Why Wooden Toys Are Still Popular

In the age of technology, many parents might think that the solution is just to get their children electronics. But sometimes, bringing back quality toys from the past is a viable option. One such option is wooden toys. They’re still popular, and these little toys are fun for children. Most moms still prefer looking for best wooden baby toys instead of plastic ones. Why are they still popular, though? Well, read on to find out.

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Not Super Expensive

Some children want these flashy high-tech toys, and while that’s great, there is one problem with them that parents tend to run into: they’re expensive! Toys are expensive, and sometimes, it doesn’t take much for a child to feel entertained.

That means that one of the best ways to entertain a child that doesn’t involve spending a ridiculous amount of money on them is utilizing wooden toys. They’re simple, fun, and they typically don’t run up a considerable cost, saving parents a lot of money.


Good For Kid’s Imagination

Electronics typically don’t give children that imagination stimulation that other toys might. Wooden toys can be in many different forms, and children can create scenes and play with them. Wooden toys feel beautiful in the hands, and the child will be able to create fun stories that they’ll enjoy. It doesn’t require a computer or anything to do, and if you want your child to be more stimulated mentally, and to get their creative juices flowing, this is an excellent way to do it. The imagination is a powerful thing, and if you know that your child tends to have a lot of creativity to them, this, in my opinion, is the best option for them, since it allows them to stimulate that part of the brain, and to have fun too.

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Typically Don’t Have Harsh Chemicals

Wooden toys do not contain plastic, and they are BPA-free, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your child swallowing harmful toxins and getting sick. While many children’s toys do go through regulations, wooden toys typically are not coated or treated, so you won’t have to worry if the child accidentally puts it in their mouth. There are even natural toy companies that make sure that the toys aren’t made with this, meaning that if you are worried about whether or not your child will get sick with these, then fear not. They’re safer for children, and ultimately can be a helpful addition to a child’s playtime. Also, you won’t have to worry about whether or not the toy they have contains plastics, and if you’re a parent who worries about this, it gives you that extra peace of mind that helps.


The Pieces Tend To Be Bigger

Another problem with a lot of popular toys on the market is the fact that they’re small. Now, this is fine if the child is older and knows better, but for young kids, they tend to put stuff in their mouths. Do you know what happens if you’re not careful? They can swallow them and end up running the risk of choking, which will bring them to the hospital over some small little toy they put in their mouth out of curiosity.

Wooden toys, especially trains, cars, and wooden block toys, are usually too big to put in a child’s mouth, which is why they’re encouraged for small children. That means, you as a parent font’ need to worry about the child swallowing the toy and running the risk of choking, and it will allow for a safer playtime as well.

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Have A Classic Feel To Them

Nostalgic parents tend to love these the most. If you had trains and blocks as a kid, chances are you’ll encourage your child to play with these as well. The nostalgic feeling will get parents more interested in showing these t their kids, and kids will be more interested in playing with them. Plus, in some cases, especially for parents, they might believe that this will encourage playtime for everyone, and it will get the child excited and ready to try things out with you. If you’re looking for classic toys, and ones that typically can bring forth a good, reliable connection with your child, then this is the way to go, plus let’s face it, parents love that classic feel these toys have. Their children will also enjoy the different types of activities they can do with wooden toys.


Come In A Variety of Different Kinds

Wooden toys aren’t just blocks anymore, although blocks are fun because children can stack these up. They also come in the form of trains, planes, and even people. You can get wooden toys for pretty much just about everything, and these are fun toys that you can enjoy with your child. Your child will be able to let their imagination run wild, and if they love trains, wooden trains are still popular. Thomas the Tank Engine, for example, is still a super popular toy line, and for parents, this means that you can buy these fun toys no matter what. Wooden toys span a wide gamut of different kinds, from ones that children use themselves, to even ones that they can use with other kids, and that’s part of the reason why many parents love them. It’s a great way to get a child’s mind stimulated, and an entertaining activity that everyone will enjoy, no matter what. Variety is excellent, and wooden toys bring that, other than the same plastic doll set again and again.

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Wooden toys may be considered old and “vintage” by some standards, but they are still super fun. Wooden toys allow for the imagination to run wild, for children to play and have fun doing so. If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money on the hottest flavor-of-the-week toy, then look no further. These toys are fun, and they offer a lot of creativity and imagination, something that a lot of children enjoy, and something that parents love to engage with their child.

FAQs On Wooden Toys


Why should you give wooden toys to your kids?
You should give wooden toys to your kids because they promote roleplaying and character building. They are better than flashy toys that keep them from interacting with others and having a stronger interpersonal relationship.

Is it reasonable to get painted wooden toys?
No, it is not good to get painted wooden toys. The paint contains lead, among other harmful chemicals.

Why should parents not buy mass-produced wooden toys?
Parents should not buy mass-produced wooden toys because they may already contain harmful chemicals. In that sense, these toys are no different from plastic toys.

Are handmade wooden toys worth the money?
Yes, handmade wooden toys are worth the money. The materials that artisan toymakers do not have harmful chemicals, so your kids will be safe.

Which among the classic wooden toys are beneficial for kids?
Classic wooden toys, like puzzles and blocks, are beneficial for kids. You can also get a toy car, animals, etc.

What does the wood symbolize?
Wood generally symbolizes wisdom and longevity. In the Bible, it represents changeability.

Are wooden toys ideal for kids with autism?
Yes, wooden toys are ideal for kids with autism. They are not flashy at all, so they cannot overstimulate them.

Are wooden toys durable?
Yes, wooden toys are durable. They typically last for decades and can be passed down to younger generations.

Can wooden toys make the children creative?
Yes, wooden toys make the children creative. They are technically simple, so they need to use their imagination while playing.

Are wooden toys more hazardous than plastic toys?
Yes, wooden toys are more hazardous than plastic toys.

Are wooden toys safe?
Yes, wooden toys are safe. The parts do not chip off easily.

Does a wooden toy affect a child’s well-being positively?
Yes, a wooden toy affects a child’s mental and physical well-being.

Can a baby play with wooden toys?
Yes, a baby can play with wooden toys. They are safer than plastic ones.

What kind of wood makes an excellent teething toy?
Maple wood makes the best toy for teething babies—other suitable materials out of Myrtle, alder, walnut, and cherry wood.

Is plywood good for kids?
No, plywood is not suitable for kids. Its construction consists of a lot of glue and formaldehyde.

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