The Best Yasmin Bratz Sets You’ll Enjoy

Bratz has been a popular line of fashion dolls since their debut in 2001. Maybe you played with them when you were younger, but if not, they are a set of dolls that have fashion and sass. In almost 20 years, they’ve become quite the brand, with various sets and spinoffs centered around the characters.


In this article, we’ll be looking at the best yasmin bratz sets. Who is Yasmin? She’s one of the original four Bratz. Her nickname is Pretty Princess and she has a hippy aesthetic to her. She has tan skin, long brown hair, and she is creative. She loves poetry, stories, and likes to play instruments as well

As you can see, she is quite the creative girl, and if your girl likes her, that may say a lot about your girl. Let’s look at some of the best yasmin bratz sets.

Bratz Study Abroad Case with Yasmin Doll Standard Packaging

If your child is traveling, or just wants something cool to store their belongings in, this set is for you. It comes with a rolling case that has all the sass you’ve come to expect from Bratz dolls, including decorative stickers and a bight pink color. Plus, it comes with a Yasmin doll who wants to join in on the fun. It’s one set that your kid will want to take with her wherever she goes.

Yasmin 1.7oz. et Sp/8oz.Body Wash Size: Set

When your girl needs to clean off, she has Yasmin to help her. This is a set of body wash that smells great and can clean your girl all up. The smell combines cotton candy, vanilla, cocoa, and more to create a scent your girl is going to love. Try it out and your girl is going to love shower time.


Bratz Rock Angelz- Yasmin with Guitar, Microphone

When your girl wants to rock out, this set is for them. It includes Yasmin and your girl’s own guitar and mic they can rock out with. It even comes with songs. Great for a creative girl who is considering getting into music, this is the set for them. It even has a poster. It’s a set that is a bit expensive, but it is totally worth it if you have a creative and sassy daughter.

Yasmin Wild Wild West Bratz Doll

This set is a bit rare, but it is oh so worth it. It includes Yasmin dressed up as a cowgirl and comes with other accessories themed around the old west such as horseshoes and saddles. If your girl is into the old west and wants a doll that packs the best sass in the wild west, this is the doll for them. Try it and see how she likes it.


This is a set that includes it all. It comes with a Yasmin doll and has a mirror, brush, lamp, hair dryer, and pretty much every accessory you can think of. If your daughter wants a sleepover with Yasmin, this set encourages creativity. Your kid will spend hours brushing her hair, dressing her up, and learning different skills along the way. It’s one of the best yasmin bratz sets that your daughter is guaranteed to love and spend hours with.

Bratz The Fashion Show Evening Wear Collection

This set is a bit more classy than the sassy Bratz we’ve come to expect, and that can be a good thing. In this set, Yasmin is wearing a beautiful dress that is straight off the runway. Your girl is going to love dressing her. Best of all, this doll can walk, and you don’t need any batteries to do that, either. Great for a girl who dreams of one day being a beauty star.


MGA Bratz Holiday Doll: Yasmin

This Yasmin doll is great for the Christmas season, or any holiday, honestly. Yasmin is dressed up in a cute Santa outfit and has her own Tiara. It’s a doll that’s great for a little holiday spirit. Your girl is going to love her and what she has to offer.

Bratz Wintertime Collection – Yasmin

Who doesn’t love the winter aesthetic? Yasmin comes with a coat and plenty of skiing accessories such as a snowboard. When it’s cold outside, your girl can bundle up with Yasmin and enjoy her company. It’s even great when it’s hot outside. No matter the occasion, Yasmin is here to warm things up. Give this set a try today.

Bratz – Yasmin Costume Party with Bonus Accessory

Who doesn’t love costumes? This set has its own accessory as well for added effect. Yasmin is dressed in a bumblebee costume and heading to some kind of Halloween or costume party. Where is she going? You’ll have to find out. This is a set that encourages plenty of playtime and imagination. Try it today.

Bratz Sleep Over Doll Yasmin

When it’s time for a sleepover, invite Yasmin! In this set, she is dressed in some cute pajamas and her hair is casually tied back in pigtails. It’s a set that your child is going to love because who doesn’t love a sleepover? If you’re ready to have a good sleepover with Yasmin, try out this set today.

What To Look For In Bratz Dolls

If you’re confused with what you should look for in the Bratz department, here are some things to consider.


Bratz is all about fashion. Thus, the dolls come in many costumes and accessories. Odds are, you can find a doll based around a fashion style or hobby your daughter loves. Try buying one that matches up with your daughter.



Accessories included can make the experience much cooler, with brushes, hair dryers, and other goods adding to the experience. Try some accessories with the dolls and your daughter should have fun with them.


Finally, these dolls have attitude. You’ll want a Bratz doll that is sassy and has plenty of spunk to go around. That’s why Bratz is so appealing.

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