Why You Should Consider Jade Bratz Doll Sets

Bratz has been a popular toy line for a while now, and for a good reason. Everyone loves a girl with attitude, and these toys depict girls who are ready to show off their attitude, sass, and fashion.

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There are many characters in the Bratz universe, and one of them is Jade or Kool Kat. She is one of the original four, and she is one of the coolest girls you’ll ever meet, giving off confidence and always wanted to stay on the right side of fashion.

What Are Bratz Dolls 

Bratz are fashion dolls sold by MGA entertainment.  There are plenty of these dolls on the MGA website, and you can mix and match some of these.  The most popular Bratz are Chloe Yasmin Jade Sasha and there are even boy Bratz dolls.  They are a good quality fashion doll, and they are fun for any Bratz collector out there. 

They are good quality fashion dolls, and they even can represent fashion brands.  They come in a variety of textures and colors too try, and even unique pieces.  The style is bold, and all of these girls are friends for life.  There are even limited edition fashion brands with these dolls, and if you like to collect limited edition dolls, you can buy Bratz on the website.  They are friends for life, and with many unique pieces and textures and colors to choose from, all Bratz collector types out there will love these toys games to choose from. You can get these friends for life as well, and bring them all together with a bold, refreshing style. 

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Fearless Trailblazer Jade Doll 

Jade is a fearless trailblazer, and she is always chasing her dreams.  You can as well have this, and understand why Jade is a fearless trailblazer in this doll. This one is available in stores unlike the Bratz collector doll sets, so you can pick up Kool Kat from the store and take her on adventures. 

Jade is a fearless trailblazer always chasing her dreams, and this collector doll is perfect for the Bratz collector looking to get another jade doll. Since she is a fearless trailblazer always chasing the next dream, you can also chase your dreams with this doll. Her style is bold, and with this doll, you can bring the punk rock style with you.  Since the style is bold, you’ll never get tired of it, and you definitely will enjoy this one. 

Bratz Collector Doll Sets 

Bratz collector doll sets are perfect for the real Bratz collectors out there.  You can gone without Yasmin Yasmin included, and other cool dolls.  We’ll go over some of the top Bratz collector dolls out there. 

First, we have the best Yasmin Bratz sets, which include the Bratz collector doll Yasmin multicolor doll. The Bratz collector doll Yasmin multicolor doll is a Bratz collector doll you will not want to touch.  It is a high quality 10-inch Bratz collector doll. This Bratz Doll Yasmin multicolor fashion doll comes with two amazing mix and match outfits, so you can bring the fun to you. The Bratz doll Yasmin multicolor also comes with two perfect outfits to try on, and the Bratz collector doll Yasmin also has a compact you can use too. If a fashion doll is what you’re looking for, then you can get this Bratz collector doll Yasmin multicolor in the toys games section at the store, and bring the fun to you.  The Bratz doll Yasmin is one of the favorites of many, and the Bratz doll Yasmin is a doll with style, and is perfect for the Bratz collector out there. 

Then you have thee Bratz Collector Doll Sasha.  Sasha Raya is a girl who loves to mix and match outfits, and she does have a hip hop influence in her style.  This Bratz Collector doll emulates that with her amazing style, and you can bring the trendy and cute influences to this Bratz Collector doll too, also available in the toys games section. 

Then there is the Bratz Doll Chloe, and you can also get the Bratz collector doll Chloe multicolor in the toys games section on Amazon.  The Bratz doll Chloe has rocker vibes, and she’s called an angel because the doll Chloe does have both angelic and rocker vibes. With the Bratz doll Chloe multicolor, ti comes with many of the same pierces as the other, but the Bratz doll Chloe multicolor comes with its own compact and limited edition poster.  The Bratz collector doll Chloe is a cute one, and also comes with mix and match outfits.  You can take this Bratz Collector doll to the stage, and she’s the perfect addition to any Bratz collector doll set. 

The Bratz collector doll series are available in the toys games section on Amazon only.  The toys games section also comes with other dolls besides the Bratz collector doll sets, and you can check out the entirety of the toys games section to find the Bratz dolls you’re looking for, and mix and match outfits with them too. 

With that said, Jade Bratz doll sets are great for your child. They teach about fashion and are great for an older girl who is a little tired of the same old figures. Here are some Jade sets and dolls that can show off her love of fashion.

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Bratz Jade Neon Runway Doll

This is a pricey doll, but it’s worth it for the hardcore collector. This doll is all prepared for the runway, with many fashion wins that everyone will love. She even has her pooch with her, which is always a plus. This Bratz doll is definitely worth trying out.

SelfieSnaps Doll

What doll with attitude isn’t complete without an option to take a selfie. This Jade doll comes with all the selfie accessories you need, including hashtag earrings. It even has a smartphone accessory to bring your pics to life. Who doesn’t love taking a selfie that is on point? We know what we do.

Bratz In The Wild Jade Doll

Not only is Jade fashionable, but she also loves the wild, too. This set comes with hiking boots, camo top, and jeans that are so comfy, you’ll want to wear them. In this figure, Jade has a koala that is ready for action, and she can even feed the koala. Who doesn’t love a girl who loves nature? This doll will make everyone wish they had their own pet koala, at the very least.

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Boutique Love Jade Doll

This Jade has a store that’s ready to sell fashion. It comes with a scanner, mannequin, outfits, a cash register, and even Jade, who is here to sell some goods and help those who are looking for some good fashion tips.

Hello My Name Is Jade Doll

This doll is a great introduction to Jade’s world. For example, her outfit is a different combination of colors and patterns, but she makes it work. This set comes with the doll and many different fashion accessories that you’re going to love looking at. Your kid will love dressing up Jade and learning about how Jade can pull off fashion and be on point no matter what.

Jade Bratz Twisty Style Doll

This is a cool set that is quite twisted. It has hair extensions that have multiple colors and your girl can put them on as well. It comes with a hairbrush that will rock Jade’s world. And as usual, Jade is fashionable and ready to take on the world, being the trendsetter and not the trend follower.

Bratz Trend It Doll Jade

Ah, Jade is back and trendier than ever. This time, Jade comes with a cool dress, punk strap shoes, and so much confidence that any girl will feel it as well. This is a great toy that your daughter is going to love every bit of, as who doesn’t love a bit of confidence in their life?

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Bratz Jade My Passion Doll

This is another fashionable doll set that has the look of a fashion blogger. It has a dress made of fur, a VIP pass, and all the magazines and portfolios a fashionista needs. It’s one set that will show off Jade’s passion, and your girl will love it.

Jade Bratz Featherageous Doll

This is the perfect Jade Bratz doll if you particularly love hair. It’s so gorgeous, and your girl can style it. It comes with a brush, looper, slides, and feather extensions. If your girl is ever interested in hair, this is the doll set for them. It comes with everything your little girl needs to begin styling hair, and this set is beautiful to boot.

Bratz #SnowKissed Doll

Jade Bratz doll is ready for a ski adventure. She is dressed to handle the cold with her cool looks, and she even has a feline hat as well. She can change outfits and it even comes with accessories. She has a snowboard, goggles, and a sense of adventure. Your girl will love to take this one with her wherever she goes, especially if you plan on taking a vacation to the ski resort.

Bratz Metallic Madness Jade Doll

This is the Jade of the future and also the Jade of the past. Let us explain. She has a disco aesthetic, yet gives off that metallic look that we think about when we imagine the future. It’s one great little figure that you’re going to love every bit of.

Also, it has two outfits, which is always a plus in our books. More chance for fashion is what we always say.

Sweet Style Jade Doll

Who doesn’t love looking sweet and stylish? This outfit set has dessert themes. There is a cotton candy themed top and boots that remind you of ice cream cones. The purse looks like a chocolate bar. If you have a sweet tooth, Sweet Style Jade can help satisfy your cravings. It’s one toy that your little girl will want more of, and best of all, no calories.

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Bratz Strut It! Jade Doll

This is a cool doll that really struts it. This outfit has a tie-dye aesthetic to it and it’s combined with a fashionable set of boots to blend the hippy look with some fashionable takes as well. It’s one doll that is gonna strut it to the end of time, and you’re going to love it.

With Bratz, your girl will want to collect them all and try other characters too. These dolls brats are totally fun, and they are girls with a passion for fashion.  If you’re a fan of these girls with a passion 4 fashion, you won’t want to miss out. Check them all out.

Frequently Asked Questions ON Jade Bratz Doll Sets


What race is Jade from Bratz?

Jade Bratz doll is practically a Eurasian. Her father is from England, while her mother is from Japan.

Why Bratz dolls are discontinued?

The making of Bratz dolls has been discontinued in 2008 when Barbie’s makers filed a lawsuit as one of the Barbie designers developed the Bratz concept. Before that, the latter was beating Barbie in the sales department. It was later overturned, though (more about it here).

What are the names of Bratz dolls?

The Bratz dolls are known as Jade, Sasha, Yasmin, Chloe, and Raya. They form a multicultural group of teenage girls with a seemingly excellent fashion sense.

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How tall are Bratz dolls?

Ten-inch Bratz dolls came out in 2001. Years after that success, the company has produced smaller versions of the dolls. Check out for more description at Walmart page.

Are Bratz dolls coming back?

The Bratz dolls had to take a long hiatus after going to court war with Barbie. However, they made a comeback in 2018 with a collaboration with Hayden Williams. The Bratz have not been gone again since then.

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