Fun Nerf Swords That Won’t Hurt kids!

Nerf is one of the biggest names when it comes to foam weapons. Chances are, you may have played with a Nerf toy as a kid, or knew someone who had it. Or you may have seen a commercial on TV about how it’s Nerf or nothing.


When you think of Nerf, you may think of a gun that shoots foam bullets. However, Nerf has many other toys as well, including swords and similar weaponry. In this post, we will look at some of the toys they offer.

Why Let Your Children Play With Foam Swords?

Whether they are siblings or friends, children pretending to have a great battle is fun for many different reasons and can be educational. Besides being safe, foam swordplay is good for reasons that include:

It encourages strategy. The goal is for one child to hit another, and this can encourage parrying, faking out the other opponent, and taking risks.

They encourage imagination. Your children can pretend they are great warriors who need to slay the dragon to save the day.

They are quite durable. You can swing them around all day and they will hold up.

It encourages friendly competition.

These are just a few reasons as to why Nerf is awesome. So without further ado, let’s look at a few Nerf toys.


Nerf Zombie Strike Blade

Who doesn’t love to pretend to slay zombies? Some people may be tired of the zombie fad, but for a kid, being the hero who takes down the undead is always cool. This toy has the ability for you to carry it on a child’s back, and it has an app. The app allows you to hunt zombies through your tablet or other devices, and it’s free with the purchase of a zombie blade. So get ready to hunt.


Vendetta Nerf N-Force Double Sword Toy

Of course, if your child wants to play with a friend or a sibling, this is a good one to purchase. It has two different blades, which you can use to fight with. Or if your child wants to dual wield, they can do so as well. In fact, you can combine the two swords to have a double-bladed sword. Your child will feel like the ultimate knight as they play with this blade.

The sword itself has an inner blade that’s made of hard plastic, and its outside layer is covered in foam. At over 28 inches, it’s a sword that your children will love to play with together. It’s durable, and it’s definitely worth a purchase.


Set of 6 Pool Noodles Foam Light Sabre Toy Swords

Okay, this one isn’t a Nerf brand, but it has the spirit. These toys combine many things children love. First, Star Wars. Who doesn’t love to play a game of Jedi vs. Sith and battle it out in a lightsaber duel? Then, there is the pool aspect. Children love playing in the pool, and these noodles can be great. Even adults can have fun with these sturdy, soft blades.

This set comes in three blue and three red. You could have an entire party of kids having fun with this. Great for birthday parties or a day at the beach.


Nerf N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe

This ax is quite expensive, but it’s one of the best Nerf weapons around. Some children love swords and how the require strategy. Other children want to wield a big ax and crush the competition. This gothic-style axe is extremely durable and great for fighting or LARPing. Grab this axe and then prepare to fight.  


Liberty Imports Dual Foam Sword and Shield Playset – 2 Pack Medieval Combat Ninja Warrior Weapons Costume Role Play Accessories for Kids

Again, this is not Nerf. It comes from Liberty Imports, who made the lightsaber set. This one includes two swords and shields. In combat, a shield is important. Utilizing both attack and defense is the key to winning many victories. These work great as a prop, or as a costume. They are the perfect size for a child, and great for fighting. Their materials are lightweight and safe.

Also, they are great for costumes as well. If your child wants to dress up as a knight for Halloween or for a party, they can do so. We love this set and we believe your child will love it as well. If you want your child to have a great night as a knight, look no further.


Nerf Dude Perfect Signature Bow Sports Biggest Bow with 2 Whistling Arrows for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Sometimes, your child doesn’t want a close-range weapon. In medieval combat, the archer is sometimes the one who is victorious. From afar, your child can snipe out the competition. This is a Nerf weapon that looks like a medieval bow, and it’s pretty to look at. The bow is huge, measuring at 42 inches. It comes with two arrows, which your child can load and then fire. This allows your child to take out their friends who may be too distracted fighting. The arrows whizz by and can hit the other children, yet they’re soft enough to hurt no one.

Also, the Nerf bow has targets you can practice with. Your child can practice their archery or prepare for a fun battle. Your children can compete to see who has the most targets shot.

Overall, this is a great toy for learning archery. Perhaps it’ll allow your kid to grow up and practice real archery.


Nerf has many different toys that can make your child feel like they’re a medieval warrior, and they’re great for parties. Invite a bunch of kids over, give them different Nerf weapons, and see which one wins. Divide them into teams, or have a free for all. Just make sure the kids are playing fair, and realizing that losing is a part of life. Anyway, we hoped this has been an interesting look at all the Nerf toys.



What is a Nerf Zombie Strike Sword?

Nerf Zombie Strike Sword is a blade toy that kids and adults will love. It is ideal for fans of The Walking Dead, Plants vs. Zombies, etc.

How much is a Nerf Zombie Strike Sword?

It costs approximately $32 on Amazon.

What is the Nerf Zombie Strike Sword’s outer layer made out of?

The outer layer is made out of foam. It is dense enough to

What is the core made out of?

The core is made out of hard plastic. It lets the sword keep its shape.

Does the Nerf Zombie Strike Sword glow in the dark?

No, it does not glow in the dark.

How long is the Nerf Zombie Strike Sword?

The sword is 30 inches long.

Is the Nerf Zombie Strike Sword hefty?

No, the sword is not too hefty. An older child can lift it.

Can my child take the sword in the water?

No, your child cannot take the sword in the water. The reason is that the foam may absorb water and get damaged.

Does it come with a strap?

No, it does not come with a strap.

Can a 2-year-old play with the Nerf Zombie Strike Sword?

No, a 2-year-old may not be able to play with the Nerf Zombie Strike Sword. It may be too long for them to carry around.

Can a 4-year-old play with the Nerf Zombie Strike Sword?

Yes, a 4-year-old has enough upper body strength to hold the sword upright. Thus, they can play well with it.

Is there a maximum age limit for Nerf Zombie Strike Sword?

No, there is no maximum age limit for such a toy. Any adult can use it.

What other Nerf Zombie Strike toys can I get?

  • Blowdart Blaster
  • Brainsaw Blaster
  • Foam Axe
  • FlipFury Blaster
  • Survival System Chopstock

Are Nerf toys kid-friendly?

Yes, all Nerf toys are kid-friendly. They won’t hurt a child as long as the toy doesn’t hit their eyes.

Does Nerf sell zombie targets?

Yes, Nerf sells zombie targets. One of them is known as Nerf Zombie Inflatable Target.



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