Anki Overdrive Review: Should You Get it?

Racing toys have evolved quite a bit. When we were children, they were more simple. You may have had a track, a few cars, and some speed boosters, but you didn’t have apps, gameplay, unlimited layouts, and AI up the wazoo.

Meet Anki Overdrive, a toy that will revolutionize slot racing as we know it. This is a toy that has app control, virtual weapons, an upgrade system, and much more. It’s insane what you can do for it, and it’s a killer toy for your kids. Read this article to find out more about it.


What It Comes With

When you buy the starter kit, you get two cars and 10 pieces for you to assemble your track. This allows you to create eight different layouts. Since we said starter kit, you have probably assumed there are more pieces of track to buy. You can buy jump sections, crossings, and other pieces that will make the track even wilder.

When you put the track together, it’s much easier as well. You use magnets, and you just snap it on with ease.

Once you assemble everything, you make sure you download the app, use the charging plate to charge some cars, then race. You can race up to four cars, making it good for friends. However, there are AI opponents you can race against should you not have anyone to race with, or you just one practice.

When you get the starter kit, you get two vehicles that have their own pros and cons. These vehicles can sense the layout of the track so they won’t go off course. They will know the layout of the track every time they race, and scan it should you change how the layout is.

As you can expect, this is a bit of a money sink. You can buy more cars, more tracks, and so on and so forth to give you more results. The cars themselves are not that realistic, but they will resist any crashes or scratches you throw at them, so that’s always a plus.

Finally, there is the app. You can get the app for Android, iOS, and Fire OS, making it good for most devices. This app is always updating to give you more gameplay, which is always important. You can pick single player or multiplayer, which is always important in any regard.



Now, let’s talk about some of the gameplay. There is quite a bit for you to deal with, and you can use the controls on your app to move, brake, and shoot. You move it left or right to switch lanes. Just tilt your phone and you’re good to go.

When you shoot a weapon, the lights flash, and you will feel vibrations should you get a hit. With the phone, you can see everything and this allows you to keep track of your health and your progress. Lightning fast reflexes are important in this game, especially if you want to be on top.

The Modes

There are the standard races, which take the slot racing game you’ve come to love.  It has many different lanes you can switch, and you can rub against the opponent. Then there is the battle mode. This is where you have to defeat your opponent a certain amount of times to end up the winner. Then there is King of the Hill, where you tag your opponents.

All these game modes make for a race that has variety and you can play it for quite a while without getting bored. There is also the Takeover mode as well, which you use the Supertruck for. When you use it, you take control of the Supertruck and your opponents must capture it to earn points.


The App

When you play the app, it does track your progress by quite a bit, giving you money once you win a race. This is digital currency, which you can use to buy more weaponry or items. That’s what keeps players coming back. You’ll want to upgrade your car quite a bit and get the best car out there. You’ll want to squash your competition.

Also, the AI does evolve with you as you upgrade your car. You won’t be bored if you’re too powerful for your AI. There are also modifiers as well such as Balance Cars, which takes away upgrades. If your friend hasn’t played before, or hasn’t caught up, you can play on even footing instead of one person being handicapped.

There’s another modifier known as One Shot. This is where everyone has a shot to take out an opponent. Being able to shoot your opponent feels satisfied, but since you have one shot, well, you have to aim precisely. We say to be patient, and you can with ease.


This is one unique racecar set. It combines toys and video games. Many complain about the death of traditional toys, saying that apps and video games have replaced them. We say that can’t we all just get along? This combines physical toys, an app, and a game system to make a toy that has plenty of use and so much variety and expansions that you’re going to love it. And we said you. You may want to join in and race your own kid.


Honestly, this toy does not have too many downsides, either. The only big con is that this toy is something that is an investment. The start pack is a pretty penny, and all the money to upgrade it as well. However, with how much variety it has, it’s honestly worth it. It provides hours of entertainment for kids of all ages. Small children will love watching the cars race, and bigger kids will love upgrading and customizing their vehicle and turning it into a competitive sport.

If you’re ready to experience a racing adventure like none other, ANKI is definitely worth a shot. You may end up tossing all your other racing toys away.

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