The Ultimate Guide to Automatic Nerf Gun

Hasbro, Inc., the creator of Nerf, brings you the Nerf gun—an absolute blast for children of all ages, be they boys or girls. You’d be surprised at the difference this makes in family fun and fighting. The mechanized Nerf can fire a lot of ammo in a short amount of time, making it perfect for intense battles. But did you know that some of the best semi-auto Nerf toys are better than others?


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That’s right. Using the best commercial paint sprayer with auto-fire functionality can make the battles even more epic.

The best automatic Nerf machine gun that can pack a punch will allow you to do battle no matter what.

N’ Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster

The N’ Strike Elite is a blaster that fires missiles and has an impressive range, a decent stock with extra space for storage stock, is relatively inexpensive, and is built with power at the focus. The N’ Strike Elite has a built-in motor that shoots darts at about 50+ MPH at most. It can cause automatic self-activating so that you can empty the dart banana clip in a few seconds. It is a bit higher than some of the other high-impact rounds Nerfs out there, but it does have self-operating firing. One of the downsides is that it requires an alkaline rechargeable battery, which tends to be eaten up pretty quickly. The N’ Strike Elite is worth it if you want to make a fun experience out of this, especially highlighting the exhilarating pull to unleash the firing action.

You can see here the description of one of the automatic toys for kids.

N’ Strike Elite Accustrike Series

In addition to the N’ Strike Elite Demolisher, there is an entire N’ Strike Elite Accustrike series. In the N’ Strike Elite Accustrike series, there is the AlphaHawk and the FalconFire, just to name a few. Both of these series focus on accurate shots so included with each are flip-up sights, tactical rails, and tactical lights. These two from the N’ Strike Elite Accustrike series are fun for those who want to form their game around stealth and accuracy.

Elite Stryfe

The Stryfe is a little different from the self-activating Nerf rifles on the market, and it’s a favorite for both casual fans and hardcore foam dart lovers due to its flywheel mechanism. You get an arsenal of submachine-like Nerf blaster rounds with semi-auto firing due to the motor drive that allows you to shoot a magazine by just pulling a trigger. It requires alkaline batteries as well, but it has a lot of versatility, and there is a reason why Nerf enthusiasts look to purchase the Stryfe and why it’s gained legendary status. It’s got the barrel and butt fittings on these, so you can even put an aftermarket shoulder stock. There is also a barrel extension option, along with tactical accessory rails such as fitting grips, different lights, and sights. Plus, you can always swap out the mag. It’s a little cheaper than the first option due to the compact nature of this lightweight design machine.

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Modulus Regulator

This is another unique, self-activating, fantastic, fully motorized blaster that uses the switch fire capabilities, which allows you to alternate between single-hit fires and self-activating blasts with three hits. All with just a touch of a switch. Whether you’re trying to pick off your opponents or storm a fortress in the bedroom, this is the perfect blaster. It features an ergonomic design for comfortable handling and easy maneuverability during intense play. The blaster is equipped with a reliable dart-feeding mechanism that ensures smooth and continuous firing, allowing you to maintain a competitive edge in battles. Furthermore, its sleek and futuristic design adds a cool factor to your gaming experience, making it a sought-after choice among young adventurers.

The N’ Strike Modulus Ion Fire range offers numerous customizable parts. These include barrel attachments, with two of them also serving as scopes, as well as one featuring a swiveling carry handle. Additionally, you can attach a buttstock and find built-in storage. There’s even space for a 12 ultra darts banana clip, and a variety of other accessories and cooling gear can be added to enhance your experience. While the price may be a bit on the higher side, the addition of tactical accessory attachments makes it an excellent choice, offering numerous customization options for those seeking that extra touch.


Elite Hyperfire

This is a massive one, with the capacity for 25 Elite darts in the drum mag. It’s fully self-activating, and while this does require some big fresh batteries (4 D battery-powered units in particular), this is probably one of the best self-activating Nerf toys on the market. It’s creeping up on fifty bucks. But here is the thing, the Hyperfire is one of the fastest-firing out there, and it is fed into a motor drive that powers the standard darts out at a range and speed of five one second.

Now, if you’re aiming for stealth, opting for an automatic device may not be the most suitable choice due to its loud motor, which can easily alert others to your presence. However, if your objective is to unleash a barrage of Nerf foam throughout the entire enemy range, this becomes one of the optimal methods to achieve it. It provides a seamless and effective means to fully capitalize on the advantages offered by the fully self-activating blasters. Be sure to wear suitable eyewear to protect your eyes during Nerf battles.

Rival Zeus

This is an excellent option for older kids and teens, about 14 years of age or older, or who can handle the foam flying in a way that’s faster and a little harder. The Zeus is a great one since it’s a mid-range, and it comes with a flip-up sight, 12 12-shot magazines, and a self-triggered firing mechanism, so it’s pretty capable for pretty much any battle.

The primary drawback of this particular Nerf gun lies in its reload speed, which can be quite time-consuming and potentially lead to frustration. Compared to other models, it tends to have a slower recharge time. However, one redeeming factor is that the magazines for this gun are reasonably priced and fall within most people’s budgets. This affordability should be taken into account when considering this option.


Mega Mastodon

N-Strike Mega is the biggest Toy on the market, and it is probably the most expensive one you’ll see, but it’s a beast. Like a dangerous beast, it fires out three mega elite darts with each second and comes with a frame that’s intimidating, along with a shoulder strap so that even the smallest warriors can carry it around. However, it does have a reduced range, and you need to use D alkaline battery power for this, so it gets expensive. But if you want more power, this is an option.

The N-Strike Mega blaster’s impressive firing rate and three-dart capacity make it a formidable choice for intense battles, allowing you to quickly overwhelm opponents. Its robust construction and intimidating design add to its appeal, giving you a sense of confidence during Nerf battles. The inclusion of a shoulder strap ensures ease of mobility, making it accessible for warriors of all sizes. It’s important to note that due to its firepower and performance, the blaster’s range may be slightly reduced compared to other models. The requirement for D alkaline batteries adds to the overall cost of maintaining the great blaster, but the trade-off is the raw power it offers on the battlefield.


Modulus Ultimate Customization Pack

For those kids, teens, and adults who want the freedom to create the ultimate Nerf specific to their needs, the Modulus Ultimate Customization Pack is the right way to go. The Modulus Ultimate Customization Pack includes 7 different tactical accessories to modify your weapon. Some of these tactical accessories include a flip-up sight, a tactical light, 40 Elite darts, and 2 dart banana clips. In addition to these items, the Modulus Ultimate Customization Pack has a 3-in-1 tactical rail with 3 flip-up sides that create the tactical rails. The ultimate precision targeting barrel has 3 tactical rails to hold all of the tactical accessories to modify. The Modulus Ultimate Customization Pack also has a motorized dart-firing blaster and a built-in missile holder. It is the perfect toy gun for those who want to make their weapon all their own.

These N’ Strike Elite series blasters pack a powerful punch and then some. If you’re in need of a robust and efficient weapon to eliminate foes, you’re in the right place. Always remember to play responsibly, as these blasters are generally suited for older kids, though some younger ones may also enjoy them. Nerf elite blasters provide an exciting way to have a great time with friends and family, offering strong contenders for thrilling battles. Whether you’re a kid, a teenager, or an adult looking for an enjoyable and novel experience with these other blasters, they promise a lot of fun.

NERF Ultra Select Fully Motorized Blaster With Clips And Ultra Darts

Shoot darts for precise targeting or impressive distances with the Nerf Ultra blaster! Check out the Ultra Select blaster, which includes clips and Nerf Ultra darts for extended range. The blaster features a selector for seamless switching between clips during intense battles. Engage in swift and motorized dart firing by holding down the acceleration button to power up the motor and then pressing the trigger. Reload on the fly to minimize downtime and witness the blaster sending Nerf Ultra distance darts soaring up to an outstanding 120 feet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Best Automatic Nerf Toy?

The self-activating Nerf gun is the Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K. It provides a rapid-fire motorized blasting at a velocity of 100 feet per second. This high-capacity, self-activating blaster system comes with an acceleration button trigger lock, tactical rail, flip-up sight, and easy-to-load hopper, which means getting into battle quicker than ever. Kids and teens love this feature because their downtime in gameplay is not limited. Some enthusiasts like to mod their toy gun to increase their performance and give them a competitive edge. You may also consider using a lighter Nerf to increase your agility and mobility during battles and make it easier to dodge enemy fire.

Do Top Preprogrammed Nerf Toys Hurt?

When they are fired at you, they can hurt a bit. Doctors also warn that they can cause serious eye injuries and irreversible eye damage. Fully self-activating nerfs still pose a danger if not used and played correctly.

It is important to acknowledge that while a toy gun is designed to be relatively safe for play, it can still cause discomfort and potential injuries if used improperly. When fired at close range or with excessive force, the impact of darts can be felt and may cause discomfort. Moreover, it is crucial to be aware that a fully automatic toy gun, like any projectile-firing toy, carries a risk of eye injuries if not used responsibly. Doctors have cautioned about the potential for serious eye damage or injuries if Nerf darts make direct contact with the eyes.

Therefore, it is crucial to adhere to safety guidelines provided by Nerf and to exercise caution during play. Proper eye protection, maintaining a safe distance, and using a Nerf gun in appropriate environments can help mitigate the risks associated with these toys.

Is The Nerf RapidStrike Full-auto?

Yes, the RapidStrike has full auto capability. It can fire three darts per second and is fully self-activating. Its body is well-designed and comfortable, easy to use, and it has clip-holder mounts and tactical rails.

What Is The Longest-Shooting Nerf?

The top long-range distance Official Nerfs are the following: N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster, N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster, N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice Centurion Blaster, and Vortex Praxis Fully Auto Blaster. These usually shoot darts up to 100 feet away.

What Nerf Toys Are Preprogrammed?

Automatic Official Nerfs are proven to be one of the most fun things to play among kids and teens. The following is a list of self-activating Nerfs in the market:

  • N-Strike Elite Mega Mastodon
  • N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster
  • CS-18 N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike
  • Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K
  • Rival Artemis XVII-3000
  • N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster
  • N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster
  • N-Strike Elite CrossBolt Blaster
  • Rampage N-Strike Elite Blaster
  • Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster
  • Elite 2-in-1 Demolisher
  • N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster
  • Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster
  • Prometheus MXVIII 20k

Is The Infinus Full Auto?

Yes, the Infinus is fully self-activating. You can burst fire until the large magazines are empty or unload mega whistler darts on your target, then scavenge a full mag into the clip holder mount. The Infinus does 3 to 4 darts per second and includes a tactical light and tactical rails.

Is The Nerf Vulcan Preprogrammed?

Yes, the Vulcan is a semi-auto nerf. Its unique tactical accessory feature is a belt system for loading and firing.

How Fast Does The Infinus Shoot?

The Elite Infinus darts at an average of 72 feet per second. It can do around 3 to 4 darts per second.

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