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  • Best Yasmin Bratz has been a famous line of fashion dolls since their debut in 2001. Maybe you played with Yasmin Bratz when you were younger, but if not, they are a set of bratz toys that have fashion and sass.
The Yasmin doll set features an array of stylish and fashionable items, showcasing the iconic character's unique charm. This collection includes bratz trendy outfits, bratz accessories, and bratz playsets that allow young fans to express their creativity and imagination.
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In almost 20 years, they’ve become quite the brand, with various games and spinoffs centered around the characters.

  • In this article, we’ll be looking at the top Yasmin Bratz sets. Who is Yasmin? Yasmin is one of the original four Bratz sets. Yasmin’s nickname is Pretty Princess, and she has a hippy aesthetic. Yasmin has tan skin, and long brown hair and is known as the creative member of the group. Yasmin also loves poetry, stories, and musical instruments. If your child likes Yasmin, that may say a lot about your little girl. Let’s look at some of the best Bratz Yasmin sets.

Yasmin Bratz Sets Standard Packaging

If your child is traveling or just wants something cool to store their belongings in, this Bratz dolls set is for you. It comes with a rolling case that has all the sass you’ve come to expect from Bratz dolls, including decorative stickers and a bright pink color. Plus, it comes with a Yasmin bratz doll who wants to join in on the fun. It’s one set that your kid will want to take with her wherever she goes. This quality set features not only the stylish Yasmin bratz doll but also other iconic Bratz dolls such as Cloe and Sasha. The attention to detail and the inclusion of various beloved bratz dolls make this set a must-have for any young enthusiast.

1.7oz. et Sp/8oz. Body Wash Size

When your girl needs to clean off, she has Yasmin to help her. This is a set of body wash that smells great and can clean your girl all up. The smell combines cotton candy, vanilla, cocoa, and more to create a scent your girl is going to love. Try it out, and your girl is going to love shower time.

Yasmin Bratz Dolls. Whether it is on her left or right cheek, Yasmin Bratz is always seen with her trademark beauty mark.
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Rock Angelz- With Guitar, Microphone

When your girl wants to rock out, this set is for them. It includes Yasmin and your girl’s guitar and mic they can rock out with. It even comes with songs. Great for a creative girl who is considering getting into music, this is the set for them. It also has a poster. It’s a set that is a bit expensive, but it is worth it if you have a creative and sassy daughter.

MGA Entertainment Wild Wild West Yasmin Bratz Doll

This set is a bit rare, but it is so worth it. It includes Yasmin dressed up as a cowgirl and comes with other accessories themed around the Old West, such as horseshoes and saddles. If your girl is into the Old West and wants a Bratz doll that packs the great sass in the Wild West, this is the Bratz doll for them. Try it and see how she likes it.

Doll Hair Salon Spa Sleepover Playset Accessories Complete

This is a set that includes it all. It comes with a Yasmin bratz doll and has a mirror, hairbrush, lamp, hairdryer, and pretty much every accessory you can think of. If your daughter wants a sleepover with Yasmin, this set encourages creativity. Your kid will spend hours brushing her hair, dressing her up, and learning different skills along the way. It’s one of the great Yasmin Bratz set collections that your daughter is guaranteed to love and spend hours with.

The Fashion Show Evening Wear Collection

This set is a bit classier than the sassy Bratz we’ve come to expect, and that can be a good thing. In this set, Yasmin is wearing a beautiful dress that is straight off the runway. Your girl is going to love dressing her. This Bratz doll can walk, and you don’t need any batteries to do that, either. It is ideal for a girl who dreams of being a beauty star one day.

Bratz doll created Bratz
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MGA Bratz Holiday Doll: Yasmin Bratz

This Yasmin Bratz doll is perfect for the Christmas season or any holiday. Yasmin is dressed up in a cute Santa outfit and has a tiara of her own. It’s a Bratz doll that’s great for a little holiday spirit. Your girl is going to love her and what she has to offer.

Wintertime Collection

Who doesn’t love the winter aesthetic? Yasmin comes with a coat and plenty of skiing accessories, such as a snowboard. When it’s cold outside, your girl can bundle up with Yasmin and enjoy her company. It’s even excellent during hot weather. No matter what the occasion is, Yasmin is here to warm things up. Give this set a try today.

Costume Party With Bonus Accessory

Who doesn’t love costumes? This set has an accessory as well for added effect. Yasmin is dressed in a bumblebee costume and heading to some kind of Halloween or costume party. Where is she going? You’ll have to find out. This is a set that encourages plenty of playtime and imagination. Try it today.

Bratz Sleep Over Doll Yasmin

When it’s time for a sleepover, invite Yasmin! In this set, she is dressed in some cute pajamas, and her hair is casually tied back in pigtails. It’s a set that your child is going to love because who doesn’t love a sleepover? If you’re ready to have a good sleepover with Yasmin, try out this set today.

What To Look For In Dolls

If you’re confused about what you should look for in the Bratz department, here are some things to consider.


Bratz is all about fashion. Thus, the Bratz dolls come in many costumes and accessories. Odds are, you can find a toy based on a fashion style or hobby your daughter loves. Try buying one that matches up with your daughter.

Yasmin Bratz dolls made by Bratz
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Bratz Accessories

Accessories included can make the experience much cooler with brushes, hairdryers, and other goods. Try some accessories with the dolls, and your daughter should have fun with them.


  • Finally, these Yasmin sets have an attitude. You’ll want to adore sassy Yasmin Bratz doll sets with plenty of spunk to go around. That’s why Yasmin Bratz sets are so appealing. The unique personalities of these characters truly enhance your Bratz doll sets, making it an enjoyable experience. With the best Bratz Yasmin sets, you not only enjoy a fashionable companion, but you also get to explore their tastes in songs and even share imaginary cookies—among other fun things that make the Bratz experience truly special.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Ethnicity Is Yasmin From Bratz?

Which Bratz Is The Most Popular?

Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, and Jade emerged as some of the most popular Bratz dolls among girls. Surrounded by other Bratz dolls in an elaborate box, these fascinating figurines create so much fun with hair accessories and a handy hair brush.

At a recent slumber party attended by kids who adore fashion, the girls were captivated while dressing them in tribal print leggings or stylish cover-up skirts. Such gorgeous clothes give each doll its unique appeal – some even come with two outfits for versatility. An abundance of shoes also adds charm to these beloved characters.

Most little girls simply can’t get enough of customizing their dolls’ appearances with beautiful makeup set collections and fashionable earrings that complement the outfits. Diverse styles make these mesmerizing toys difficult not to adore – be it safari-inspired boots or trendy high-heels for different adventures.

Purse and bag accessories only amplify their allure; the purse’s tempting features make every picture snapped during playtime memorable. When gifted to aspiring fashionistas – whether as birthday presents or just thoughtful tokens – they provide countless hours of creative enjoyment!

Bratz invites budding designers to decide which eye-catching ensemble great suits their treasured dolls―matching lips color included―imbuing each one with unparalleled style and personality loved by many around the world.

How Old Is Yasmin In Bratz?
In 2023, Bratz celebrated their 22nd anniversary. The inaugural collection of these edgy bratz dolls made its debut on May 21, 2001. Some even trained in lip-synching to enhance their musical shows. While working on the movie, Nathalia Ramos, just fifteen at the time, brilliantly balanced her studies and her role as Yasmine. This remarkable experience served as her gateway into the realm of acting.

Who Is The Oldest Doll?

Though Zell’s precise age remains unverified, her long-standing connections with Kon and childhood interactions with Katia suggest she could be no younger than 30 years old.

What Race Is Jade Doll?

Leaving Chloe aside, the doll collection embraced multiculturalism with Yasmine depicting Latina roots, Sasha illustrating African-American ancestry, and Jade reflecting Asian-American heritage.

What Age Are Dolls For?

They are targeting girls aged 8-12 and 2-4. What’s remarkable is their appeal extended beyond tweens and captivated younger girls (6-10 years), significantly impacting Barbie’s core demographic. This undoubtedly contributed to the global market share decline of the iconic doll brand.
What Is Cloe From Bratz’s Last Name?
Cloe Santon, who goes by the moniker Angel, holds the distinction of being among the initial quartet constituting the Bratz. This remarkable individual contributes immensely to their collective endeavors.

What Are The Most Iconic Yasmin Dolls?

One can’t help but recognize the meteoric rise of a quartet of distinct Bratz dolls – Shasha, Yasmin, Cloe, and Jade – captivating audiences and markets across the globe.
What Is Yasmin Bratz Style?
Embracing her inner bohemian spirit, Yasmin cherishes eclectic prints and calming shades inspired by nature. She enjoys combining various fabrics and textures to create a unique ensemble by seeking treasures in thrift shops and harmonizing vintage finds with contemporary pieces.
Who Is The Darkest Bratz Doll?
Felicia features the darkest skin tone. This distinction sparks increased interest and demand from collectors, leading to her dolls garnering higher prices compared to others in the lineup.
What are the 5 original Bratz dolls?
The five original Bratz dolls are Dana, Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin. They are known for their unique fashion styles and distinct personalities. Dana is nicknamed “Sugar Shoes” for her sweet style, Cloe rocks exotic animal prints earning the name “Angel,” Jade’s extreme fashion sense earns her the title “Kool Kat,” Sasha prefers urban streetwear and is called “Bunny Boo,” and Yasmin goes for Bohemian looks, known as the “Pretty Princess.”
What Is Yasmin Bratz Doll Nickname?
Yasmin – affectionately called “Pretty Princess” by her associates. She has secured a place among the four initial vital protagonists of the innovative Cool Bratz series.

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