Lucie’s Lists Double Stroller Review

If you’re looking for Lucie’s List of the best dual strollers, you’re in the right place. We’re going to take a look at the lists of strollers, the best dual strollers specifically, and what you need to know to ensure you’re choosing properly.

We have the types of double strollers, lists of strong features, and some FAQS about the leading dual prams in the market.

Lucies List recommended double stroller.

In this article, you will find the most preferred carrier, and we also compile some of the highly-rated selling twin prams from Amazon based on pricing and safety features.

We highlighted the best qualities of each pram so you can see which one stands out most. Read to learn more FAQs on the best dual strollers in the market.

Leading Double Strollers In the Market

Lucie’s List

Baby Trend Sit And Stand Dual Stroller

The top pick is the double stroller with excellent ratings by time moms and some highly favorable features.

  • Features two comfortable seats for children in a double stroller.
  • Option to attach a car seat to one of two positions on the double stroller.
  • Includes cup holders and a basket for additional items in a double stroller.
  • Equipped with a canopy for protection on the double stroller.
  • Additional standing space at the back of the pram for a child in a double stroller.
  • Designed to keep everyone comfortable and happy in a double stroller.
doubled strollers


Kolcraft Cloud Plus 

  • Lightweight double stroller design for easy maneuverability.
  • Reclining seats for comfort in a double stroller.
  • Large canopies for weather protection on a double stroller.
  • Adequate storage space for convenience in a double stroller.
  • Twin pram with JPMA certification as a double stroller.
  • Approved Disney size regulations for use in theme parks.
  • Ideal for both quick trips and extended vacations as a double stroller.


Graco Modes Dual Strollers


The Modes Duo Stroller is designed to accommodate two kids in a single row.

  • Offers 27 riding options for maximum child comfort in a double stroller.
  • Accepts TWO Graco Click Connect Infant Car Seats in a double stroller.
  • Easy to fold for convenience in a double stroller.
  • Self-standing feature for added convenience in a double stroller.
  • Ideal choice for a growing family in need of a double stroller.

Baby Trend Expedition Dual Jogger Strollers

The Expedition dual jogger pram is hassle-free to bring outdoors when jogging or strolling.

  • Lightweight design for easy maneuverability in a double stroller.
  • Ample storage space for baby essentials in a double stroller.
  • Double stroller equipped with pneumatic bicycle tires for a smooth ride and easy strolling experience.


Baby Trend Sit N Stand 

The Double Sit N Stand stroller is affordable and comes at a lower price than other double strollers.

  • Ideal for budget-conscious parents seeking quality in a double stroller.
  • Equipped with seating for two children in a double stroller.
  • Versatile seating options, including sit or stand choices for older children in a double stroller.
  • Comes with a parent tray and cup holders for convenience in a double stroller.
  • Features a large storage basket for carrying necessities in a double stroller.
  • Easy to navigate through doorways and crowds due to its design as a double stroller.

Graco Ready2grow LX 

Coming in at number two on Lucie’s Checklist is this Graco. This comes with great features, thus putting it in the # 2 spot of the best double pram in its brand.

With this twin carrier from Lucie’s Checklist strollers and car seat strollers, you’re going to have a moderate price making it a great option for those on a budget who want high quality.

  • Moderately priced, offering value for budget-conscious parents
  • Accommodates up to two car seats
  • Multiple riding options and combinations for flexibility
  • Reclining seats feature the infant sleep solution for comfort
  • Simple storage with a foldable design
  • Includes a snack tray and storage basket for convenience
  • Well-equipped for any outing, justifying its position on Lucie’s List

Chicco Echo 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive one, Lucie’s line has a great side-by-side double stroller. This is a great option for parents with 2 kids. It is safe and can protect your kids well.

  • Chicco Echo side-by-side stroller ideal for slightly older children
  • Offers several reclining options for comfort
  • Easy to fold for transportation and storage
  • Equipped with a canopy for sun protection
  • Features airflow vents for cooling on warm days
  • Ensures a comfortable outing for children regardless of the weather

Affordable Chicco Echo Dual Stroller offers safety and comfort for two kids in a side-by-side design.


When searching for the ultimate dual prams to transport two children, delve deeper into these options and additional gear guides. Lucie’s Lists features an impressive array of choices, including the Lucie’s Lists dual prams and the terrain dual strollers, perfect for families on the go.

Discover top prams on the market, like the Valco Baby models, known for their large storage space and additional bells and whistles. Assess the infant car seat compatibility, particularly if you’re looking for a pram on the market that can adapt as your children grow. The bottom line is to identify whether an umbrella stroller, a side-by-side dual stroller, or a more specialized terrain stroller suits your needs best.

Take into account the build quality, sun canopy coverage, and whether the pram is lightweight and narrow enough for your daily use, especially if you need something within the Disney size limitations. Also, consider the weight limit; many models offer up to 45 lbs per seat. For those seeking an economy pick, there are affordable options like the economy stroller, balancing cost and features.

The City Mini and other side double prams are notable for their ease of navigation on smooth surfaces. Look for ones around 24 inches wide to ensure easy maneuverability. For those with older children, a side double pram with a weight limit of 50 lbs or more could be ideal. In contrast, umbrella prams are often lighter, with some weighing as little as 22 lbs, making them a practical choice for quick trips and travel. Remember, the right choice depends on individual preferences, whether you need a 24 lbs lightweight option or a more robust 45 lbs per seat pram with a large storage capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Are The Best Dual Strollers For Toddlers and Newborns?

When considering the best dual strollers for toddlers and newborns, it’s important to prioritize safety and functionality.

  • Look for a double stroller that is specifically designed for the needs of both toddlers and newborns.
  • Features to consider in a double stroller include adjustable recline positions to accommodate newborns and a comfortable seating arrangement for toddlers.
  • Ensure that the double stroller is easy to maneuver and fits through standard doorways to enhance usability.
  • Storage space is also crucial, as parents often need to carry essentials like diapers, bottles, and snacks for both children.
  • Consider a double stroller with a five-point harness for the safety of your toddlers.
  • Look for a double stroller with an easy-to-use folding mechanism for convenience when storing or transporting.
  • It’s advisable to read reviews and seek recommendations from other parents who have used a double stroller for their toddlers and newborns.

What Is The Narrowest Dual Pram?

The average dual prams are 32” in width; however, this can be too wide for some situations and some doorways. If you’re looking to get one as narrow as possible, you can find ones as small as around 21”. This will remove some of the added cushions around the outside; however, these can still be highly effective and comfortable.


Do I Need A Double Stroller For A Two-year-old And Newborn?

You don’t necessarily have to have a twin pram for your 2-year-old and newborn, but it can make things a whole lot easier for you. Carrying your newborn on your body while you push a 2-year-old in a single carrier or pushing two separate strollers with another person to hold both of your children can be difficult. Having a double carrier, either side-by-side or one behind the other (the more common option now), will help you care for both children more easily.

What’s The Best Dual Stroller?

The best dual carrier is possibly the Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller. With great reviews, great features, and the ability to customize this twin pram to fit the way your children need to ride, this stroller gives you everything you need. Plus, these are more comfortable for your little ones, and you can easily transport two children at the same time. This also features a feeding travel view so you can keep an eye on your children as they are eating their snacks.

Do I Need A Double Stroller For A Four-Year-Old And Newborn?

If you have a 4-year-old and a newborn, you don’t have to have a dual carrier; however, it is going to make things easier for you. The twin stroller allows you to hold both children at the same time rather than single strollers and holding the newborn on your body or a stroller for the younger one and allowing the older one to walk.

Is It Worth Getting A Double Stroller?

If you have two children who are of the age to travel in a carrier, it is worth it to use a double carrier. Children who are under six can travel most easily in a twin carrier, though some can accommodate children slightly older in tandem. If you are planning to have another child in close succession with a first, you may want to look at getting a double carrier to save yourself the headache of two single strollers or buying one later.

Do Double Strollers Fit Through Doorways?

Check your twin pram’s dimensions for fit; older buildings’ doorways (24″-26″) may be too narrow, while newer ADA-compliant buildings have wider doorways (32″+).


What Strollers Can Convert To Double?

Several different strollers can convert into a dual carrier. These include Graco Ready2grow LX, Bugaboo Donkey2 Classic, and more. Each of these strollers will allow you to use them for a single child or add a second seat or even a car seat to make them compatible with a second child.

What Are Some Options For Double Jogging Strollers?

When it comes to double strollers, there are several reputable options available to cater to active parents with two children.

  • Bob Revolution Flex Duallie: Known for its exceptional suspension and maneuverability, this double stroller offers a smooth jogging experience for parents with two kids.
  • Thule Urban Glide 2 Double: Thule is a well-regarded brand for outdoor enthusiasts, and this double stroller provides excellent stability and comfort.
  • Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double: This double stroller offers all-terrain capabilities and an adjustable handlebar, making it suitable for various heights and terrains.
  • Joovy Zoom X2: Joovy’s double stroller is budget-friendly while still offering decent features for jogging and outdoor activities.
  • Valco Baby Tri-Mode EX Twin Stroller: This versatile double stroller allows you to convert it into a jogging stroller with a compatible attachment, offering flexibility for different uses.
  • BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie: An updated version of the Bob Revolution Flex Duallie, it comes with enhanced features and performance for jogging parents.
  • Thule Chariot Cross 2 Double: While technically a multi-sport stroller, it’s a top choice for parents who want a jogging option along with other outdoor activities like biking and hiking.
  • Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger: This affordable double stroller is suitable for parents on a budget who still want to enjoy jogging with their kids.
  • InStep Grand Safari Double Jogger: Another budget-friendly option, this double stroller offers basic jogging functionality for parents of two.What If A Double Stroller Isn’t Enough?

For families with triplets or quads, options beyond double strollers are necessary. The Peg Perego is ideal for triplets, offering three tandem seats and ample storage. For quads, The Tribe + by Zoe stands out, being easy to maneuver and providing the necessary space for four children.

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