What Are Some Features Of A Radio Flyer Cyclone

The Radio Flyer cyclone is a new ride-on toy that toddlers will love. As long as a child can hop onto this and roll around, they’ll be able to use it. This is actually one of the more popular Radio Flyer toys, and its a strange hybrid of both a wheelchair, tricycle and also a hoverboard. So, what are some features, and what should you consider when looking at this/ well, read on to find out!

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A Cool Design That Children Will Love

This is a cool sort of ride-on toys that are similar to a modified wheelchair. Your child sits with the footrest in the front, and there are two large wheels on the side, and here is a caster wheel in the back, which is part of the steering mechanism of this. Steering is actually done with the handles on the two side wheels. Your kid will need to move the left wheel to go right and do the vice-versa in order to move this. Your kid can do a 360-degree turn on one wheel by pushing the left forward and the right backward, and if they want to go the other way, they can essentially do the same. This is essentially almost like a low-profile wheelchair in a sense, even though there isn’t a backrest.

The design of this is simple, in that it allows you to move forward, roll around in reverse, and the wheels are huge about 15 inches, and it is a good one to get the child to power the toy with their arms. Definitely a fun addition!

Strong And Study!

Now, this is strong. The frame of this is made of steel in a high-grade frame that has a glossy paint that is red, allowing for the structural foundation of the cyclone in order to accommodate a child that weighs up to 69 pounds. The steel construction of this also allows for structural strength and the durability of it, without even needing to sacrifice the transportation ease or even the storage. The storage is only about 10 pounds, which isn’t bad, so you can easily bring it to and from the different areas, or even from the car. It’s 16 inches high, 27 inches long, and 26 inches in width, so it’s not that big, and the best part is if you want to take this with you to go exploring, you’re more than welcome to.

Wheels That Rock

Let’s also talk the wheels though. The wheels, as we said before are a solid 16 inches, but they’re made with some of the highest-quality materials out there, and the hand peg is put on the wheel inwards, and the hand grips are soft and sturdy so your child won’t get calluses when using this. It’s also very simple to sit in, and the wheels are generally pretty easy to move. The outer side has a cool spiral pattern as well in both red and gray, and it gives the illusion of circular rotation similar to a cyclone, which children will love.

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Ergonomic As Well

While there isn’t a backrest, it actually has a lot of support for the lumbar area of children up to 7 years, os it is soft and sturdy. No more having to worry about your child saying their back hurts after using their favorite ride-on toy!

The frame is also made in an ergonomic manner, and it is solid steel, meaning that it’s pretty strong, sturdy, and it will get the job done. It’s super nice, and it feels just like you’re sitting in a wheelchair in a sense, but it’s a great one that allows your child to fully explore the world.

A Safe Caster Wheel

The caster wheel is also a nice feature. This is important since it will help with steering, and it allows for the cyclone to spin and maneuver even the tightest of spaces and provides a stable platform for the toy, giving resemblance to a tricycle, except that the steering is in the front, not the back like on the flyer. It allows for extra stability when riding on this, and since the wheel has a lower center of gravity than the frame, and is sturdy, it will help push for better balance for a child, and it is one of the best for helping a child learn how to balance in a safe, and effective manner. It’s definitely worth it for other reasons too.

Great For Upper Body Strength

The design of this is to help with improving muscle tone since you need that for moving this about. This is actually so popular that even adults want one of these, and essentially, that’s one of the downsides to this: the fact that there isn’t an adult version yet. It’s really good for helping with overall physical development within children since it will allow for them to really learn motor skills that they can apply to anything from taking a shower to brush their teeth and even combing hair. Later on, they can learn to do more with their hands, such as putting on makeup and even learning motor skills for playing sports and the like. Simply put, this is a great toy for helping to improve the mobility, and if your child does have some mobility issues, they can benefit from it. It’s purposefully built to be almost like a wheelchair for this reason, so if your child does have some mobility issues and doesn’t want to just use the wheelchair, this is a great one, allowing them to be more functional and healthier.

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The Radio Flyer cyclone is one of the best for improving these conditions in a child, and you’ll learn that, as you use them, they’re quite efficient, and they allow for a series of great benefits that you can enjoy, and a whole lot of fun that you and your child will get to have as they explore more!


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