What Are The Best Youth Football Helmets Out There

If your child is thinking about playing football, they need a helmet. Helmets are used because they can protect the head from damages in the form of concussions, and can also protect against brain injuries as well. It is a necessary piece of protective gear, and even more important that you find one that’s good for your child. If you’re looking to find the best and safest football helmets, you need something with quality, has good materials, and durable construction that works. Here, we’ll talk about the best youth football helmets out there that you’ll love.

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The Vengeance A3 Model Youth helmet From Schutt Sports

The best football helmet out there has to be is this one. It’s made for younger football players, and it comes with a profile that is low and a sleek shell that’s very protective of the head. It is very lightweight when you compare it to other models, so it won’t hurt the head.

It is light, which might seem like a disadvantage, but it’s actually helpful, especially for young players that have heads that are a bit smaller, and they don’t want to be weighed down while they play. It’s a good high-performance helmet for the price point, that’s for sure.

The interior of this comes with comfort liners that aren’t inflatable, and it comes with inter-link jaw pads that are attached to the helmet in a mechanical sense, and comes with a bumper near the rear of the helmet, the nose of the helmet, and one that is a black twisted one for extra protection.  It comes with 1-inch jaw pads that interlink and help to make these stay in place. It provides awesome protection and combines both the single and double-layered TPU for even more protection as well. The one drawback is you’ll need to buy the facemask separately.

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Schutt Sports Youth Standard III Helmet With Ropo SW YF Attached Guard

This is an awesome helmet with a lot of padding that’s good for making sure it is comfortable for the player. The jaw pads that help to protect the face from injuries is really good, and it even comes with a faceguard in order to protect it completely so that you don’t need to buy it separately.

The main feature of this is the helmet utilizing ABS plastic, making it durable and light. The helmet is also designed in a manner that it can fit variable head sizes too, so your child can grow into it, and you won’t have to worry if you get one of the wrong sizes.

Rawlings NRG Force Youth Football Helmet

This is a simple design, but it’s got useful features to protect any player from any damage they may suffer from. It comes with an ABS shell that’s super light and makes it easy to move around. It is great if you want to take both low and high-velocity impacts, as it will protect the player from injuries to the head. It also comes with a heat exchange structure so that any heat is eliminated from the helmet while the player is at play.

Riddell Speed Youth Football Helmet

This is a great football helmet that is a good investment, and it’s one of the most remarkable on the helmet since it is made to significantly reduce the force that’s linked to impacts on the side, mostly due to the usage of the PSIP, which is a protection technology for side impacts. It is really good because it keeps everything stabilized, and it also offers a lot of comforts, and with the help of this, you never have to worry about getting head injuries again, since you’ll get protection from this. It also comes with an occipital airliner, which is a really fitting and great element since it cradles the occipital lobe that athletes have.

This is a feature that you don’t see on other helmets, and it makes this one really good and beneficial. It does contain inflation locations, which is different from the rest. It does provide great stability and comfort too, and it does have the ability to create a personalized and simple fit as well.

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Hybrid Helmet Form Schutt Sports

This is a great one that allows you to have an effective helmet that absorbs the impact. It uses the inflatable airliner, which you can use on both the side and the back. This comfort liner also makes it super comfortable for your child, and with the 1-inch interlink jaw pads, you’ll have more protection and you can mechanically attach these to the helmet.

It provides great fitting features and a lot of DNA face guards that are specific to positions. It comes in many colors, and you can pick the one that best fits your kid and one that they like. It has different sizes, and it does use the energy lock technology, which means that it’s more resistant to hard impacts, in that it retains the softness and comfort that the helmet has, and one that you can trust easily.

Rawlings Momentum Plus Youth Football Helmet

This is an amazing helmet that has distinct components that make it different from the others. It’s made out of stainless steel which allows for it to be super durable during play, and also is great for weather resistance since stainless steel doesn’t rust. It also has a customizable fit liner, which means that you can fit the helmet on different players in a perfect sense, and with the ABS shell, you want something that will help protect and withstand the impact, which is what this helmet does in its own way.

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Helmets are something that children need, especially if they have any chance of playing football. Lots of times, kids aren’t even allowed to play without one of these, so you need something that will protect your child, and help them really stay safe and sound. That’s why these helmets are the best since they can stop head injuries in their tracks very quickly.


What is the best youth football helmet to prevent concussions?

The best youth football helmet has more features than the others to keep an athlete from having a concussion. A lot of parents and coaches are leaning towards Riddell Speed Youth for this matter.

What is the most protective football helmet?

Riddell, Schutt, and Rawlings produce high-quality football helmets that offer maximum protection to players. The most protective football helmet depends on who wears it and what their position is on the field.

Can adults wear youth football helmets?

Adults can wear football helmets for younger people as long as the gear fits around their head correctly. It is also acceptable if the youth helmet meets the same safety requirements that adult-sized helmets need to pass.

What is the safest youth football helmet?

The safest youth football helmet is well-padded and has a hard shell that won’t shatter on the first impact. Ideally, it should be able to protect the player’s jaw as well.

How much does a football helmet cost?

A football helmet’s cost relies on how professional the game is. It may start at $250 and go over $1000.

Is Riddell better than Schutt?

Riddell and Schutt are two of the highly respected makers of football helmets. Schutt’s products are lighter and less expensive than Riddell’s, so it may be better than the latter in that sense. That said, Riddell SpeedFlex has garnered a lot of positive reviews due to its Ratchet-Loc system and inflatable jaw pads.


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