Best Rocking Horses are children toys for generations

Best Rocking Horses

Rocking horses are children toys that have been around for generations, and are still available today. Chances are, you remember having a cool pony wooden toy in your home when you were growing up. To your baby or toddler, a toy pony or other cool toys are quite exciting and can keep them entertained for hours. If you’re interested in adding some vintage fun to your home, here are a few wooden horses you should check out.

Since we aim to help you choose the great option for your child, we made a list of the best wooden toy pony from Amazon, and we highlighted the features of each item so you get an idea of what entertainment it can provide. You will also find our review of the best brands and more frequently asked questions if you continue reading.

Best Rocking Horses

You don’t want to just buy the first wooden pony toy you see. There are some things to consider before choosing from different wooden pony toys or swaying animals. Here are a few features to consider when buying a toy pony or any wooden toy.


Rocking Labebe Best Rocking Horses


  • The toys horse will fuel your child’s creativity as it allows them to fully customize it according to their liking. It will motivate them to become young painters when they start brushing the toy with different colors.
  • It is made of high quality cotton wood and density board which makes it sturdy and light weight at the same time.


Labebe Best Rocking Horses

  • It is recommended for children from 1-3 years. It is large and thoughtfully designed to keep your child safe from falls. It has stars printed on its body which makes it look extra magical and eye catching.
  • It has hand rails for easy control and it has a lower back rack to hold your child’s back in proper position.


Janod Rocking Pony – Classic Wooden Rocking Horse Ride-On Toy with Anti-Tip System – Animal Rocker for Toddlers, Babies – Ages 1+ Years, Mixed (J08023)



  • The wooden ride-on toy horse from Janod is made of durable wood material with soft handles to ensure a safe and comfortable riding experience. This helps enhance your child’s balance, coordination, and imagination while playing.


Labebe Horse Best Rocking Horses


  • The Plus Rocking Horse is soft and comfortable to ride on. It looks realistic and rocks fast. It will give your child unlimited fun for a long time because it is made of superior wood that will last for years.

Rocking Horse

Is it only designed for smaller children, or can bigger children fit on it? Some horses can even carry skinnier adults. You need to know what the weight limit is and choose one to accommodate the kids who are going to be riding on it. If someone should get on a wooden toy who exceeds the weight limit, the toy could break or the child could get hurt.


Some horses have learning abilities. They may sing to your toddler, allowing them to imitate that, or educate about their ABCs. You can find a wooden pony toy that makes galloping sounds when the child rides. Some horses combine fun and learning, and we recommend you check them out.


Do you consider a beautifully sculpted toy pony from wood with realistic fur as the best wooden toy horse? Do you want a saddle that looks and feels like leather? There are toys available that can do just that. You can find cool toys made of solid wood that have beautiful details. Check out a buying guide to find a hand crafted sturdy wooden pony toy to add to your home.

Now, let’s take a little time and look at some specific wooden toys that you buy today.


Hape Rock And Ride Kid’s Wooden Rocking Horse

It is a wooden toy pony sculpted from the great wood around. It may be the best wooden toy pony for many parents because it doesn’t have any toxic paints on it. It’s easy for any parent to assemble, and once it gets put together, you have a toy that your child will rock on for a long time. It’s lightweight as well. That means you can carry it around without much worry at all.

You can find this little kids wooden toy at most major retailers that sell toys. You’ll also find it on Amazon. The price varies a little but is less than $100. It’s meant for young kids, baby toddler stages. The grip handles are thin for small hands, it has a weight limit of around 35 lbs., and there is a removable guardrail that can be used when the child is very young. Try it out and see what it can do for your child.

Labebe Child Rocking Horse Toy

It is a toy pony that has soft materials, including a padded seat. Every part about it feels genuine, from the faux leather of the bridles to the softness of the horse. This pony is quite supportive as well. There are versions that can fit over 150 pounds. It is great for kids who have gone beyond the age of toddlerdom. Also, this rocking pony can give your child a workout. It helps improve their arm strength. We say it’s worth checking out.


Labebe has a line of wooden toys. They have everything from those made only for baby toddler age that are more like sitting in a plush toy, to those that are more like the traditional wooden toy pony but with different paint colors, and even some with the weight limit to accommodate baby kids, baby toddler, and bigger kids.

Qaba Kids Plush Toy Rocking Horse

This toy pony is lightweight and keeps your child in there safely for their ride. Your kid can hold on as they rock, and it should be supportive enough to handle some roughhousing. It’s one of those wooden toys that is easy to put together, yet doesn’t come apart even with hours of rough play.

The Qaba Kids Plush Rocking Toys pony has ears that can be pushed to hear galloping sounds while your child rocks. There is a comfortable saddle seat for your kiddo to ride on. Its plush design is super huggable, too.

This one isn’t a baby wooden toy. These Qaba Kids wooden toys are excellent for toddlers and above. The grip handles are solid wood to help keep your little one holding on tight. You’ll need a couple of AA batteries to keep the realistic galloping sounds going, and the sturdy wooden runners make for a really smooth ride.

Also, this toy pony has more realism to it. It can actually make neighing sounds, too. Pretty unique, huh? It’s one pony that your child will love for a long time.

Little Tikes Blue Rocking Horse

Little Tikes is one of the top brands out there for babies and small toddlers. They stand for safety and fun, and always design their products with that in mind. Your child can rock on it without worrying about falling off. Its beautiful blue color will also keep children entertained for hours.

These wooden toys by Little Tikes aren’t made of wood, though. They’re made of a sturdy, durable plastic that will last for a long time. It’s one that was developed for use by baby kids, baby toddler kids, and younger school children. It has easy grip handles that even very young children can use safely and will keep your baby playing safely because it’s very low to the ground.

Because it’s small, it can fit in most areas of your house, and you can bring it with you. Sadly, this is one pony your child will outgrow, but for the time being, it’s one they will cherish.


Top Choice Products Musical Educational Rocking Horse

There are wooden toys that are not just fun but are educational, as well. If you want your child to get a head start on their education, you should look into one of them. This pony is great for toddlers and even small children, and it even can store items.

These wooden toys are made of plastic. They’re meant for baby playing and baby toddler stages. Baby kids wooden toys are designed differently so that little children don’t hurt themselves and they have lower weight capacities. You can refer to a buying guide to find information about this and other wooden toys made specifically for younger children.

What about its educational capabilities? Well, this pony has different buttons that teach them numbers, the alphabet, different shapes, and more. It plays music to teach them these songs. It even can tell stories and whatnot. It is one pony that we highly recommend. While not purely a rustic style toy, it’s great for education.

Happy Trails Plush Rocking Horse

It is another great toy for your child if you just want a pure plush wooden toy. Its rockers are from wood, along with its center, but it’s made from plush material as well. It allows your child to feel like they’re petting a real plush horse, and it’s one that they should love for a while.


KidKraft Derby White Rocking Horse

The Derby has been a way for people to racehorses and shows them off to the world. This pony gives a rustic feel to the classic racing horse. It can handle extreme swaying, and it’s designed for safety. Your child can feel like they are racing the horse, and no amount of intense racing will knock it over. This pony also sings and makes noises, giving even more interactivity for the child.

Qaba Kids Plush Spring Horse Bouncing Rocker

This is one of the more expensive wooden pony toys on our list. The Plush Spring Horse is recommended for children over the age of 2. It has a high weight limit of 80 lbs. It’s a spring mounted pony that allows you to rock but also get other movements in. The Plush Spring pony has a soft, huggable body that’s attached to a sturdy frame that allows for some pretty rough riding without injury.

Rockin’ Rider Lucky Talking Plush Spring Horse

The Lucky Talking Plush Spring Horse is another that’s on the expensive side. This pony talks with a moving mouth when you push the ear. The Lucky Talking Plush Spring pony has adjustable stirrups, easy grip handles, and spring covers to make it more safe. It can be used by children from 2 years old to 10 years old. It’s a toy that can stick around for quite some time.

Melissa & Doug Plush Rocking Horse

Here is another plush wooden toy made from materials that make your child feel like they are petting a real horse. It can hold 150 pounds, making some adults suitable for it! Its harness can keep your child safe while they race the pony to the finish line. Its wooden handles keep your kid from falling out, too. It’s one beautiful pony that your child is going to love, and we believe you will cherish it as well.

Rockin’ Rider Candy 2-in-1 Rocking Pony

This pony is meant for smaller kids, as it can only hold 40 pounds. So what is the two in one feature? Well, it can be your standard wooden toys, and then you can change it into a pony that moves. This pony can sing songs and move around, making it great for a child who is interested in a pony that can do a lot more than your standard wooden toy. Its mane, eyes, and every other part is assembled to be the coolest around.

The Rockin’ Rider can be purchased in different colors that match their characters. There’s the Rockin’ Rider Candy version, Rockin’ Rider Charger, Rockin’ Rider Peanut, and more. These are fun toys that let your child experience the best of both worlds by getting to rock when they want to and then switch to rolling after that.


Rocking Horses Best Conclusion

So what’s the top wooden toy pony for you? There are tons of wooden toys that your child should love and cherish. Check one out, and we guarantee your child won’t want to get off.

Top Rocker Toy Frequently Answered Questions Answered Below

What is the best rocking horse?

The best wooden toy in the market today is the Radio Flyer Champion. It features three levels – jogging, strolling, and running. Each of these actions has a corresponding sound assigned to it, and this is one of the features that make it the little ones’ favorite pony to rock. This spring pony also mimics real-life sounds of the pony when he feeds, so it reacts when your child ‘feeds’ the horse a carrot.

What age is good for a rocking horse?

Children between one and six years old can enjoy playing with wooden toy. At this age, they are truly amazed by different kinds of animals, their colors, and their sounds. They usually enjoy riding the toy while pretending to maneuver the horse’s handle, as if they were riding a real horse.

Is Rocking Horse good for toddlers?

Rocking toys are a great alternative to smaller toys that may pose as a choking hazard to small children. Toddlers, even one-year-olds, benefit much from playing with a wooden toy. As early as one or two, they are now able to increase their sensory abilities through the act of riding. The rocking motion that they do while riding improves their balance.

What wood is used for rocking horses?

In America, most of the wooden toys are made from tulipwood, a hardwood that’s grown in the Northern United States. The tulipwood is sturdy and durable and is great for carving, which is mainly why the inventor, Tony Dew, chose this kind of wood to make the wooden toy.

What do children get from playing with a rocking horse?

For parents who love to let their kids play with wooden toys, it’s a comfort for them to know that their little ones can safely play with the pony without having to worry about them swallowing small parts of their toys. Rocking toys do not have small parts, which make them a safe option for children as young as one-year-old. Rocking toys are also something that can be passed on from one child to another because most of them are made from wood. Ultimately, children with special needs can benefit well from riding the wooden toy with supervision. Children learn to stabilize themselves and develop better balance and core strength with a rocking horse.


Can a rocking pony be a great gift to give to children?

Most parents agree that a strong, durable, and colorful wooden toy is one of the most classic and appropriate gifts to give to children for birthdays or Christmases. It will last for years, and you will be remembered as someone who gave a meaningful gift that will live on for generations.

Where is a good place to put a rocking pony in the house?

You can put them just about anywhere, however, the bedroom is a popular place in many households. You can even try to match the pony to the crib bedding, the bunk beds, or the loft beds you have in the rooms. Since some of the wooden cool toys are so beautiful, it can kind of be treated like a piece of furniture to add to the ambiance of the room.



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