The Best Kids Umbrellas Out There

Umbrellas are a great personalization item for parents to get their kids, especially if they love playing out in the rain. But, what are the best umbrellas out there? Which ones will your child love? Well, let’s dive into umbrellas that your child will love, and use again and again.


What To Look For In An Umbrella

The biggest thing is to find one with a grip small enough that they can hold it. If it’s too big, it’ll be uncomfortable for them, and they won’t want to use it.

The other big thing is getting them a design that they will love. If you know your child likes ladybugs, get them a ladybug one, or if they like pigs, get them one in the shape of a pig. There are endless possibilities out there with this.


Skip Hop Kid And Toddler Umbrella

this is a fun and super cute umbrella for any kid that likes to walk around on a rainy day. It has an innovative windowpane so children can see out while still being sheltered and kept dry. It coordinates with a matching raincoat from the same company, so if you want to get your kid a matching raincoat you can. There are a variety of animal and color designs, all of which are super cute, and perfect for your child.

Western Chief Character Umbrella

This is an umbrella that’s a nylon U, but it’s made of plastic. It is lightweight, and it is a five star umbrella on Amazon. It’s super small, and it can be hand-washed if it does get dirty. Plus, it’s super easy to open. It’s easy to store and carry, and it comes in a cute batman style, or you can get one in a style that your kids will enjoy. This is perfect for kids to take to school, and the unique design will make them remember to take it when they’re about to leave school, so they don’t forget it anywhere.

The frame is a little flimsy, however, so make sure that, if your child uses it, they aren’t too rough with it.


Brilliant Pop Up Umbrella For Children

This is a cool and unique design that’s in all kinds of different animal shapes, so if your child loves certain animals, your child will clamor for this cute umbrella that they will love to use.

he designs range from butterflies to frogs, to sharks, to even pirates! they’re made for children to open and close easily, and there aren’t any awkward buttons on this, so you don’t have to worry about your child accidentally getting their fingers jammed in there, which can hurt their fingers.

Totes Clear Umbrella

If you want to get something simple for a child, this is probably one of the best out there. It’s a clear umbrella, but it’s a nice high-quality umbrella that is unisex. It has a clear little canopy that lets children see what’s going on, so you don’t have to worry about them accidentally tripping and falling over bumps they may not notice, and it’s the perfect functional umbrella. Some kids may not be into crazy designs either, so this is an option that works for them.


Kidorable Pink Ballerina Umbrella With A Pop Out Ribbon And Pointe Shoe Handle

This umbrella is perfect for daughters that are inspired to become ballet dancers or love ballerinas. It’s got a velcro strap that’s easy to close, and it is pretty easy to store too, and that’s why this one is great. The ribs do contain safety caps so your child won’t get hurt. It has a cute design, and it’s the perfect pick for daughters who want something a little girly. It does come with a super easy button to push and it also is pretty fun, since it makes them feel like they’re a dancer. Plus, it’s cute all year round, and with the point shoe handle, it’s a great umbrella that your child will love whether it’s raining or shining outside. The one downside is the pointe shoe handle is a little big, so it might be awkward for your kid to hold.

Windproof Umbrella

If you live in a place that tends to be rainy and windy, this is the best umbrella for kids. It’s one of the top picks, and it protects the user from rain and from heat. It has fabric that is thick and strong, and with a frame that’s well-constructed, you can use this easily, and it won’t flip over in case if there is a big wind. It’s a super strong umbrella, and your child will be happy to have it. It’s great for children to use, and even though it’s a bit heavy, it’s a durable umbrella that will last.

Stephen Jones Umbrella

If you want to have an umbrella that is durable, and simple to wash, this one is great. It’s got a wonderful, colorful look and your child will want to take it wherever they want to go. It’s pretty cute, and if your child wants an umbrella that’s colorful and attractive, they’ll love this. Plus, they’ll be more interested in using it if the umbrella looks cool.


But this umbrella isn’t just a pretty face, it’s also quite durable, and it can combat the heat, along with the sun and moderate wind pretty well. It’s pretty high-quality in terms of frames, and it’s made of full polyester. It comes with a velcro closure that the child can use to wrap it around to store, and it has enough diameter to protect the child from the rain and heat. The only downside is the umbrella looks pretty kiddie, so older kids might not use it.

These umbrellas don’t just look nice, but they do the job and then some, and if you’re looking for a fully functional umbrella, these are the best that are out there, and the ones that will do the job and then some for your child that they’ll love.

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