Smart Choices: Best Beach Bag For Moms

In the winter season, it is easy to let your mind wander to the times when you could be sitting at beach basking in the warmth of the sun. When watching movies that are set in places like the Bahamas, Florida, the Philippines, Hawaii, etc., it looks so inviting when the character is drinking mojitos with those little umbrellas. Then, she would reach into her beach bag and easily retrieve her sunscreen. This does not happen! When you want to get something from your bag, you have to rummage for several seconds or even a minute to find what you are looking for. Or is it really possible?


As a mom, find stuff in your bag is doubly hard. You have your own things combined with those of the rest of your family. During outings or going to the beach, your bag is the first place where everyone will put their phone, wallet, glasses, etc. Choosing the best beach bag requires being extremely smart with your choice. What is the best beach bag for moms? Here are some ideas.

It’s All About the Pockets

A beach bag can hold so many things. Towels, change of clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, your wallet, your phone, your keys, etc. All of these tend to fall into a seemingly bottomless pit in your bag. What you need is a way to organize all of your things without making your bag heavier, bulkier and harder to look through.


It is all about the pockets! The more pockets there are, the better. You can have front pockets and inside pockets. The front pockets can contain those that you will continuously need during your day at the beach. This would be your glasses or your sunscreen. Having their own compartment on the front of your bag will allow for easy access throughout your lazy and relaxing day. Imagine needing your sunscreen, and you have to dig inside your beach bag to find it. What about your child needing his or her glasses and you have to take out everything from your bag just to find the much-needed sunglasses at the very bottom. That would ruin what should be a relaxing day.

It will also be useful if your beach bag has several inside pockets. Specifically, an inside pocket that zips or closes will be useful to keep your keys and wallet. You need to secure these and not have them falling out of your bag when you pull out your towel or an extra shirt. It is so easy to lose items or not notice items falling out of your bag at the beach.

Waterproof, Of course!

Obviously, you will need a beach bag that is waterproof. Yes, you will not be swimming with them, but your bag will most likely be subjected to children sitting on them as they are dripping wet. They will most likely be present during splashing and throwing of water.


When you are ready to leave, you will most likely be putting your wet clothes, wet towels, and probably aqua shoes inside. It is important that you can protect your bag as well as the items in them.

Size Matters

Yes, size does matter. Your beach bag cannot be too big that you can easily fit your child in it. It should be enough to carry the essentials, but not too large that you will have to drag it from one place to another. You want something that you can quickly swing over your shoulder. A bag the same height and width as the frame of your body may be your best bet when choosing the perfect bag.


You also want to consider the number of people in your family who will rely on your beach bag for safekeeping of their own things. The bigger the family, the more bag space you will need!

Keeping It Light and Sturdy


Lastly, your beach bag should also be made of light material. You know that you will be using your beach bag to store and carry so many things. It will be heavy once you’ve packed everything you need in it. You do not want the material of the bag to add to the weight that you anticipate to carry. At the same time, once you’ve found the perfect beach bag, you’d want it to be for keeps. You do not want to keep finding a new one every year or for every trip to the beach. Brands like Roxy, Landsend or Coleman may give you an idea of the type of material your beach bag should have. The kind of bag that you can rely on to accompany you as a mom on a relaxing and fun day at the beach.  

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