The Best Maple Landmark Toys Out There

Maple Landmark toys are quite popular, since they’re eco-friendly educational toys, and they’re popular wooden toys that have been around for 40 years.  It was first introduced in 1979 in Middlebury., Vermont, and it’s a local company that focuses on sustainable toys. it’s a great natural toy company, and they have some amazing toys that you’ll love to check out.  Here are the top Maple Landmark toys to consider for your child.

NameTrains Wooden Runway System

This is a classic train system that has a beautiful set of train cars that actually spell out a child’s name.  You can get these personalized for kids, and it comes with the tracks, the cars itself, and other cool accessories that children will love. If your child is a big fan of trains, this is definitely something you might want to check out and consider for your child.


Montgomery’s Schoolhouse

This is a wooden schoolhouse set that’s super cute that comes with wooden toys, a rattle, some building blocks, and other small trucks and trains.  These are perfect for toddlers because the pieces aren’t super big, and they also involve a lot of cool features that can actually be really great for room décor too. Not only are they handcrafted and painted to look like trucks, trains, and cars, it actually is the perfect little addition to any room that you’re thinking of.

Schoolhouse Naturals Building Blocks

These are natural building blocks that have a handcrafted sustainable feel to it. they’re actually made from hardwood maple, and they feel really nice to touch. they’re sanded so that they’re smooth as silk, so it’s definitely something that are good for children as well. All of the graphics are laser engraved too, so you don’t need to worry about it harming the teeth.  they’re great for young children who want to put little items in their mouth, and these building blocks allow them to actually put this all together easily.

Schoolhouse Naturals Teethers

This is essentially a natural maple teether.  You may not consider a teether made of maple wood, but this is something that a lot of parents actually like, because it’s safer than the plastic ones, and it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.  If you’re looking for a toy for a child that is still teething about, you’ll be able to try this one, and it’s pretty good for babies that like to put stuff in their mouths.

Fun With Shapes Schoolhouse Naturals

Shapes are fun, right?  Well, you can now have more fun with shapes with this natural set.  It’s a system where you take the shaped blocks ad you put them in the holes of the corresponding shapes. This is perfect for infants and toddlers that are starting to learn about shapes, and it does help to not only entertain them, but it’s the perfect way to build cognitive development too, so you’re bringing a fun little set that they will enjoy and it’s something that children who love Maple Landmark  toys will enjoy using again and again. Plus, they’re made with safe, all-natural maple wood, and they look good and also feel great within the hands, so your child will love everything about this, and you’ll be glad that you got this for them, that’s for sure.


Wooden Brain Teasers

Brain teasers are good for children who are a little bit older.  This is a natural wooden set, and it also showcases that even Maple Landmark  toys are good for older kids. Brain teasers involve tanagrams, cubes, and even pharaoh’s pyramid, which is a great way to develop both spacial, along with problem solving skills and it will help keep the brain nice and nimble. If you’re buying a small stocking stuffer for children during Christmastime, this is actually a great one for you to try out.

Cribbage Board

Cribbage is a fun little game that your children will enjoy, and Maple Landmark  has a wooden board set that feels natural, with pegs that fit right in. it comes with multiple layouts and designs that children will spend hours learning, and each board that you buy comes with different playing instructions along with pegs. If you do need more pegs, you can also purchase a lot more of these.

My First Train

This train is perfect for children that want to have fun learning about them. This is a very basic train set, and it comes with four cars that connect easily with the ball and socket hitching system, which is perfect for hands that are little.  Your child can pull the train, or even push it too if they feel that’s good. All of the wood that’s there is locally sourced, harvested for sustainability, and it’s a solid maple with engraved detailing on this. All of the cars are naturally connected, and it’s over 2 feet long! Each one is about 5 inches high, and it also comes with a stick that you can put over the front ball in order to fully tow the train. it’s the perfect fone for imaginative play, and you can actually pair this with the Montgomery schoolhouse railway in order to bring a lot more fun to the table, and from there, make everything even better for the child. This teaches them basic motor skills, and if your child is fascinated by trains, this is the perfect one for them to try out.


Maple Landmark is known for these natural wooden toys, and the cool thing about this company, is that they have toys for all ages here, so you’ll be able to get your child some amazing toys that they will love, and ones that they will use. As a parent, this is important, because you want it to be something that they will use, and this is the perfect set of toys that your child will enjoy using, and you’ll be able to really have fun with these different sets, no matter what toy you do by.

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