What Are Some Features To Look For With Baby Hangers

When choosing baby hangers, you may wonder if you should get the generic kind or the velvet ones. You may wonder if you need nonslip hangers too. Well, let’s go over each of the features that you should look for in baby hangers and what to consider when choosing these.

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Consider Your Space

Some parents may not have a ton of closet space for a baby’s clothes. That’s why there are cheap hangers that you can get, which accommodate the space that you have. These hangers tend to be thin but not so thin that they look tacky and cheap. Instead, they hold all of the clothes that are there neatly together, keeping all of your closet items in an order. Space is a huge consideration because some hangers are thicker than others.

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The Quality Of The Clothes

The quality of the clothes that you’re hanging is another major factor. There are those satin and velvet hangers, and those are great if you don’t want the clothing to be up against some wire hangers. If you have dresses or nice suits and pants for the child, these satin hangers don’t stress the garment, and it creates a cushion for the child’s clothing. It reduces the instance of wear and tear, and although they are a bit pricier, if you’re hanging fancy garments, this is an option to consider.

Another great thing about the velvet hangers, is they tend to be better at preventing wrinkles, saving you some time ironing as well.

The Size (Obviously)

Baby hangers are smaller than other hangers. While you may think you can get away with using adult hangers, they typically don’t fit around the average garment, and it will stretch it out, making it unwearable, or worse, tearing the garment period. If you’re looking to hang new clothes, and you see you have some extra hangers that fit regular clothing, hold off on using those. Baby hangers are cheap, and you don’t need to sacrifice the state of the outfits just to hang up an item.

Baby hangers tend to be much smaller, and you can get hangers to hang pants as well that fit a child’s size.

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Do The Clothes Come With Hangers

In some cases, especially if you’re buying from a department store, you’ll be allowed to keep the hangers. If you’re thinking of buying the item, you can ask. Lots of times, those hangers go unused, so they’ll let you keep it. Usually, if you’re buying from say Walmart or Target, you’ll get the hangers with the items, which is a bonus.

The Costs

The cost of hangers is another consideration if they’re generic bulky hangers, then chances are they’re going to be cheaper. You may consider these for the costs alone, and if you’re not too picky on the type of hangers you need, then this is an option.

The velvet ones are good for hanging up delicate garments, and they do prevent clothes from getting tossed and wrinkled better, but they come with a price. That price is the cost, of course, and they tend to be more expensive than other options, which is a bit of a downside to these clothes. If you’re wondering whether or not you should get one or the other, the biggest factor is to consider the budget that you have, and what type of clothing you plan on hanging, and also how much ironing you’ll want to do.

If The Garment Tends To Fall, Get The No-Slip Ones

Some clothes are really bad about staying on hangers. Pants, for example, tend to suffer from this, but if the garment is thin and a bit slippery, such as shirts and such, the no-slip ones are good for this. They secure the garment into there, and they often are a good option if you’re considering whether or not you should hang up the item, and it will, in turn, prevent you from having to pick up the item and re-hang this again and again. No-slip ones tend to be slightly more expensive than plastic counterparts, but not too pricey compared to the velvet ones.

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Notches for Shirts

Shirts that either hang weird in closets, such as tank tops or sweaters, tend to need the notches that are used to hold these up. If you have trouble hanging clothes that won’t stay up, no matter if you’re using a hanger that’s velvet or a regular plastic one, get one that has the notches to secure the straps of the outfit into there. Some outfits are made with invisible straps, and the sheer purpose of that is simple: it helps to keep the items that you have secured and prevents them from slipping and falling as well.

The Amount that You Need

If you only need a few hangers, then you may not need to splurge as much, but if you’re looking to hang up a ton of different baby clothes, you might want to invest in bulk packs. There are quality hangers available in bulk that you can buy, and from there, you’ll save a lot of money, and you won’t have to waste time securing clothes. It’s a nice option, especially if you’re going to be hanging pretty much the entire wardrobe a kid has up in no time. It makes it so much more efficient, and you’ll be able to secure everything away in a simple, yet effective manner.

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And there you have it, the top considerations you should have when you’re choosing hangers for baby clothes. These factors are important for any parent because not all hangers are created equal, and lots of times, these hangers can last the clothes through the toddler years. You’ll be able to use these again and again to create an effective means of storing and securing the items that you need to hang up. So when you’re out buying next time, consider these factors when choosing your hangers.



Are baby hangers and kid hangers the same?
A baby hanger is small. Its size is almost 12″ wide while the other one is almost 18″.
What size are baby hangers?
All baby hangers should measure precisely 6.6 inches tall x 11 inches wide.
How much is a hanger?
Well, depending on the type of hanger you need, prices may vary.
Does Dollar Tree have baby hangers?
Yes. Dollar Tree sells Bulk Essentials Children’s Plastic Hangers that measures 11.75 inches.
How many baby hangers do I need?
Around 25 tops baby hangers and 25 baby clip hangers are the ones that most parents need.
Do you hang baby clothes?
Baby clothes are short and small. Therefore, you might not need as much hang space. However, it depends on every parent’s preference.
Where should I store bulky baby stuff?
If using baby hangers won’t save you space, try storing baby clothes by size and seal it in a vacuum-sealed bag. Then keep it in a closet or on a shelf.
Do you hang onesies?
The decision to hang your baby clothes or fold them is up to you.
How do you hang baby pants on a hanger?
Some parents love to do that. They clip the pants to the hanger.
Why are wire hangers bad?
Wire baby hangers are inconvenient because they are too thin. They cause awkward stretch marks on clothes and will bend over time.

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