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The Radio Flyer Cyclone is something that most kids want and get excited about. It’s not only fun to ride one, but it also gives kids a sense of independence because they are in charge of the movement. There’s a reason you see Radio Flyer in a toys games gift guide every holiday season. Families around the United States own plenty of these toys for all members of the family, from toddlers all the way up to adults. Riding the cyclone is fun and that’s not lost on young kids, either.

Kid looks like having fun riding this Radio Flyer.

Radio Flyer Cyclones


cute red radio flyer cyclone. It features 16" wheels for a stable and smooth ride on any surface. The Radio Flyer Cyclone can do 360⁰ spins for more entertainment and thrills.

  • Radio Flyer Cyclone offers unlimited outdoor fun for your child.
  • Radio Flyer Cyclone features 16″ wheels for a stable and smooth ride on any surface.
  • The Radio Flyer Cyclone can do 360⁰ spins for more entertainment and thrills.
  • Radio Flyer Cyclone is made of a solid steal frame and it comes with an ergonomic seat & frame for a super comfortable ride.


Radio Flyer Cyclone offers unlimited outdoor fun. It is made of a solid steal frame.

Radio Flyer has a cool new Cyclone toy that is similar to a modified wheelchair. Your child sits with the footrest in the front, and there are two large wheels on the side, and here is a caster wheel in the back, which is part of the steering mechanism of this. Steering is done with Cyclone handles on the two side wheels. Your kid will need to move the left wheel to go right and do the vice-versa to move the other way. Your kid can do a 360-degree turn on one wheel by pushing the left forward and the right backward, and if they want to go the other way, they can mostly do the same.  It is necessarily almost like a low-profile wheelchair in a sense, even though there isn’t a backrest.

Why Do Kids Enjoy Playing This Kind Of Mechanical Toy?

Kids love the feature of being able to guide your Cyclone the way you want to and turn on a dime. The arm powered action leads to hours of fun for kids ages 3-7 years old. They’ll get a smooth ride on the large plastic wheels, while also having a comfort ride in the ergonomic seat.

The Radio Flyer cyclone is simple, in that it allows you to move forward, roll around in reverse, and the wheels are huge about 15 inches, and it is a good one to get the child to power the toy with their arms. A fun addition!

Strong And Steady Flying

Now, this is strong. The toy is made of steel in a high-grade frame that has a glossy red paint, allowing for the structural foundation of the cyclone to accommodate a child that weighs up to 69 pounds. This is a really great weight capacity, considering many kids don’t weigh nearly this much at ages 3-7 years old.

Th toy steel construction also allows for structural strength and durability, without even needing to sacrifice the transportation ease or even the storage. The storage is only about 10 pounds, which isn’t bad, so you can quickly bring it to and from the different areas, or even from the car. It’s 16 inches high, 27 inches long, and 26 inches in width, so it’s not that big, and the best part is if you want to take this with you to go exploring, you’re going to find it’s easy to take along with you. The solid steel frame will keep from getting banged up during transport and it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

It Comes With Cool Wheels That Rock

Let’s also talk about the Radio Flyer Cyclone wheels, though. The wheels, as we said before, are a solid 16 inches, but they’re made with some of the highest-quality materials out there, and the hand peg is put on the wheel inwards, and the handgrips are soft and sturdy so your child won’t get calluses when using this. It’s also effortless to sit in, and the wheels are generally pretty easy to move. The outer side has a cool spiral pattern as well in both red and gray, and it gives the illusion of circular rotation similar to a cyclone, which children will love.

As was mentioned above, there is a rear caster wheel that allows for tight pivot-like turns. The cyclone wouldn’t live up to its name if it couldn’t turn all the way around. Other ride-ons don’t have the same turning capability so they definitely stand out from the crowd of other ride-on toys.

the product there has a rear caster wheel that allows for tight pivot-like turns.

Backrest Offers Get Lumbar Support

While there isn’t a backrest, it has a lot of support for the lumbar area of children up to 7 years, as it is soft and sturdy. No more having to worry about your child saying their back hurts after using their favorite ride-on toy! The child sits on an ergonomic seat designed to take the pressure points out of the contact areas and give support where it’s needed in the body.

The frame is also made ergonomically, and it is solid steel, meaning that it’s pretty intense, sturdy, and it will get the job done. It’s super lovely, and it feels just like you’re sitting in a wheelchair in a sense, but it’s a great one that allows your child to explore the world fully. It was built with a frame for a comfort and smooth ride.

A Safe Caster Wheel

The caster wheel is also a nice feature. This is important since it will help with steering, and it allows for the cyclone to spin and maneuver even the tightest of spaces and provides a stable platform for the toy, giving resemblance to a tricycle, except that the steering is in the front, not the back like on the Radio Flyer Cyclone. It allows for extra stability when riding on this. Since the wheel has a lower center of gravity than the frame and is sturdy, it will help push for better balance for a child, and it is one of the best for helping a child learn how to balance safely and effectively. It’s worth it for other reasons too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Radio Flyer Cyclone is kids' ride-on toy

How much are these toy cyclones?

The toys sell at a retail price of ‎US$ 54.99 when you purchase Cyclone that is brand new.

Are these kids’ toys safe?

It follows a strict standard of simplicity, beauty, and safety. It’s been designed to provide a smooth ride for kids who are within the maximum weight capacity. You’ll also find it features comfort hand grips that even keep your child’s hands from developing blisters or calluses.

Where can I order the Radio Flyer?

You can order it from the toys games sections of Amazon, Walmart, and Target. If you have Prime with Amazon you can get free delivery. Free delivery with Walmart and Target will depend on what specials they have going at the time. If you can’t find free delivery with them, you can simply order and schedule a pickup.

Why do kids love such a new spinning toy?

Kids love the cyclone because it offers different modes of play. It’s easy to use and easy to learn, as well. Plus, most children have a red wagon at their homes. The Cyclones are basically the next step up from the Radio Flyer Red Wagon. It also doesn’t hurt that it shows up in a toys games gift guide here and there for kids to see and want.

The Radio Flyer Cyclone offers different modes of play. It’s easy to use and easy to learn. It supports your child’s upper body strength because kids will not use their feet or legs to make it work.

What is the benefit of using the cyclone toy?

It supports your child’s upper body strength because kids will not use their feet or legs to make it work. Only the arm and chest muscles will do.

Who is the maker of this cyclone?

It is rediscovered by Antonio with each new generation from Radio Flyer, Inc.


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