Best Books For 4-Year-Olds

Finding good books for 4-year-olds can be hard because you want something interesting, but also educational. Finding the ideal one appropriate for your child’s age can be a little hard since there are many available. We’ve seen some good stories for children that will teach them valuable life lessons, and here, we highlighted the best books that are educational for children of that age, and why they are right. Let’s talk about the best books for 4-year-olds.

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The Best Books For 4-Year-Olds


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This one is a classic tale that four-year-olds will love since it involves scheming monkeys that keep getting a rise from a down and out the merchant. It is pretty fun, and it teaches some valuable life lessons. It comes with some excellent illustrations that children will love, along with some repetition that children will enjoy, which is a beautiful highlight of many children’s books, that’s for sure.


It is a sweet and entertaining tale that teaches lessons about friendship and the comfort of home, and it involves the hilarious story about a bear roaming around at night in a shopping mall. It’s full of adventure where he meets many fun little friends, and it’s a good one that involves some classic imagery that children  and adults will both love, and it helps to create a timeless read for everyone (more about it here).

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I Built A House

This book is by Chris Van Dusen, and it is about how he remodeled his house, and it’s a great one that teaches children about how homes can change, and it inspires the ability to be creative and to dream big. There are so many fun things in this, including a room that’s a fish tank, and a kitchen that allows you to make whatever dish you want every day. If your child liked the short-page book If I Built a Car by the same author, then chances are they will love this one, since it uses the same premises (not wrong). One of the best books for four-year-olds.

The Red Lemon

This one is great with some beautiful illustrations by Bob Staake. If you can find this in the library, definitely grab it. It is a book about a farmer that loves his yellow lemons, but one day he sees a red lemon and assumes that it’s bad and is unworthy of being in the grove, so it got tossed away. Two hundred years later, after the farm has become full of weeds. There is another island, where there is a growing community that has red lemon trees, which is a lesson that says don’t throw away something just because it’s different from what you know. It’s a fun book, and with vibrant illustrations that every child will enjoy.

Harold And The Purple Crayon

It is one of the best bedtime stories, and it’s a great book that is always fun. It’s a good one also to put kids to sleep as well. It’s about Harold and his quest for his bed with the use of his purple crayon. It sparks imagination, creativity, and it’s a great one that 4-year-olds love to read. This one is a good one for any time of the day, but if you need the perfect book to put a child to sleep, I can say you should look no further than this book, for it’s simple, imaginative, and worth it, that’s for sure.


Shifty McGifty

This book is a good one to teach children to stay on the right track. It’s about two burglars who chose to steal, but they realize that they aren’t that good at it. They want a “sweeter” career choice after some mishaps, and it’s a good one to teach children to go down a better pathway, and also to show them that hey, even if you mess up a few times, you can always get right back on track once again, which is a good lesson that some children love from this book. Plus, it’s just a super fun one with a lot of excellent illustrations, and fun adventures all children will love.

Rufus, The Writer

This newer book came out back in 2015, written by Elisbath Bram. This book is about a writer and some of the different trials that he has to go through. Now, I highly recommend this one for younger children who are interested in writing, but are scared to begin, or rather don’t know how to begin. Writing is a great thing for children to start working on at a younger age, and it’s an excellent way to inspire children to get started. So, if you happen to have a child who shown interest in writing, one of my tips / ideas is to get this art form.

James Herriot’s Treasury For Children

This one is a treasure trove of stories, not just one, and they are suitable not only for children but for the mom or dad who read them as well. The stories are good and wholesome, and they teach some invaluable concepts in life, including love, loyalty, the idea of friendship, and so much more. If you want to put it on for children to listen to before bed, there is an audiobook version, and it’s a delightful one to listen to if you need something that is good and wholesome and also has a lot of lessons to it as well.

Farewell To Shady Glade

Finally, there is this one, which is about animal friends displaced from their natural habitat because of deforestation and construction, and they travel across new landscapes to a new home. It teaches about the ecological impact of wasting resources but done in a way that children understand. Indeed, one of the best books for four-year-olds.


Educational books for children need to be both entertaining and fun, but also teach a valuable life lesson. Luckily, these books all do that, and they provide for the child a series of useful lessons that they will love, and stories that are great for them, no matter if you’re just reading this to them when they’re about to sleep, or during the day.

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