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Looking for the best wooden baby toys? Most wooden baby toys are sold in set and at a hefty price. But what’s best about wooden toys (compared with their plastic counterparts) is that they are safe and ultimately paraben-free. Baby wooden toys are making a comeback. Research shows that they are sustainable and are better than plastic!

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It’s weird how something old becomes new again. Think about wooden activity play cube, wooden balls, wooden hammer for pretend play, made from sustainably sourced wood. Well, they are becoming a trend again.  A long time ago, everyone played with best wooden toys. Then, plastic toys came, and toys made with  sustainable sturdy wood were suddenly seen as expensive and impractical. Now, with how much of a waste plastic can be, wooden toys are making a comeback and are seen as high quality and lasting a lot longer. In fact, some of the best maple landmark toys have garnered quite the following among environmentally conscious parents.

If you have a baby, wooden toys are worth checking out. Today, we will be looking at some of the best wooden toys out there and seeing which ones stack up.

What To Look For In Best Wooden Baby Toys?

Here are some features you should look for in wooden toys meant for tiniest babies.

  • It Stimulates Walking

As your baby is growing, they need gadgets that can help them learn to walk. The toys that can be pushed or pulled can help them learn how to walk. There are a few toys here that can do this. The right wooden baby toys are those that are interactive and promote hand eye coordination.

  • It Stimulates Curiosity

Babies are curious. Having wooden baby toys that stimulate their curiosity while giving you peace of mind is ideal. A versatile toy such as stackers and natural wood puzzles or wooden shape sorter can teach your children how to be curious and figure out how some pieces can fit together to form a bigger picture.

  • It Stimulates Creativity

Finally, a toy should encourage your baby to be more creative. There are some favorite toys on this list that give your baby plenty of creativity, such as block stacking.

best wooden toys for babies or safe wooden toys

Manhattan Toy Co Natural Skwish Rattle

This is a unique little rattle. It’s a rattle that’s shaped like a molecule and gives babies a natural curiosity. What makes this rattle nice is the fact that it’s not at all annoying. Many rattles are noisy and get tiring after a while, but this one sounds nice and is subtle. This rattle comes in colors, or you can just get a plain wooden toy as well. Whatever your choice, you’re going to love this rattle and love watching your baby shake it. Read more about it here:

Plan Wooden Toys Dancing Alligator

Toys that stimulate a baby’s ability to walk are a good idea. The toys can give a baby an incentive to stand up and pull something, or walk to their toy. This toy depicts a wooden alligator attached to a rope your kid can pull. Your kid has their own pet alligator that does not bite but instead makes a click-clack noise as your kid pulls it. It’s satisfying to watch, and your baby will love it.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Stacking Train

This is a cool wooden train set that your baby is going to love. Your kid can stack blocks and other goodies on the train, and this helps them learn about their fine motor skills. It’s a durable set that teaches children about combining. We say that it’s worth a try, and you are guaranteed to love every bit of it as you watch your baby get on board the wooden train.

best train pretend wooden toys for toddlers, made from natural wooden toys and non-toxic paints

Classic Baby Beads

Beads can be a simple yet effective toy for your baby. These wooden beads come together in an elastic cord, and you can move around these beads with ease. Plus, your baby can teethe on them. They are not choking hazards and toxic, which makes these bead maze a win-win for all. You can put these non toxic beads together and then watch as your kid plays with them. Fun for all. However, if complication occurs, visit your doctor’s office immediately.

Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks

This is just a block set that your baby can stack, and it teaches them about their ABCs and other educational factors that they learn. Your baby is never too young to learn and improve their fine motor, and playing with the block set is an effective and fun way to teach your baby how to learn. Overall, they are a great little set that proves that simple toys like baby blocks are worth having, and they can last your baby a long time.

Melissa And Doug Wooden Rainbow Stacker Toys

This can be your baby’s best favorite wooden toys! They are eco-friendly and some come with food grade siliconIt doesn’t have harmful chemcial or made from such, compared with plastic toys. The stacking toy is another classic baby toy that your child will love. It comes in many different rings, allowing your baby to stack them and sort them to make the process a whole lot easier. Plus, it teaches babies how to organize. Your baby can stack in order for biggest to smallest, and this can teach them about size and whatnot. Melissa and Doug also manufactures some of the other top wooden baby toys available. You can also find more Melissa and Doug wooden toys here:

Colourful wooden stacks that kids can play in the home, your baby will totally love them

Green Start Chunky Wooden Puzzles

Puzzles are fun for all ages. You can buy them during pre crawling movements of your baby. And since they are free from dangerous chemicals, you won’t have to worry if your baby puts them in the mouth. However, when you’re a baby, a 1,000-piece puzzle may be a bit too big of a task for your baby. Luckily, this wooden puzzle comes with a few pieces, but they deliver, and carrying them is much easier than ever before. You just put them in a carrying case and you’re good to go, which this shape sorter set does come with.

And who knows? As your kid grows older, maybe they will be interested in bigger puzzles and projects. Puzzles are fun because you glue them together and then hang up your masterpiece for the world to see. Puzzles are one of the best wooden baby toys since they are educational yet still fun.

Bannor Toys Bunny Push Toy

This is another cool little toy that involves teaching babies how to walk. As they learn to use their legs, having some support to push around is a good first idea. This is a push toy that is shaped like a bunny. It’s made from all-natural ingredients and child safe materials that are great for your child to teeth on. Also, you can custom engrave the great toy, making it ideal and if you want a toy that feels more personalized for your baby.

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Hape All Seasons Kid’s Wooden Doll House

A fairy tale doll house is a cool wooden baby toy gift for girls and boys. It teaches kids how to be imaginative as their pretend family lives their own lives and gives them stories to tell. This is an expensive wooden dollhouse, but it is worth it. With six rooms to play with, a wooden finish, water based paint, non toxic paints, and movable furnishings and stairs, it’s a great doll house that your kid is going to love.

Wooden Baby Toys Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, it is since the toy is durable; the cost per play is maximized. It is a quality toy that can be resold since it is a well-known brand.


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