A Guide To The Top Pottery Wheel To Buy For Pottery Kids This 2023

One hobby your child will love is pottery.  Pottery is a great and relaxing way for a child to really improve their motor skills, and get them to be more creative. But what is the top wheel for children on the market? You want something that is child-friendly and isn’t too complicated for them, but you also want something that doesn’t limit their creativity. Well, you’re about to find out what the top pottery wheels are on the market in this helpful and innovative article. We’ll look at facts about the top pottery wheels, what features to look for, how to make a wheel pottery studio space, as well as how to choose a kit for kids pottery.

Pot wheel for children
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Best Pottery Wheel For Children


Mindware Pot Wheels For Beginners

This is a pottery wheel with beginners in mind, and it does function just like a regular one. The child can learn the basics of pottery with this system, and it even includes a new wheel to work on.  It comes with two pounds of clay boss that are air-dried, some instructions, paintbrushes, and 12 different paints. This is one that children can use to begin crafting, and you can even get an additional 5 pounds of clay to really keep this going.  

This is essentially a clay pottery wheel craft kit for kids. Most of the time, if a wheel is labeled as a pottery banding wheel for beginners, it will be a good one for kids to use. This particular one can be used by very young children. The kid’s motor power pottery wheel with splash pans comes with an easy-to-follow illustrated instructions guidebook. It also has a multi-wheel speed motor, a variable speed control, that can be controlled with foot pedals. This is an art pottery studio pottery wheelset that comes with plenty of color and tools to make unique creations. 

The beginner wheels are super durable, so if your child tends to be a bit rougher with items, this is actually a good one, and it can withstand multiple crafting sessions. It’s perfect for children over the age of 7. It’s meant to help teach children how to touch clay in a soft manner that allows them to work with it successfully. Due to its integrated splash pan and other features, this is a good kit for kids that allows them to make art pottery safely compared to other wheels.

Faber-Castell Do Art Studio Kit With Pottery Wheels (Beginner Pottery)

For most pottery wheel-buying guide experts, this is a crafting kit that’s great for those children who want to get into sculpting or just want to shape clay for fun. This entry level wheel come with simple instructions that children will understand, and it allows your child to not only learn the basics of pottery but also techniques and a little bit of history.  Once the techniques are mastered, they can utilize the three pounds of clay, different tools, and the wheel itself to sculpt pieces that they will love. It also includes an apron especially since children tend to get messy. This pot wheel craft kit for kids comes with the sculpting tools they’ll need to make some awesome art pot and other things. Faber Castell does art supplies for many different types of craft kits so you can feel good about getting a brand of Pottery Brent wheels for kids that is a high quality wheel that is powered by hp motor.

The cool thing about this wheel is, it can double not just as a sculpting and wheel, but also as a pastry and cake decorator, and it doesn’t require a kiln for firing the clay too, but instead, it will air dry so that children can have their creations even faster than before. Having air-dry clay is hugely important when it comes to a craft kit for kids age less than 10. The reason for this is that when you don’t have air-dry clay, you must use an oven, which isn’t age appropriate for younger children. It’s the perfect beginner wheel, and you can also get sketches about ancient pottery, and how it applies to modern art too! Faber Castell does art kits for kids in a way that pays tribute to the industry and its past.

Pot Wheel Cool Studio

This is a great set for children over the age of 6, and it comes with 6 clay discs that are ready to be shaped and molded on a tabletop wheel. The discs in this are easy for small hands to handle, it is also to control the wheel speed, and it’s great for making holders for jewelry, basic cups, and other small wares. The first wheel tray also is great for holders too, and there are a water spray dispenser and other tools for sculpting. It’s made to keep all of your sculpting tools nice and tidy during use.  It comes with a range of paints and even brushes too so that when their pottery has finally dried, they can actually decorate it for the final touch, making some cool art pottery.

There is also a ceramic marker included in there too, which lets children doodle and personalize the finished wares so that they can really show off their personality and creativity in this product. It might be a little too basic for young children, but it’s a good one to start with and one that many parents love to use. It’s a pot wheel for kids that the whole family can enjoy in a homemade nonbelt-driven wheel pottery studio. On the other hand, a belt driven pot wheel is lighter, has smaller wheels, and more affordable option for their pot hobby.

pottery wheel for children kit by pottery cool with child enjoying
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Cra-Z Art Multicolor Packs Motorized Pot Wheel 

This is a good one for the budget parents that want to teach children the basics of creating real pottery but without the huge price tag. It’s a good one for sparking interest in pottery early, and it’s suitable for children as young as five.  They can play with the clay, modeling the fun shapes, and it comes with a battery-operated detached foot pedal that will get them excited to use it, and it does mimic the sound of professional adult pot wheels, to really make children excited to use it. The professional pottery wheels like a Skutt wheel does come with some clay, a sculpting toolset, and a vibrant range of colors. This young studio kit includes everything needed to make beautiful pottery creations. It even comes with illustrated instructions—an important part of all manual pot wheels for kids. 

The paint pots are housed on the wheel casing easily, so they don’t get lost and the paint won’t be spilled. The downside is that it does make a lot of noise when it’s in motion, but for children, this is a great one if you want to spark interest in children, and you don’t want to pay a ton of money for a wheel to start with. When you’re looking for a wheel for kids, you don’t want to spend a lot of money because you don’t know, yet, if they will like clay crafting. So, the Cra-Z Art Multicolor Packs pottery wheel kit is a good choice for beginners and children.

Metal Sculpting Pottery Wheel By US Art Supply (Best For Teens)

This is a wheel that’s ideal for children that are older, and know a bit about working with clay, and teens and adults can work with this too. This table top wheel is super sturdy in appearance due to the bat pins, and it feels more professional than most wheels. It’s a large wheel with some concentric circles on this in order to make sure that the material that’s centered is worked on. There is a ball-bearing joint that facilitates the spinning and centering capacity, while the non-skid base does give a child the chance to stop the wheel from slipping and protects the work surface.  

It’s a non-motorized wheel that’s super easy to use and clean, and while it is predominantly made of metal, with a lightweight wheel, it can be moved around. The wheel is powered by hand rather than a fixed foot pedal, which might be a little bit of a downside, but the weighted rim near the edge of the wheel allows for the rotation spin to not be an issue for users too. It’s pretty professional for a great price. This wheel could be a great addition to anyone’s studio setup. For this article, we’ll say this is a pottery wheel kit for kids age in their teens.

Cool Maker Pottery Wheels (Pottery Studio Kit)

The Cool Maker Pottery Studio kit for kids is meant for children aged 6 and up. The kit includes air dry clay, sculpting tools, paint, a spray bottle, and illustrated instructions to help your kiddo make some Cool Maker Pottery Studio creations using pottery wheels for kids. The Cool Maker Pottery Studio allows kids to make fun art studios crafts like mermaid tail jewelry holders or bracelet holders. With the Cool Maker Pottery Studio, your kids can make unique gifts for you or their friends. The illustrated instructions make it easy for kids to follow along and use their kids motorized pot wheel safely. This is a great pottery wheel for beginners and kids. 

contents of pottery wheel set include pottery wheel, pot clay, and other tools for kids
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Pottery wheels are a great basic tool for children, and they allow them to understand the craft in a simple way but also allow them to foster that creativity in other ways too. Fortunately, there are options for different wheels, and you can try these out today to see which fits your actions, and what will give you the top results.

Whether you just want something different for your kids to try and are looking for a kids motorized pot wheel kit, or you aspire someday to have your own art pottery studio, you can get started by trying out any of the pot wheels we have in this list. Most of the ones on the market come as part of an art pottery studio pottery wheel kit. Many times the kit includes a pot wheel, a foot pedal, paint, a spray bottle, sculpting tools, a cutting cord, clay, and more.

Wheel For Kids FAQs

How Much Are The Best Pottery Wheels?

No matter what Brent model pot wheel you prefer, all the top pot wheels in the market are part of the expense. But generally, they range in price from just over $400 to almost $1,500. It’s good to note here that a pot wheel meant to go in an art pot studio pot location will cost more than the pot wheels for kids we’ve mentioned above.

How To Choose The Best Pottery Wheel?

In choosing the right wheel for your, you need to consider longevity, wheel head configuration, workspace, portability, cost, and energy usage when buying a an affordable pot wheel. You also need to consider who will be using their first pot wheel. Pottery for beginners is much different than pot wheels for professionals or seasoned adults. The top-picked pottery wheel for one skill level is likely going to be different than one for a greater skill level. Similarly, choosing a pot wheel for kids won’t be the same based on their ages and interests. Tabletop wheels can be good due to their portability and conveniency. 

Speed And Head

Some features to check would be the wheel’s features, the wheel’s speed, if the wheel rotates properly, if there is a kick wheel or hand lever included, and does it have a reversible motor or reversible wheel. Kick wheels are good due to their flywheels and sturdiness.

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How Big Are The Wheel?

While pot wheels come in different shapes and sizes, most of its wheel heads are flat, circular surfaces, metal, ranging from 8” to 14” in diameter. Again, pot wheels for kids won’t be the same size as those for adults. A kid’s motorized pot wheel is usually small enough to set on top of any size table, just like a normal top tabletop pot wheel. Also, a kid’s motorized pottery wheel is typically made of plastic with a detachable splash pan or removable splash pan so it’s much lighter.

How Much Does A Pottery Wheel Weigh?

The suggested pottery wheel for kids weighs between 200 and 300 lbs.

What Is Pottery Cutting Cord Best For?

A cutting cord in pottery is used to make a straight slice through a brick of clay. It works much the same way as an old cheese cutter did. The cord is able to make a clean cut through the clay.

What’s The Top Beginner Pot Wheel?

There are brands to help you choose one. You can get s series wheels and mid-range wheels such as Shimpo pot wheels such as shimpo vl lite wheel, Shimpo wheels, Skutt wheels (they have removable wheel head options), Brent pottery wheels with Brent splash pan, specifically two piece splash pan, or you can choose Soldner wheels and more. Aside from these brands, the type of wheel you choose also makes a difference. An electric pottery wheel with electric motor is recommended for beginners. Electric potwheels are smaller and lighter than other wheels, an example of electric wheel would be Blick Art’s Brent B and C Models.

Can You Do Home Pottery Without Kiln?

Yes, you can. Many people think you need to have all the pottery tools at your disposal when you’re starting, but it’s actually not true. There are some budget wheel options you can choose from, yes, but you can start by using your clay, imagination, and home oven. Pottery making doesn’t have to be complicated as you think.

Can An Oven Be Used As A Kiln In Pottery?

Yes, you can. This is considered a modern method of firing if you don’t have electric kilns or any type of kiln at home yet.

Is It Expensive?

The price can be different depending on what types you want to create. Materials and tools that you’ll be needing can cost a lot. But there is trial and error involved in the process of doing this hobby. It is rewarding and a great hobby, though.

What’s The Top Pot Clay For Kids Pottery Wheel?

The type of clay which is easiest to use is the earthenware clay. Throwing pottery for kids can be a challenging hobby to try but it is generally entertaining for them. Put a tabletop potter wheel with its wheel clockwise turning and then add clay to make a child have a lot of fun.

What Top Age To Start Pottery?

It is a fun educational activity for kids older than 4-year-olds. Of course, kids younger than that can use toy tools that let them have the full experience of a real one. It is good to have them supervised as they use these tools for safety purposes.

What Pottery Tools Do Beginner Potters Need?

For beginners, it is recommended that they have clay, a kiln, hand tools, and of course their own workspace. Most pot wheels last a long time, so consider it as an investment for your hobby. Searching for the right pot wheel can take some time, but with research, it can be easy. Some brands you can buy a potter’s wheel from is Speedball wheels, Pacifica wheels, and Thomas Stuart wheels.

Why Is Kid’s Pottery Good?

It benefits children in a lot of ways. Skills that can be affected are creativity, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving. It brings out their artistic side. This activity helps little children achieve a sense of independence. This activity also teaches them how to be more confident.

Can You Make Money Doing Pottery?

It’s not an easy business, but when you invest and take your time in doing it, you can make a lot of cash. Some websites show how mid-level artists can earn around $20 per hour, with experts earning over $30 an hour.

Are Pottery and Pottery Wheels Safe?

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