The Best Wooden Rocking Horse On The Market

Rocking horses are toys that have been around for generations, and are still available today. To your baby or toddler, a rocking horse is quite exciting and can keep them entertained for hours. If you’re interested in adding some vintage fun to your home, here are a few rocking horses you should check out.


What To Look For In A Rocking Horse

Here are a few features to consider when buying a rocking horse.


Is it only designed for smaller children, or can bigger children fit on it? Some horses can even carry skinnier adults.


Some horses have learning abilities. They may sing to your toddler, allowing them to imitate that, or educate about their ABCs. There are horses that combine fun and learning, and we recommend you check them out.


Do you want a horse beautifully sculpted from wood with realistic fur? Do you want a saddle that looks and feels like leather? There are horses available that can do just that.


Hape Rock And Ride Kid’s Wooden Rocking Horse

This is a wooden rocking horse that is sculpted from the best wood around, and it doesn’t have any toxic paints on it. It’s easy for any parent to assemble, and once it’s put together, you have a toy that your child will rock on for a long time. It’s lightweight as well. This means you can carry it around without much worry at all. Try it out and see what it can do for your child.

Labebe Child Rocking Horse Toy

This is a rocking horse that has soft materials, including a seat that is padded. Every part about it feels genuine, from the faux leather of the bridles to the softness of the horse. This horse is quite supportive as well. It can fit over 150 pounds. This is great for kids who have gone beyond the age of toddlerdom. Also, this rocking horse can give your child a workout. It helps improve their arm strength. We say it’s worth checking out.

Qaba Kids Plush Toy Rocking Horse

This rocking horse is lightweight and keeps your child in there. Your kid can hold on as they rock, and it should be supportive enough to handle some roughhousing. It’s one of those rocking horses that is easy to put together, yet doesn’t come apart even with hours of rough play.

Also, this rocking horse has more realism to it. For example, it can make neighing sounds. Pretty unique, huh? It’s one horse that your child will love for a long time.

Little Tikes Blue Rocking Horse

Little Tikes is one of the best brands out there for babies and small toddlers. This horse is designed for safety and fun in mind. Your child can rock on it without worrying about falling off. Its beautiful blue color will also keep children entertained for hours.

Because it’s small, it can fit in most areas of your house and you can bring it with you. Sadly, this is one horse your child will outgrow, but for the time being, it’s one they will cherish.


Best Choice Products Musical Educational Rocking Horse

There are rocking horses that are not just fun, but are educational as well. If you want your child to get a head start on their education, you should definitely look into one of them. This horse is great for toddlers and even small children, and it even has the ability to store items.

What about its educational capabilities? Well, this horse has different buttons that teach them numbers, the alphabet, different shapes, and more. It plays music to teach them these songs. It even can tell stories and whatnot. This is one horse that we highly recommend. While not purely a rustic style toy, it’s great for education.

Happy Trails Plush Rocking Horse

This is another great toy for your child if you just want a pure plush rocking horse. Its rockers are made from wood, along with its center, but it’s made from plush material as well. This allows your child to feel like they’re petting a  real plush horse, and it’s one that they should love for a while.


KidKraft Derby White Rocking Horse

The Derby has been a way for people to racehorses and show them off to the world. This horse gives a rustic feel to the classic racing horse. It can handle extreme rocking and it’s designed for safety. Your child can really feel like they are racing the horse, and no amount of intense racing will knock it over. This horse also sings and makes noises, giving even more interactivity for the child.

Melissa & Doug Plush Rocking Horse

Here is another plush rocking horse that is made from materials that make your child feel like they are petting a real horse. It can hold 150 pounds, making some adults suitable for it! Its harness can keep your child safe while they race the horse to the finish line. Its wooden handles keep your kid from falling out, too. It’s one beautiful horse that your child is going to love, and we believe you will cherish it as well.

Rockin’ Rider Candy 2-in-1 Rocking Pony

This horse is meant for smaller kids, as it can only hold 40 pounds. So what is the two in one feature? Well, it can be your standard rocking horse, and then you can change it into a horse that moves. This horse can sing songs and move around, making it great for a child who is interested in a horse that can do a lot more than your standard rocking horse. Its mane, eyes, and every other part is assembled to be the best around. Try it out and see what we mean.



As you can see, there are a lot of rocking horses that your child should love and cherish. Check one out and we guarantee your child won’t want to get off.

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