Features Of Waldorf Dolls Kids Will Love!

One type of dolls that kids will enjoy are Waldorf dolls. Why are they so popular though? What’s so special about them? Well, read on to find out about these cool dolls!

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A Natural, Beautiful Doll

Waldorf dolls are a type of traditional doll that uses European doll-making techniques within it.  they’re typically handmade, and they are made from natural fibers including cotton, wool, and silk, and they usually feel different compared to the commercial dolls on the market.

The amazing thing about these dolls is they feel more real than the synthetic and plastic material you might find in the commercial dolls that you see. This gives it life, a personality that the child will love, and it is something that is soothing for children. The natural feel to them is a plush texture that every child will love, and that’s a major feature with these dolls.

These are typically used in Waldorf education, but children do love these because of how soft and nice they are to feel.

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No Facial Features Means More Creativity

One thing you will notice about these dolls is that the facial features are either very minimal or none at all. This is a stark contrast to many of the popular dolls on the market, such as Barbies and baby dolls. Why does this matter though? Well, these types of dolls eliminate the need for fixed features.

Fixed features are something that has become almost part and parcel to a doll, and lots of children rely on these facial features, but this actually allows for a child to develop in their creativity and imagination, and the cool thing about this, is with a lack of facial features it allows for the child to imagine the facial features of a doll a lot more, which can be anything from laughing, crying, or even being happy and sad.  Permanent expressions only go so far. It might seem a bit strange for a child to want that, but if you ever think about it, children often rely on the other media to provide stimulation, instead of creating their own, but a Waldorf doll essentially eliminates this in its own unique way.

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They Are Almost Like A Favorite Blankie For Children

Yes, these dolls are almost like a favorite blankie that a child might like.  You can introduce these dolls at a very young age, and they’re the ideal first doll for a baby, all the way up to about the age of two for a variety of reasons.  

It’s kind of cool because these are a hybrid between a blankie and a doll.  The babies will look at the human face on this, and the child will enjoy the way that it looks.  The head will either have simple features, or none at all, which for babies might be good, since it gives them something to hold onto, without putting the emphasis on the face itself.  It does come with a uniformed, flannel type of body, and simple hands and feet within each corner for the child to play around with. The body of this is very soft and warm, which is perfect for a baby’s sensory, and the hands and feet are great for a child to gum and chew on, which is something that children commonly do at that age.  The doll is perfect for developing the senses of the aby, while also having something they can chew on since the materials aren’t toxic, and they’re safe as well. it’s great for children to start with, and if you want to give them something with a little bit more meaning, then thee types of dolls are the way to go.

Good For Squeezing And Hugging

Toddlers at the age of 2-3 typically can understand the concept of coll, which means that they can use a Waldorf cuddle doll, which is a squeezable, huggable doll that has a squishy sort of pillow-like texture to it, which is ideal for a child to grasp and hold.  The knot at the end of the stocking cape is good for gumming and mouthing, and it’s safe for children to do. Children love to hug and squeeze items, and this gives them that chance to do it with the soft fabric that feels really comforting for the child.

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Can Link the Two World Of Adults And Children

When you see these dolls, chances are you’re thinking of the connection that this has for children, but it actually connects to the adult’s world too.  Children have a natural desire to imitate the behavior of a parent and dolls are usually the props for this. Dolls help with building language, social skills, and also allows for more creative and less aggressive play.  By dressing up and feeding dolls, children can develop skills and coordination, and it allows for children to build love and care for people, and it’s a great way to give your child a companion that the child can share everything with, whether it be hopes and dreams, or even just a little bit of playtime together.

Eases Teething Pain

Finally, some of these basic Waldorf dolls allow for small knots to be made in the corners, and it’s great for swollen gums. But, the big thing as well is you can soak these knots within either herbal teas, or water and freeze them again, and children can use this to ease the pain of teething.  it’s a great basic doll, which children will want to carry no matter what.

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These dolls are also great for children as they grow older, and there are models for children up to the age of 6 years old, allowing for imaginative play throughout the ages. This is a great basic first doll and is drastically different from the commercial models in a good way so that the child can really benefit from the doll that they have, and the fun imaginative play that they can get into.

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