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When you want your child to get a head start on their education, teaching them how numeracy works is always ideal. However, it can be a tough order if you’re dealing with a child who doesn’t like numeracy. Honestly, few kids do. It can be complicated, not fun to teach, and not everyone is a wizard. It can be fun for kids with hands-on activities, games, and real-life situations. Making it entertaining and engaging helps kids discover and learn addition, subtraction, and other topics.

Colorful lego help kids in numeracy.

However, there are ways you can teach your children fun ways about numeracy, and one of them is through numeracy cubes. In this post, we will look at mathematics cubes and what they can do for your child.

What Are Math Blocks?

They are these small, colored cubes that come in a set. Usually, it comes in 131 cubes. These cubes tend to be magnetic and can lock onto each other or a whiteboard. It can help your child learn through visual learning, which is what some kids prefer when it comes to how they receive their education.

These cubes come in a single color or a set of multiple colors for more students or more complex problems, offering a versatile and engaging way for children to explore the world of numeracy.

What Are Numeracy Skills A Kid Can Learn?

Here are some things a child can learn through numeracy cubes.

Blocks can help children grasp numeracy concepts and learn numeracy the easy way.


It’s much easier to visualize fractions when you have a set of countable cubes. A set of ten cubes and a set of five blocks show what one half looks like. Your child can look at what one-third of a shape can be, a fifth, and so on.

Helps Them Estimate

With mathematics blocks, including number cubes, you can make a giant 3D shape and then have your child figure out how many cubes are in that shape. They may have to count, estimate, or use multiplication to figure out the totals. It is one of the unique ways they can learn how to count.

It Helps Them Through Many Methods Of Learning

As we mentioned before, kids learn in different ways. Some are auditory learners, where if someone tells them how to do something, they pick it up easier. Others are visual learners, where if they see a graph or a chart, they quickly learn how they can apply it. Then, there are hands-on learners, where a child learns by playing around with pieces and figuring it out on their own. Building cubes combine all different types of learning to make the process much more enjoyable and make it so that any child can learn using all the forms of learning.

Encourages STEM As Well

Another significant aspect of numeracy cubes is that they teach STEM learning. A child will want to learn by building their shapes and structures, and a math block set can be the guide that makes it possible. It can be an excellent way for children who love Legos and other sets to learn by giving them a way to build and have fun learning as they do so.

Other Fun Ways To Teach Math Kids The Easy Way

They can be a fun and valuable way to teach children basic numeracy, but they should be used along with other methods as well. Here are some more fresh ways your kid can learn numeracy.

Video Games

Video games can help your children learn numeracy quite quickly. Kids love games, and any game that manages to teach math and still be fun is a win in our book. Some games are online. If you look up “cool math games,” you can be able to find some your kid can play on the browser.

Not to mention apps. You can download apps for your child on your tablet or other devices that can teach numeracy quite well and be fun for your child to play too. Some games are so entertaining that your kid will forget they are playing an educational game, which is always a plus.


Why not try cooking with your kid? Cooking not only teaches them how to make food but also has a bit of numeracy to it. You have to measure food in fractions. Half a cup of flour, half a tablespoon of salt. The list goes on. Recipes teach them simple numeracy that they are going to love, and that food they will eat up when all is said and done—everything that you need is orders away from Amazon.


Rolling the dice can be a fun way to teach them numeracy. First, it can teach them probability. What are the odds they will roll snake eyes? Your kid can figure that out.  Plus, it’s a simple way to teach counting and how to add up numbers. A game that involves two dice makes your kid add up the sum quickly, and then they have to count how many spaces they advance.

Learn addition, subtraction, and other numeracy topics the fun and innovative way using blocks.

Cash Register

A cool little cash register is one way your child can learn how to count and develop numeracy skills. A toy cash register teaches your child about adding up money and accounting. Plus, it’s just fun and satisfying to hear your child count up the numbers and watch the cash register as it makes a dinging noise. Overall, it’s a cool register that’s worth trying. We highly recommend it if you’re someone who wants to teach your kids not only about money but numeracy as well.

Which To Get To Learn And Have Fun?

One of the unique ways kids can learn how to count.

We highly recommend you try a combination of everything if you want to explore some cool ways to teach your child about numeracy. Kids love games, and many adults forget about that when teaching numeracy. Instead, they multiply, add, or subtract using cold, hard facts. It may be good for adults, but kids like to have fun. Math, while it is hard to make fun of, is possible. Incorporating games, toys, and activities sparks their imagination and makes learning math an engaging and enjoyable experience for children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Are Math Cubes?

They are educational cubes that you can link together for numeracy purposes. It makes more rigid designs than numeracy cubes.

What Are Base Ten Blocks?

Dianese or multi-base arithmetic cubes are known as base ten cubes. They are tools that students can manipulate to do basic mathematical operations (read more about them here:

How Do You Teach Kids?

Teaching with cubes can be a fun and effective way to engage children in learning. Use cubes to visually represent numbers and encourage children to explore addition and subtraction by physically manipulating the blocks. Incorporate toys or other items to create real-life scenarios where children can apply mathematical concepts, and introduce number symbols to help them connect the blocks with numerical representations.

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