’ Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster

This is a blaster that fires missiles and has an impressive range, a decent stock with extra space for storage, is relatively inexpensive, and is built with power at the focus. This has a built-in motor that shoots darts at about 50+ MPH at most. It can cause auto-fire so that you can empty the clip in a few seconds. The accuracy fo this is on the same level as the other blasters and rifles, so it’s got a whole lot of power to it that you will enjoy.  It is a bit higher than some of the other nerf guns out there, but this automatic nerf gun does have the automatic firing, and one of the downsides is that it does require batteries, which tend to be eaten up pretty quickly. But, it’s worth it if you want to make a fun experience out of this.


Nerf Elite Stryfe

The Stryfe is a little different from the automatic rifles on the market, and it’s a favorite for both the casual fans and the hardcore foam dart lovers. You get a submachine-like blaster with automatic firing due to the motor drive in this that allows you to shoot a magazine within just one push. It does require batteries as well, but it has a lot of versatility, and there is a reason why people look to buy the Stryfe and why it’s gained a legendary status. It’s got the barrel and butt fittings on these, so you can even put an aftermarket shoulder stock. There is a barrel extension option on there, along with accessory rails such as fitting grips, different lights, and sights, and whatever else you want, and you can always swap out the mag. It’s a little cheaper than the first option due to the compact nature of this.

Nerf Modulus Regulator

This is another unique blaster that uses the switch fire capabilities, which allows you to alternate between single-shot fires and automatic blasts with three shots, all with just a touch of a switch. Whether you’re trying to pick off your opponents or storm a fortress in the bedroom, this is the perfect blaster.

With the modulus range, you can get plenty of parts to bolt on, including barrel attachments, two that are doubling as scopes and one with a swiveling carry handle, along with a buttstock, and some built-in storage and a palace for a 12 dart mag, along with plenty of other accessories and cooling gear. It’s a bit pricey, but with the attachments you can put on this, it’s an excellent automatic nerf gun option, and it does have a lot of customization options for those who want to have that extra little touch to it.


Nerf Elite Hyperfire

This is a massive gun, with the capacity for 25 darts in the drum mag. It’s fully automatic, and while this does require some big batters, 4 D batteries, in particular, this is probably one of the best automatic nerf guns on the market. It’s creeping up on fifty bucks, but here is the thing, the Hyperfire is one of the fastest-firing guns out there, and it is fed into a motor drive that powers the standard darts out at a range and speed of five per every single second.

Now, if you’re going for stealth this may not be the best option because the motor is loud, and others will hear you, but if you want to nerf foam down the entire enemy range, this is probably one of the best ways for you to do it, and a seamless means to truly get the benefits from it.

Nerf Rival Zeus

This is an excellent option for older kids, about 14 years of age or older, or who can handle the foam flying in a way that’s faster and a little harder. The Zeus is a great one since it’s a mid-range gun, and it comes with a 12 shot magazine, along with automatic firing, so it’s pretty capable for pretty much any battle.

Your biggest drawback on this automatic nerf gun is the reload speed. It takes forever to recharge it, and you may get a little bit frustrated. It’s a little higher than other models,s but the magazines are pretty cheap and relatively within everyone’s budget, so it is something that you should consider as well.


Nerf Mega Mastodon

This is the biggest nerf gun on the market, and it is probably the most expensive one you’ll see, but it’s a beast. Like a dangerous beast, and it fires out three mega darts with each second, and comes with a frame that’s intimidating, along with a shoulder strap so that even the smallest warriors can carry it around. However, it does have a reduced range, and you need to use D batteries for this, so it gets expensive, but if you want power, this is an option.


These are some of the best nerf guns that pack a punch and then some, and if you’re looking for a weapon that is strong, and gets the job done, and if you’re looking for one to mow down the enemies, this is a great one. Of course, they always play responsibly, and these are probably best for older kids, but some small children do like them. Nerf guns are a fun way to have a blast with friends and family, and if you want to bring something big and compelling to the fight as a strong contender, then these options are probably the best.



The best Nerf guns are categorized according to the best features they are known for. For the fastest blasting system of 8 rounds per second, the NERF Rival Perses dominates the list. For hitting targets up to 120 feet away, the NERF Ultra One Motorized Blaster is for you. The Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K is designed for hardcore competitors who prefer using automatic Nerf guns.



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