Top Toy Ideas For An 8 YO Girl

Buying gifts for a girl can be hard, especially since you may not know what they need. Well, you’re lucky because here are some top toy ideas for an eight yo girl that they will love.


Day At The Spa Deluxe Gift Set

Is the girl you’re buying for the type who loves to be pampered? It is a great one because it comes with a pedicure set so they can get their toenails done, along with nail polish and a dryer. If they like to have other friends over, this is a great set, and it really can be fun for an imaginative day at the spa for them.

Pink VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera

Vtech cameras are great for children, and the Kidizoom is no exception. It comes with a front and rear camera, which is perfect for children who love to take selfies, and it comes with an automatic shutoff if they don’t use it for 3 minutes, and it also comes with parental controls so that children don’t spend all day playing games.  It comes with an external memory card, giving 32 GB of storage. It’s pretty good for kids’ camera, and it even comes with a 4X zoom function for those who want to zoom in on something fun. While it isn’t the best camera, it’s best for those who have an interest in photography, and it can make it enjoyable. It is one of the top toy ideas for an 8-year-old girl.


Pink Mermaid Tail Blanket

Girls love mermaids, and now they can be one with this cool tail blanket.  You get two sizes to this, so if you want to get a matching one for yourself, you totally can.  There are eight different options to choose from, not just pink, but if the girl loves pink, this is the perfect gift.

It is machine washed at low temperature, and tumble dried, so if there are messes, you can clean it up quickly. It is perfect for when they want to cuddle up and watch TV, and it’s a great alternative to sleeping bags for camping trips too!

Hyundly Cat Face Backpack

If you’re buying back-to-school gifts, or just want to replace a girl’s backpack, this is a great one.  It comes in pink and black, with mesh pockets on every side for holding drink bottles. It’s also waterproof, and it can carry everything they need, including their school folders and a lunchbox, along with other items they may want to bring to school. It’s super durable, and honestly pretty cute, and if you’re buying for a girl that loves cats, this is a great one to choose!

Body & Nail Sparkle Studio

It is a great nail kit for children that want to have pretty nails, and it can create pretty false tattoos or other designs. It’s not just for the nails either, but you can decorate other objects too, and it comes with a magnifying tool in the workstation to perfect the design. It’s also a fun body art kit, since the tattoos are temporary, and they also dry super quickly and don’t require you to have to use glue or anything. Plus, they also have a handy kit that comes with this, so that when you’re done, you can store them without a hassle!


Emolly Pink unicorn Pajamas

It is a unicorn onesie, which is great for girls that are around the age of 8.  it has five different colors, but if they love pink, this is the perfect one. It’s super easy to take off and put on, and it includes easy to close buttons down the front.  It also has side pockets, which is suitable for when the girl wants to have their favorite toys on hand. It also has breathable material, so it won’t feel as constricting as other types of onesies that you may perhaps used in the past. It’s super comfy, and it’s the perfect little gift not just for lying about in, but also for when they’re about to go to bed. They won’t want to take it off!  

Kids Halloween Pumpkin Costume

If your girl wants to wear a unique costume for trick or treating, you can put this on. It comes with a super cute pumpkin dress and a hat, and the costume is made of soft and comfortable material that children will love. It comes in three sizes for girls of all sizes, and it has an elastic waistband to secure it. It has velcro fastenings, too, to help with wearing these items.

VCOM Kids Headphones

If nothing else, consider this one.  They are pink and the perfect choice for a girl who loves to listen to music.  It comes with a 1.5 mm cable and a 3.5 mm plug, so it’s compatible with almost all smartphones, and other electronic devices. You can even plug it into Alexa! It has adjustable straps, so they’re suitable for a growing child. The sound quality is pretty good for the price, so you’ll enjoy it. Plus, they are limited in sound too, so you won’t have to worry about the kid blasting it too loud and hurting their ears. It only reaches about 85dB, which isn’t too much, and still safe for their little ears. Any girl would love this! Indeed, one of the top toy ideas for an 8-year-old girl.


If you’re stumped on what to buy an 8yo girl, then you’ve come to the right place. These gifts are the kinds that they’ll love, and they will enjoy them no matter what you buy them.  They are super fun to use and worth every penny. If you’ve been wondering what to buy a little girl, especially for her birthday or say Christmas, then look no further because this comprehensive gift guide will give you all of the different ideas that you need to create the perfect gift.

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