What Are Features Of A Robot Cat Toy?

While nothing can replace a flesh and blood pet, robotic pet toys have come far in the past few years. A robot cat can be a good companion for your child, and there are many reasons to own one. Perhaps you or your child are allergic to real cats. Maybe your landlord isn’t precisely cat-friendly. Even if you do own a cat, having a robotic cat is still a worthy investment, especially when you’re traveling or when the cat doesn’t want to play with your child.

Also, robot cat toys can be a good companion for seniors or people who are incapable of taking care of a real cat. There are quite a few people who could use a robotic cat toy, not just children.

There are many robotic cat toys out there. Let’s look at a few features of what you can find in some of the better models.  

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What Is A Robot Cat Toy?

There are two types of robot cat toys. First, there is a toy that is for cats. Robot cat toys are toys that usually depict something a cat will like to chase, such as a robotic mouse. These toys can be useful to stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts.

We are talking about toys that look and act like real cats. There are toys such as the Fur Real or other models that simulate the feeling of owning a pet. It is what we are discussing. Now, let’s look at some of the features.

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Realistic Purring

The purr of the cat is unmatched. Nothing beats your cat curling up next to you and purring, or you are gently rubbing your cat and its purring as a response. It’s cute, sweet, and it makes you feel good. Purring is a sign of contentment for cats, though it does have other uses as well. A robot cat toy emulates that purring, and usually turns on when you rub on it.

More expensive models will try to make the purring realistic. Some cheaper models may use low-cost vibration technology that doesn’t feel anything like the real purrs. However, a good cat toy will be able to give you realistic purring that will warm your heart and make you forget that it’s a robot.

Realistic Meowing

A cat’s meow is so cute unless it’s meowing for you to wake up or pestering you to feed it when its food bowl is already full. A cat robot has different features like talking to you with a variety of meows and other sounds a cat makes. Some cat toys are better than others. Cheaper models may have less quality sound clips or use the same sound clips over and over. Meanwhile, more expensive models will use realistic sounds and have a variety of sounds that the cat will make depending on the situation, which is always a plus. Realistic meowing is something that will cheer you up on a rainy day, and you’ll love to hear your little cat meow for cuddles and love.

Realistic Fur

A cat’s fur is another aspect that needs to look realistic when you’re making a robot cat. There are many types of cat fur, from shorthair to shaggy. Some cats don’t even have any coat. Robotic cats need to have the most realistic fur possible. It’s fur that you can brush, pet, but it won’t shed and cause a mess like a real cat. Cheaper models may use lower quality artificial fur, which won’t feel like the real thing at all, while more expensive models may use higher quality.

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It Moves

Perhaps the most critical part of a robotic cat is its movement. Robotic cats used to be limited in motion, making jerky movements and falling over. More expensive, modern cat toys will be able to walk around, pounce, and lie down just like a real cat. They can close their eyes and sleep, rollover, and do everything a real cat can do, which is always a plus. Cheaper toys may have limited or jerky movements, so be warned of that.

It Looks Like A Real Cat

Some cat toys will resemble a real cat to the point where there is an uncanny valley effect. There are some, such as the Fur Real brand, that is a bit more cartoonish, but thanks to technology, the toy cats now look like a flesh and blood cat, or at least try their best. Again, nothing can replace a real cat, but we applaud these toymakers for attempting to come close.

What Aspects To Check In A Cat Toy

Here are some you should look for if you decide to purchase a robotic cat toy.

Realism. This one is obvious. Most people will want their robotic cat toys to be as realistic as possible, with the best quality fur, movement, and noises.

Good battery life. Real cats sleep up to 16 hours each day to recharge their batteries, but your cat toy shouldn’t take that long to charge. Make sure you’re buying a cat toy that has a long battery life and a short recharge time. You’ll be glad you did.

Value. Finally, you want a cat toy that gets the most bang for your buck. You need a robotic companion, but you don’t want to break the bank, and that is entirely fair. Look for a robot cat toy that can do that and much more.

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Robotic cat toys are quite interesting, and we highly recommend you try one out and see what you can do with them. Chances are, you can find a great robot companion that you’re going to love and cherish forever. Although a robot cat toy can never replace real cats, they are still sweet cats, and they’ll be your friend for a long time.

Plus, if you do have a cat, a robotic companion can make for a new interaction for sure. A robotic toy is worth it for that alone.



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