The Top Minecraft Plushies They Will Love

Minecraft is still a popular video game played by a massive audience consisting of all ages. If your kid loves Minecraft, you should give them some plushies. Minecraft has plenty of plushes that are as cute as they are blocky. These top Minecraft plushes are great to sleep with, great for traveling, and your kid will want to curl up with them as they are playing their own game of Minecraft. With that said, let’s get into it.


What To Look For In Top Minecraft Plushies

Most Minecraft plushes are similar. They will depict a character, be it a friend or foe, and they’re soft. With that said, there are some differences.

Size. Some plushes are mini-sized, while others are as big as they are in the game. The size you want will depend on budget and travel.

Sound. Minecraft mobs create some iconic sounds. The hiss of the creeper, the screeching cat of the ghast. Finding a plush with sound can make the experience more authentic for your child.

Quality. Finally, you want a plush that is a nice build and won’t tear.


Steve Plush

Why not get a plush of the main character in the game? This plush is ready for adventure, and your kid is going to love going on many quests with him. Just make sure your kid and Steve aren’t digging under the house for diamonds.

Minecraft Happy Explorer Untamed Wolf 6″ Plush Toy

In Minecraft, wolves are not scary. They are a passive mob that can be tamed. This is a tamed wolf that will be your child’s companion for all time. You’re going to love the cuteness of this wolf, and so will your kid.

Minecraft Zombie Plush

When the night strikes, the zombies come out. In Minecraft, the zombies can be an annoying mob. They aren’t too strong, but let your guard down, and they will bite! This zombie plush has its arms out not for brains, but hugs. Your kid will love curling up with this zombie, and you’ll enjoy watching them do so.



The Enderman is a mysterious creature based on the Internet legend the Slenderman. It’s one creepy black monster that can mess up players if they aren’t careful, especially if they look the Enderman in the eyes! However, this Enderman is just fine with your kid looking it in the eyes. It will be your kid’s spooky, yet friendly companion as they enjoy a game of Minecraft.

Minecraft Skeleton Plush

The skeleton is another irritating mob. It can fight with weapons, with some skeletons shooting you down with their bows and arrows. However, this skeleton is friendly and needs someone to warm its bones. It’s a great little plush that goes well with the zombie.

Minecraft Baby Polar Bear 8″ Plush Toy

A stuffed bear is always a cute little plush, so this baby polar bear is excellent even if your kid is unfamiliar with Minecraft. This polar bear will be getting lots of hugs, that’s for sure.

Minecraft Adventure Llama 12″ Plush Toy

This llama is no drama. It’s a cuddly little llama that your kid will love forever. Not much else to say about it.

Minecraft Creeper 14″ Plush Toy with Sound

The creeper is a feared mob in the Minecraft world. If you don’t know what a creeper is, it’s a green-shaped monster that explodes if you get close to it. It’ll make a hiss, then BOOM! They’re called creepers because they creep up on you. Plenty of players have died because a creeper snuck up and blew them sky-high.

This creeper plush makes that trademark hissing sound, but this creeper isn’t here to blow things up. Instead, it is here for cuddles. There are plenty of creeper plushes out there, but the one that makes sound has to be the best.


Minecraft Zombie Pigman Plush

It’s a pig! It’s a zombie! It’s a man! The zombie pigman is an interesting mob found deep in the Nether.  This plush is here for cuddles as well.

Minecraft Happy Explorer Iron Golem 7″ Plush Toy

In Minecraft, the Iron Golem protects the village against mobs. It’s durable, brave, and it can protect your kid from the things that go bump in the night. We recommend your kid get themselves their iron golem to defend themselves. It’s worth it.

Pig Plush

The pig is another animal in Minecraft you can take of. These little piggies are cuddly, and they will roll around with your kid. Pigs are smart animals, and this pig will be here to guide your child to the fun.

Minecraft 7.5″ Plush Chicken

This is another pet your child can have. This chicken doesn’t cluck around. Instead, it sits next to your kid and joins them on many different adventures. It’s an adorable plush that your kid is going to love every bit of. Try it today.


Minecraft Villager Plush

In Minecraft, villagers occupy the world. They are there to trade goods with the player and interact with them. Your kid can have their villager to interact with. Its soft, cuddly, and great for playing games with.

Minecraft Slime Plush

The slime is a rare mob. Once you defeat it, it’ll split into something smaller. This plush isn’t slimy, nor can it multiply, but it gives your child plenty of cuddles, and that’s all that matters at the end of the day, right?

Ghast Plush

The ghast is a ghostly mob that is found in the Nether. In the game, they spit fire, sound like a demonic cat, and are always crying. Like a plush, their sad look means your kid is going to be hugging them all the time. And these ghasts don’t spit fire, either, so that’s a plus.


Minecraft Baby Sheep Plush

The sheep is another friendly animal you can take care of. This plush is quite fluffy and has all the love of any other sheep plush.

FAQs On Top Minecraft Plushies


What is a Minecraft Plushies Wolf?

Minecraft Plushies Wolf is a soft, huggable toy. It looks like one of the characters in the unboxed version.

Who created Minecraft Plushies Wolf?

Jinx created Minecraft Plushies Wolf.

How much is the Minecraft Plushies Wolf?

It costs approximately $40 on Amazon.

What does the wolf’s face look like?

The wolf has eyes, mouth, and nose. What makes it unique is that the features look pixelated.

How big is the Minecraft Plushies Wolf?

It is approximately 15 inches long.

What is the fur made out of?

The fur is made out of soft polyester.

What is inside the plush toy?

Stuffing is inside the plush toy.

What is the minimum age limit for the plush toy?

The minimum age limit for this plush toy is three years old.

How hefty is the Minecraft Plushies Wolf?

It only weighs 6.4 ounces.

Does Minecraft have an official toy store?

Yes. You can buy Minecraft toys at

What other animals did Jinx make Minecraft Plushies out of?

  • Cow
  • Dolphin
  • Llama
  • Ocelot
  • Panda
  • Pig
  • Sheep

Is the Minecraft Untamed Wolf different from Minecraft Wolf?

Yes, the Minecraft Untamed Wolf is a lot smaller than Minecraft Wolf. It is only five inches long.

What is the main distinction between the two plush wolf toys besides size?

The Untamed Wolf’s head is more prominent than its body. Meanwhile, the opposite is visible in the Wolf toy. The latter also has a red square fabric around its neck, looking like a collar.

What is cheaper between Minecraft Wolf and Untamed Wolf?

Minecraft Untamed Wolf is cheaper than Minecraft Wolf by approximately $10.

Can I buy Minecraft Plushies on Amazon?

Yes, you can. Just type the right keywords in the search box to find them easily.



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