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Your child needs the football gear including the youth football helmets if they are considering playing football. Helmets are used for head protection of the youth from damage in the form of concussions, and they can also protect the youth against brain injuries.

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It is a necessary piece of protective gear, and even more vital that you find one that’s good for youth. Look for a helmet with quality, suitable materials, and durable construction that works.

You’re right, finding the headgear in the market today can be quite challenging, with numerous options available online and in different sports shops.

It’s like looking for a needle in the grass when you try to find the right one for youth. The key factors to consider when selecting a gear are its ability to reduce concussion risk, its fit on the player’s head, and the comfort and protection it provides. By carefully evaluating these aspects and reading reviews from other parents and experts, you can make a more informed decision and find a gear that suits your youth athlete’s needs.

To make it simple for you, we listed the best ones from Amazon to narrow down your options. We also included key features of each for a better understanding of how each compares to the other helmets. If you continue reading the article, you will find detailed facts that might benefit your search for the ideal gear. You must also read the difference between soccer and football helmets for additional information about the youth football helmets.

Schutt Sports F7 LX1

  • Safety is necessary for the youth when playing physical sports such as youth football, especially for youth football players.
  • The Sports F7 LX1 offers hybrid TPU cushioning and patented D30 for youth as structural components of the protective helmet for youth players.
  • This youth helmet also has a comfortable, more extensive jaw pad configuration perfect for the youth, dual-density padding, and high-performance impact foam for youth better protection.

Schutt Vengeance A3

  • This youth helmet is the lighter and sleeker version of the Vengeance Shell helmet with rotational forces.
  • This helmet is one of the new shock gears for youth available on the market with less weight which is an essential factor when looking for a helmet for youth players.
  • Schutt Vengeance A3 maintains its trademark non-inflatable comfort liners to feel for a pillow-like experience inside.
  • This youth helmet has improved in time with extra safety features to make a helmet more appealing to youth players.

Riddell Victor 

  • This helmet is a good entry-level for the youth. Different helmets vary according to their manufacturers and styles.
  • This youth helmet includes Patented Side Impact Protection and a research-based mandible protection technology around the chinstrap.
  • The liner is also moisture-resistant and has antimicrobial properties. You are confident that this one is safe to use for the youth.

This model is engineered to be lighter and stronger without having to compromise the protection it provides. It would be best to use it in your match. This is tested and good for a junior high boy. As you pick the model, consumers like you and me should first determine for what age we’ll be buying the headgear and think that if they wore the helmet, would they be safe?

Schutt Sports Vengeance A11 


  • This youth helmet has an impressive and outstanding advanced impact absorption system.
  • This helmet is equipped with a black V-ROPO-TRAD-YF Facemask for additional protection, especially for the youth players.
  • The Schutt Vengeance is light, which might seem like a disadvantage, but it’s helpful, especially for youth players who have heads that are a bit smaller and don’t want to be weighed down while they play. This is one of the many factors that you need to consider.
  • This youth helmet is a suitable high-performance for the price point. This is comparable to those high-end ones.

The interior of the Schutt Youth Vengeance comes with non-inflatable comfort liners, inter-link jaw pads that are mechanically attached to the headgear, a bumper near the rear and nose, and a bumper that is black and twisted for extra protection that you don’t need to adjust anymore. The Schutt Vengeance Football Helmet comes with 1-inch jaw pads that interlink and help to make the fully interchangeable pads stay in place. It provides incredible protection and combines both the single and double-layered TPU for even more protection from injury. The one drawback of the Schutt  Vengeance is you’ll need to buy the facemask separately.

Another Schutt Youth Vengeance Youth Football Helmet to consider is the Schutt Youth Vengeance Z10. It is more expensive than the Vengeance A3, but it is lighter and has a better Virginia Tech helmet rating. It’s rated five stars! It is your priority to always look at the Virginia Tech helmet rate before purchasing headgear for your player. The Virginia Tech ratings help parents in deciding which is the perfect choice for their child.

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Youth Vengeance Gear A3 Model – Schutt Sports For Children And Youth

  • The best youth helmet out there for the youth has to be the Schutt Vengeance A3+.
  • The Schutt Vengeance helmet is made for youth players, and it comes with a low profile and a sleek shell that’s very protective of the head.
  • This youth helmet is very lightweight compared to other models so it won’t hurt the head.

Youth Schutt Sports Standard III With Ropo SW YF Attached Guard For Added Youth Comfortability

This is one of the best football-safe helmets with a lot of padding to ensure it is comfortable for the player. The jaw pads that help to protect the face from injuries are good, and it even comes with a faceguard to protect it completely so you don’t need to buy them separately. As players, they must prioritize their personalized comfort as they will be the ones using it during their games.

The main feature of this is it utilizes ABS plastic, making it durable and light making it one of the top youth football helmets. The manufacturer also designs the headgear so that it can fit variable head sizes too, so your child can grow into it, and you won’t have to worry if you get one of the wrong sizes.

Rawlings NRG Force For Youth

This is a simple design, but it’s got useful features to protect any player from any damage (like rotational acceleration) they may suffer from. It comes with an ABS shell that’s super light and makes it easy to move around. It is best if you want to take both low and high-velocity impacts, as it will protect the player from injuries to the head. It also comes with a heat exchange structure so that any heat is eliminated while the player is at play.

Riddell Speed Gear For Youth

  • This Riddell Speed is a good investment for the youth because it is one of the most remarkable since it is made to reduce the force linked to impacts on the side significantly. This is mostly due to the usage of the PSIP, which is a protection technology for side impacts. The Riddell Speed football is good because it keeps everything stabilized and offers a lot of comfort for youth players. With the help of this, you never have to worry about getting head injuries again, since the Riddell Speed protects you and the youth from this. This also comes with an occipital airliner, which is a fitting element that cradles the occipital lobe.
  • The occipital airliner of this youth helmet is a feature you don’t see on others, so it sents the Riddell Speed apparent from other headgears in its class. It contains inflation locations. Lastly, it can create a personalized and straightforward fit.
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Youth Schutt Sports Hybrid: For Youth

This Schutt is the best one that allows you to have an effective helmet that absorbs the impact. It uses an inflatable airliner, which you can use on both the side and the back. This comfort liner also makes it super comfortable for youth, and with the 1-inch interlink jaw pads, you’ll have more protection and can mechanically attach these to it.

This Schutt football helmet provides best fitting features and a lot of DNA face guards that are specific to positions. It comes in many colors, and you can pick the one that fits your kid and they like. It has different sizes, and it uses the energy lock technology, which means that it’s more resistant to hard impacts, in that it retains the softness and comfort that the helmet has and one that you can trust easily.

Rawlings Momentum Plus For Youth

According to the ratings, the Momentum Plus is one of the best football helmets for youth that has distinct components that make it different from the others. It’s made out of stainless steel which allows for it to be super durable during play, and also is best for weather resistance since stainless steel doesn’t rust. This headgear also has a customizable fit liner, which means that you can fit the helmet on different players in a perfect sense. With the ABS shell, you want something that will help protect and withstand the impact, which is what this headgear does in its way.

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Helmets are something that youth need, especially if they have any chance of playing football. Many times, kids and youth aren’t even allowed to play without one of these, so you need something that will protect your child, and help them stay safe and sound. That’s why these youth helmets are excellent since they can stop head injuries in their tracks very quickly. To reduce a specific person’s risk for injury, wearing one that offers exceptional comfort while playing youth football is a must.

Before purchasing one, test it out, measure it on the player’s head, and make them decide if it’s good for them. Is the helmet’s weight too much or too light? Will the headgear help you sustain injury instead of shielding you from them? Football plays can be very physical, so a reduction in the injuries one gets should be minimal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What Are Some Of The Other Helmets To Consider For Youth Athletes?

In addition to the ones mentioned above, it is worthwhile to check out the following because they received positive helmet ratings as well. Youth athletes should invest in good helmets for their safety and best protection. You don’t want an injury so early in your career, right? Ensure that it is a secure fit and the proper helmet size for the youth athlete so that they can use it throughout the season. Some recommended brands are:

  • Schutt Recruit Hybrid VTD helmet for youth
  • Schutt Air Air Standard helmet for youth
  • Xenith  X2E+ helmet for youth
  • Vicis Zero 1 helmet for youth
  • Riddell Victor helmet for youth
  • Xenith Shadow XR helmet for youth

What Is The Top Choice To Prevent Concussions?

The excellent one has more features than the others to keep an athlete from the risk of having a concussion. Many parents and coaches are leaning towards Riddell Speedflex for this matter because of the high helmet ratings it has received. Most high school students use this.

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What Is The Most Protective Headgear For Adolescents?

According to data and testing, Riddell, Schutt, and Rawlings produce high-quality headgear that offers maximum protection to players. The most protective headgear depends on who wears it and their position on the field. But overall, these three brands are known for their high headgear ratings.

Can Adults Wear Teen Headgear As Well?

Yes. There are some adults with smaller heads that can wear a youth size with comfort. It depends on the size of your head, as a good-fitting headgear is fit, but not too tight.

What Is The Safest Helmets For Adolescents?

At the top of the list, we have the VICIS ZERO 2 Trench which has a 5-star rating. We also have the Riddell SpeedFlex, which offers an easy way for players to adjust their chinstrap while giving them maximum impact protection.

How Much Does Teen Headgear Cost?

Those of good quality range from at least $150 and above. If it is your first year of wearing headgear, it’s essential to establish a reliable medium for contacting customer support or obtaining information. You can find detailed product information and reconditioning instructions on the official website. If you’re part of a varsity team, make sure to check for any team-specific recommendations. Results in terms of comfort and performance may vary, so it feels crucial to reach out to our customer service if you have any concerns. Additionally, our helpful resources for reconditioning are available, ensuring your headgear stays in optimal condition.

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Is The Brand Riddell Better Than Schutt?

Riddell and Schutt are two of the most reputable manufacturers of gear. They both produce high-quality equipment that meets or exceeds safety standards. Whether one brand is “better” than the other often comes down to personal preference, fit, comfort, and specific model comparisons rather than a brand-to-brand comparison.

In September 2021, specific models of Riddell and Schutt helmets were highly ranked by Virginia Tech for safety. For example, Riddell’s SpeedFlex and Schutt’s F7 LTD received excellent ratings.

Remember, the most crucial factor in gear safety is a proper fit. Regardless of which brand or model you choose, ensure the gear fits and is worn correctly. This involves getting the right size, adjusting the chin strap securely, and making sure the gear sits level on the player’s head and does not rotate or shift around. For the latest comparisons and reviews, consult recent safety ratings and consider seeking advice from coaches or equipment professionals.

Are Xenith And Other  Helmets Good?

Yes, Xenith is a brand that produces one of the best in the market. Their models have earned a five-star rating and provide a player with the utmost protection. Xenith Youth has lighter-weight options perfect for smaller youth. If you have any questions about Xenith helmets or would like more information, please feel free to contact us. Additionally, stay tuned for exciting updates coming in August.

What Football Helmet Is The Lightest?

Traditional ones weigh up to 6 pounds. At approximately 3 pounds, LIGHT LS2 from the LIGHT brand is the lightest. This design reduces player fatigue and improves performance.

Why Are Football Helmets So Expensive?

The price of youth gear is primarily due to the following factors:

  1. Materials and Design: The youth helmet is made with high-quality materials designed to absorb and distribute the force of impact. These materials, coupled with the engineering that goes into creating an effective youth helmet, contribute significantly to the cost.
  2. Safety Standards and Testing: To ensure a youth helmet meets safety standards, manufacturers have to conduct rigorous testing. The costs associated with this helmet testing process can be significant.
  3. Research and Development: The design of youth helmets is based on years of research and development. Companies invest heavily in this area to develop helmets that provide improved safety and performance.
  4. Production and Marketing Costs: Like any product, the cost of manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and sales all factor into the final price.

While these factors contribute to the higher cost, it’s essential to note that gear is crucial safety equipment in a sport with an inherent risk of head injury. Investing in a high-quality, properly fitting helmet is an essential factor in reducing the risk of injury.

Which Youth Helmet Is The Nicest For Youth?

Youth football helmet performance for safety is important. It is recommended that you get a high-quality or decent-quality model. The star evaluation system for effectiveness measurement was developed based on the head impact exposure of the youth players. We’ve previously mentioned the VICIS ZERO2 Youth which has a five-star rating and a STAR Value score of 0.19. Next, we also have the Riddell Speed Classic Youth 2023 also has a five-star rating.

What Is The Recommended Youth Helmet For Soccer Youth Players?

We’ve mentioned some remarkable models in this article. When choosing your headgear for youth, you should make sure that it has a snug fit around the front, side, and crown of your head. There shouldn’t be any gap between the cheek pads and the user’s face.

Which Is Better F7 Or SpeedFlex?

Based on research, the Schufft F7 outperformed the Riddell SpeedFlex. They are both at the top of the list of recommended best models, but they have their differences. The weight of both models is close, with F7 being 3.3 lbs while the SpeedFlex is at 3.45 lbs.

Which Brand Of Helmet Is Safest?

The top choice is VICIS – which is rated by the NFL and NFLPA as the safest option available. Other respectable brands include Riddell, Schutt, and Xenith, which are all leading brands that are available in the market. To determine the safety of a helmet, they measure linear and rotational accelerations for each impact. All sides of the headgear are tested especially for rotational accelerations as it is involved in many concussive events.

Which Helmet Is Safe And Excellent?

To know if it’s a safe option, there are things you must consider such as impact factors, its rating system, and if it has a better performance than other models. A lower score on the star rating system can mean that it isn’t that good. Stars can be used as a mode of measurement for overall safety. VICIS models are one of the industry leaders when it comes to reducing head injuries. From other brands, you can also consider the Riddell SpeedFlex and Schutt F7 VTD for maximum safety.

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