Toddler Climbing Toy

Your toddler will definitely like a toddler climbing toy!

Your toddler is like a little monkey. They love to climb on everything they see—whether that’s a shelf, a chair, or a table—and to a parent, this can be pretty annoying, making the best nursery glider an attractive option for more controlled and safe seating.

A young girl climbing a slide

However, your toddler is just enjoying their ability to use their arms and legs, which is something you should encourage. We understand the concern, though. This is why you should try these climbing toys that can encourage play, climbing, and above all else, fun, while also considering the difference between a rocker and a bouncer for your child’s needs.

There are many options for climbing toys, and it can be hard to choose the best one since most popular brands offer almost the same features. To help you, we made a list of the best selling kids climbing toys from Amazon based on pricing, safety features, and quality of materials according to honest reviews from verified users. After browsing the list, you can check our top picks and read more FAQs on climbing toys for toddlers and the best pull ups for toddlers.


ECR4Kids – ELR-12683 SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set

Toddler climbing toys help kids develop coordination and movement

  • The foam activity playset is the best playset to keep your little one active. This toddler climbing toy is colorful, fun, and it is safe for climbing and crawling. The best toddler climbing toys provide both entertainment and physical activity which are essential for their growth and development. Ensure to research the available options on the market so that you can select the ideal one suitable for your child’s needs.
  • The toddler climbing toys will help your child develop essential gross motor skills while entertaining them both at the same time.

ECR4Kids - ELR-12683 SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set product dimensions

Little Tikes Little Baby Bum Wheels on The Bus Climber and Slide Toys For Toddlers


Little Tikes Little Baby Bum Wheels on The Bus Climber and Slide Toys For Toddlers

  • The Wheels on the Bus play structure toddler climbing toys are complete with a climber and a toddler slide. These kids climbers feature an interactive musical dashboard that stimulates imaginative play. The Tikes toddler climbing toys are made of water resistant materials and can be a good addition to your kids indoor and outdoor play area—so feel free to set it up in your living room, in your backyard, or anywhere with the most space for infants and children to play!

The Wheels on the Bus play structure is complete with a climber and a toddler slide

Step2 Play Ball Fun Climber With Slide For Kids


The toddler climbing toy improves their gross motor skills and it serves as a good exercise, too.

  • The toddler climbing toys with slide will let your kids enjoy with excitement for hours. The kids fun play improves their gross motor skills and it serves as a good exercise, too. When it comes to the best indoor slides for kids, there are various options available in the market that can offer a safe and enjoyable sliding experience for children indoors.

The toddler climbing toy improves their gross motor skills and it serves as a good exercise, too.

SoftScape Toddler Playtime Corner Climber


  • The toddler climbing toys are ideal for indoor use and make a good addition to your indoor play room for your kids. These toddler climbing toys are easy to maintain and clean and they are GreenGuard and CertiPUR-US certified.
  • These toddler climbing toys will help your child explore more and develop their hand-eye coordination and social skills when they play with other kids; they even help kids with direction so they can distinguish their lefts from their rights.

What To Look For In Toddlers Climbers

The following are features you should look out for if you’re looking for a climber for your child.

  • Toddler Climbing Toys Durability

Your toddler will be swinging and roughhousing on the climber. The last thing you want is for it to fall over, causing disappointment at best, injury at worst. Make sure the kids climber you’re buying is durable and can support your toddler’s weight. Avoid buying toddler climbing toy that is too small for your kid. You might also want to find toddlers climbers that are rust and UV resistant.

  • Toddler Climbing Toys Safety For Your Kids

The point of a climber is to get your children climbing on it without the risk of injury. Many toddlers climbers are low enough so that if they fall, there is no injury. Some kids climbing toys will include a mat or net for even more kids safety. Of course, you should supervise your kid regardless, as some toddlers could hurt themselves in pretty creative ways. Soft foam may be good for real young kids, but a play mat with soft foam may also be good. Some parents like a play mat on there too for the child to understand and use their bodies better.

toddler climbing toy
  • Climbers Other Accessories

Some climbers will just have a ladder or monkey bars. Other kids climbing toys will have more features, such as a swing or perhaps even a telescope, and almost feel like a jungle gym set. In fact, some of the best 1 year old girl toys include these additional features to keep children entertained and engaged. If your toddler likes variety, find kids climbers that have all of those features. With that said, though, make sure it’s still focused on climbing. Some children might like a play mat on there too, since it will help them sit up and better their motor skills. The play mat options on this are usually soft foam too, so you do not have to worry about your child hurting themselves if you do choose to get a climbing toy with a play mat.

  • Toddler Climbing Toys Assembly

Most of the kids climbers will require assembly. Some climbing toys for toddlers are an easy set to assemble and require no effort. Other climbers may require a few hours and some tools.

  • Indoors or Outdoors Climbers For Kids?

Some climbers for toddlers are meant for outdoors, and other climbing toys for toddlers are meant for indoors only and can’t handle the elements. Some climbing toddler toys may be suitable for both, and that is what’s probably best at the end of the day.

  • Climbing Toddler Toys Affordability

Finally, you should find a climber within your budget. More expensive climbers for toddlers will look nicer and have more to do, but if you’re low on cash, find one that can easily fit within the budget. If most of the climbing toys you see are too expensive for you, you may just want to take your kid to the park to save money.

Step2 Game Time Sports Climber For Toddlers

Step2 is a brand people will recognize as of the best names in this kind of stuff, and for a good reason. This is a great climber for toddlers that has a ladder, slide, a basketball hoop, and even a goal for soccer.

These climber toys for toddlers combine climbing with a bunch of other physical activities to give your child the workout of their lives. Toddlers will love these climbing toys, and so will you. It’s one cool set that you’re going to have a lot of fun with as you watch your kid become interested in sports and learn how to climb.

Lil Monkey Playground Jungle Gym For Kids

This is an excellent set for toddlers over three. It has monkey bars your toddler can climb and hang from, and these are low enough to prevent injury. These climbing toys for toddlers can go outdoors, but they are small and can fit in your house too. Learning how to climb is a valuable skill, and your toddler should learn how to develop it.

Toddler climbing toy

Square Climber Wooden Climbing Cube

This is a cool indoor playground for toddlers, specifically three year olds and up. It has activity boards that can do more than a climb. Your toddler can hang, crawl, and have plenty of fun with these climbing toys.

Toy Monster Jungle Monkey Bars Tower For Toddlers

This is another good pair of monkey bars for toddlers. Assembling it is easy, and once everything locks together, it’s as sturdy as can be. Plus, your kid can make their base out of it for some imaginary fun.

ECR4Kids Tree Top Climb Slide

This has climbing ladders for toddlers, but also a slide and other treehouse features that your kid is going to love. These toddlers climbing toys also have an environmentally conscious accessory, so if the environment is essential to you, we say that it’s worth a purchase. You’re not only letting your kid have fun, but you can also create an environmental impact.

PicassoTiles Water Slide and Bouncing House

Do your toddlers like water play and climbing? Well, this toy offers the water play that your child wants, and is kind of a play mat as well for climbing and fun.

With this toy, you essentially have a water cannon mount and shower head included in the bouncer, to make water play even better, and this is perfect to cool off during a hot day. This does encourage water play, while also building some great climbing skills.

When using this toy for water play, the materials are made with high-quality types that are perfect for climbing and water play.  Your child can climb up to this toy and then slide down, creating the ultimate water play experience.

This toy, when used for water play is perfect for the whole family, and your toddlers can learn valuable counting skills too with the balls while also having fun with water play too.  You can even add a ball pit to the bottom to make the water play even more fun.

The built-in cannon really shoots water, to make water play even better for children and adults.

This toy is one of the most recommended for water play toys, but for small children, make sure to watch them when engaging in the water play of this toy, because they may get hurt.  When using a climbing toy along with water play, make sure to watch your child too, especially if they’re learning motor skills.

This toy has easy stairs to climb, and the water play for this is perfect for the whole family.

A water play climbing toy is perfect for when you want to cool off during a hot day, and of course to offer tons of active play and fun too!

Foamnasium Adventure Play Set

This is a great adventure play set and is a fun activity playset for children to enjoy.  The Foamnasium Adventure playset is a heavy duty soft foam playset for active play that baby toddler ages from 6 months to 4 years can enjoy. A child can climb crawl and even slide around on this climbing toy. This baby activity center playset looks like a bunch of blocks but it’s more than just your average heavy duty activity center playset, the adventure playset is a fun activity playset for many children.

The adventure playset includes a block slide for amazing sliding fun, and it is a climber with slide that makes the adventure playset a great activity center playset that children can enjoy. The adventure playset also has a large wedge for other climbing sliding fun, a tunnel to help a child learn how to crawl, a toddler step, and two corner pieces.  The blocks are soft, and this activity center does encourage climbing sliding fun.

Active play is encourage with the adventure play set. With active play, your child can learn to crawl and climb around, and the active play with this is a great activity to get children moving.

But, it isn’t just active play to get children to crawl, climb and move around, but with this climber with slide, active play in the form of refining motor skills is possible. It will help encourage active play within your kid, and build better, more profound motor skills.  The adventure playset is heavy duty, and it is so durable that it can handle hours of play from even the most reckless of baby toddler types.  The adventure playset is a fun activity playset that makes active play even better for young children.

This climbing toy does come with a play mat the toddler can sit on. The play mat is good enough for the toddler to move around in, and it is big enough to hold other things too. The play mat is good if your child likes to take friends like little dolls and stuffed animals with them, and the play mat is safe for them to use. You can even attach another play mat to this to make it even more fun, and that’s something a lot of parents love.

The play mat is safe for children, and you don’t have to worry about your toddler destroying the play mat either. A play mat is a wonderful addition to these activity play sets, and of course, this is no exception.

This climbing toy is ideal for baby toddler ages since it is small, but is good for motor controls and active play. It is made with a soft foam, and the foam blocks are easy to move and durable.  These foam blocks also safe for kids since the soft foam material won’t hurt them.  This fun activity play set and climber with slide is perfect for children to move, and active play is easier than ever with this soft foam playset.


Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Tower

Does your child like climbing and is interested in either a climbing tower or climbing ladder? Well, the Eezy Peezy Monkey bars climbing tower is the perfect climbing tower for them to enjoy.

The Eezy Peezy monkey bars climbing tower is perfect for active play since this climbing tower does require full-body strength to climb up and down.  The monkey bars climbing tower is made for children who aren’t ready for monkey bars themselves but still love climbing. The Eezy Peezy monkey bars climbing tower is very easy to set up, with interlocking tubes and connectors, and self-locking springs. You don’t have to worry about your child falling on the Eezy Peezy monkey bars climbing tower since they are made to hold kids, and are quality materials.

This climbing tower is easy to scale and dome-shaped.  The climbing tower is made with UV protection, so if you want something that lasts, this monkey bars climbing tower is perfect for it.  A climbing tower is perfect for children to move about, and even when it’s warm, children can use this climbing tower to scale.

The monkey bars climbing tower is perfect for children who love to climb, but one downside to the monkey bars climbing tower is that it isn’t for small kids.  This climbing toy is perfect for older kids, but it’s best if you supervise your child while using this climbing toy because even though the climbing tower isn’t that high, it can possibly hurt the child if they’re not careful. Alternatively, you could put a soft foam play mat under the monkey bars climbing tower so that your child, if they do fall from the climbing tower, have the soft foam play mat to take the brunt of the impact.

Step2 Sports Tastic Activity Center Playset

Climbing areas are perfect for building motor skills and are toys kids love, and this is a fun activity center play set that children will love. The Step2 Sports Activity Center Playset is actually a 3-in-1 activity center playset that’s perfect for children to hone their motor skills.

With the Step2 Sports activity center play set, it features a hoop for children to shoot hops, and the Step2 Sports Tastic Activity Center play set also has a molded in soccer goal too for children who love to shoot a ball. With the Step2 Sports Tasic Activity center play set, you also get a tethered baseball too for children to play around with. The Step2 sports tastic activity center play set is small enough for toddlers, but is a great indoor outdoor activity center playset for them to enjoy.

The Step2 Sports Tastic Activity Center Playset also has convenient storage that includes some great equipment of its own, and the Step2 Sports Tastic Activity center play set is a cool play set that has an easy storage on the outside wall.  The Step2 Sports Tastic activity center playset is great for toddlers who want to get into sports, and the Step 2 Sports Tastic Activity Center play set could hold a child up to 45 pounds. With this activity center play set, it’s great for small children to get out and be active, and the toys on it offer a unique, sports experience.

The Step2 Sports Tastic Activity center play set also has some easy up stairs and a fun little slide, and it is an activity center play set that’s good for children who want to dunk a ball into a hoop, or even kick a soccer ball to a goal, or hit a bat, and this activity center play set is small enough for pretty much any toddler, and it does have convenient storage that parents love.

Lots of parents love the Step 2 Sports Tastic activity center play set because it also has some stairs and a slide for climbing sliding fun.  Step 2 Sports Tastic activity center play set also has options to play ball fun climber, and it is an activity center play set that children can enjoy. Assembly of the Step 2 Sports Tastic activity center play set is actually pretty easy to do, and this activity center playset is actually good for children to grow.

Some parents do say that the Step 2 Sports Tastic activity center playset isn’t perfect for small kids because it is dangerous, and some also say the Step 2 Sports Tastic activity center play set is not good for bigger  kids because it is too small. But if you want a simple, heavy duty play set, the Step 2 Sports Tastic activity center play set is one of the best, simply because with the Step 2 Sports Tastic activity center  play set, you have a lot of options, and  to help your child harness basic motor skills, the Step 2 Sports Tastic activity center play set is perfect for them.

If the Step 2 Sports Tastic activity center play set is too small for a child, there is another alternative to the Step 2 Sports Tastic activity center play set, and this one offers more climbing and sliding fun for boys and girls. But, it is a bit bigger, so be careful when checking out this activity center playset, since this activity center playset may be a little too much for smaller children, but it is a great climbing toy, and great for building the finest motor skills possible. This one does offer play ball fun for kids, and it’s a fun activity center play set that children can enjoy.

Step2 Panda Climber

This is a fun little jungle gym that can go indoors or out. It’s a sturdy plastic jungle gym that is easy for anyone to assemble or disassemble. It comes with many unique features, such as a crawl tunnel or a slide your kid is going to love.

Source: (max sokerases)

Children’s Factory Soft Tunnel Climber – Indoor Playground

This is a climber that works great for indoors. It’s a Velcro playset that’s sturdy and easy to clean and take care of. It has some other features like a slide, tunnel, and of course, a climber. It’s a neat little accessory that can take plenty of roughhousing, so check it out today and see what it has to offer.

Little Tikes Tunnel ‘N Dome Climber

This is a cool climbing accessory that has quite a bit going for it. It’s great for very young children, and it encourages climbing and crawling. Every piece is easy to assemble and works the best indoors. It’s worth trying out if you have an energetic child.

Hide N Slide Climbing Toy with Ball Pit

Who doesn’t love a ball pit? Well, you can add a ball pit to your climbing toy for even more fun.  This climbing toy is less about climbing up, but more about crawling and moving, and it comes with a ball pit that toddlers will love.  The ball pit is one that they can crawl into, and you can even add soft foam to the ball pit for even more fun.

The ball pit is locked together with other little tunnels for your child to walk through, so that they can be active and have fun, while also enjoying the ball pit.  This is a lightweight ball pit that children will love, and it does help develop muscles and enhance the gross motor skills.  The ball pit is also safe for children to use too, and the ball pit is very easy to put together.

However, the ball pit balls aren’t included, so if you’re going to buy this, you will need to add the ball pit balls to this to make it enjoyable. Regardless, it can be used as a play mat too if you know  your child isn’t interested in a ball pit.

This ball pit climbing toy is the perfect gift, and a fun thing to have for parties. Your pets may even love the ball pit too, and everyone can get in on the fun!

ECR4Kids Climb and Slide Toys

This is a good structure that’s great for older children up to seven years old and can be assembled quite easily. It has a climbing wall, some stairs, and a slide as well. A climbing wall can be quite a bit of fun and allows your kid to test their patience.

Little Tikes 1,2,3 Climber Toys

This is a great little climber for children, and it includes its playground with seesaws and other cute accessories you and your toddler will love. Plus, it has plenty of climb to it as well. If you have multiple kids, all the better, as it encourages imaginative play.


There is no shame in teaching your children how to climb. Your kids will love every bit of what climbing has to offer, and so will you. Watching your child grow and practice their physical skills is always rewarding, and we highly recommend it to everyone. With that said, go out and get them a climber they will love.


FAQs On Toddler Climbing Toys

Why is climbing suitable for toddlers?
Climbing is suitable for children 4 years old and up because it allows for the buildup of the kids’ physical strength and gross motor skills. Climbing promotes a healthier and active lifestyle.

When can toddlers climb?
Technically, the climbing starts as early as a toddler can pull up to stand. However, toddlers won’t begin to climb at playgrounds and on furniture until later, around 24 months.

Why do toddlers like to climb?
Toddlers climb (or at least try to) because they want to gain control over their body movements.

How can I help my toddler to climb?
You can help your toddler by providing safe climbing options. Supervise, but don’t stress out and accept that kids fall.

What are climbing toys for toddlers?
Climbing toys for toddlers are fun structures made from baby-friendly non-toxic materials.

What are the best climbing toys for toddlers?
Some of the best climbing toys for toddlers are the Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Jungle Gym, EezyPeezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower, Milliard Soft Toddler Stairs, and Ramp Climber Gym Toy, Easy Outdoor Space Dome Climber, Step2 Panda Climber, and Little Tikes First Slide. Still, before you choose a toddler climbing toy, be sure to check feedback and hear recommendations from others.


How safe are climbing toys for toddlers?
Baby foam mats surround an indoor toddler climber toy. Therefore, these toys promote safe playtime for your toddlers. The climbing toys for toddlers can foster muscle development, problem-solving skills, and improve coordination.

What are the benefits of climber toys for toddlers?
Climbing toys for toddlers are quite challenging to climb. However, these toys supports physical activity. They will not only help your child lose baby fat, but will also help strengthen their bones and build muscles.


What is the cause of most playground injuries?
The most common cause of toddlers’ playground injuries is falling from equipment. Some examples of these are climbers, monkey bars, rope, rocker, and slides.

Are toddler climbers worth it?

Yes! Toddler climbers teach toddlers invaluable skills that they will use for a long time, such as climbing, pulling up, grip, balance, motor skills, physical boundaries and movement, and so much more.


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