Why These Are The Best Xbox One Games For Kids

When it comes to finding great games for kids, this can be hard. Most of the time, you think Nintendo is the best system for kids’ games, but Microsoft is starting to move into this field, bringing games made for children and adults, which is perfect for interaction and getting kids interested in video games. And then there are kids’ games Xbox one. But what is best for kids? Read on to find out.

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Lego Marvel Superheros 2

While this does have an age rating for children over the age of 7, it mostly depends on the children and parents who are in question, since it’s not as graphic as the movies are, but it does have cartoon violence. But Lego games are known to be good, and if your kids like Marvel, they’ll love this. It’s got an original story that brings all the superheroes and villains from the comic book universe together, and if your child loves superheroes, then this is for them.

Chances are if they don’t know about these, then they may not like this yet, and it might be a little too old for them. It does teach some core values, including teamwork, doing the right thing, and even laughing in the darkest times, and it will increase hand-eye coordination, selective filtering, and spatial awareness, which are core skills.

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If you’ve ever played Banjo Kazooie, then this is a familiar game. It’s essentially the spiritual successor to this game, and it’s a fun platforming game that comes with interesting characters, really pretty graphics, and gameplay that is fun.

It involves the role of a duo named Yooka who is a chameleon and a bat named Layleee, similar to Banjo and Kazooie, who work together with their abilities that help you progress through levels. In kids’ games Xbox one, players unlock moves as they go through every single level, offering more options for them to play, and it’s a great choice for kids since it’s made by developers that have brought lifelike characters to a game made for having fun.

Minecraft Story Mode

This is the familiar blocky world that kids love, but it actually involves the whole cast of characters, along with a linear story that allows for children to use their building abilities to seek out a group of heroes called the Order of the Stone and will save the world.

This is a game that allows them to talk to characters, find various items, and even solve puzzles to access areas and move forward. It’s not an open world, but it has traditional Minecraft elements. This is good for both experienced and new players, who want a story with their Minecraft adventure.

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Kingdom Hearts 3

If your child has played the other Kingdom Hearts games, then they’ll love 3. It’s the conclusion to the current saga that they’re on, but it’s not just about the story and characters, but it’s also about the fun adventures in the Disney worlds they’ll love. Some of the areas you can visit include Arendelle from Frozen, Olympus from Hercules, and even the Toy Story world where you scale through Big Al’s toy store. It is geared towards older kids, but if your child loves kingdom hearts, then this is a good one for them to consider getting. And, if they understand the story of kingdom hearts, it’s even more worthwhile.

Tales of Vesperia

Now Tales of games have a teen rating, but younger kids can play these with their parents. This one isn’t necessarily violent or graphics, though it does have some parts to it. If your child likes RPGs, this is a great one for them to start with. It involves a man named Yuri who doesn’t like how his area is being treated. He helps the princess Estelle escape the castle, and from there ends up on an adventure with a ragtag crew, including a pirate girl that wasn’t in the original.

This is a release of the original game for kids’ games Xbox one, which didn’t have all the content it does now. It’s a great game for kids who love these types f games, though the language might be a bit too hard for younger ones.

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Just Dance

Getting children moving can be hard, but Just Dance does that, and it helps kids stay active with music hits, and allows them to build rhythm and balance. You can install this on a smartphone, hold the phone, and then the game tracks your movements while you move. ti’s a super straightforward and easy way for you to get moving, and it’s quite fun too, and super energetic. If you have parties, this is a great one, and with over 40 different tracks and 300 songs that are available with Just Dance unlimited, you can dance to hits that you will enjoy, and ones that you and your kids will know.

Lego Dimensions

This is a toy and game set all in one. Essentially, what it is for the child is you get the toys and figures that you play with, but then, you scan those into a video game, and they can be played digitally. It’s a toys-to-life game, a new trend for kids games, and it takes you a step further by allowing you to build the playsets and figures in many cases from popular licenses, and it is a fun lego set that is seen in the game itself, and you can even swap in characters from different licenses to every single level, so if you want to create an Indiana Jones and a Marvel heroes crossover with Scooby-Doo, you can do that with this fun game.

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These Xbox one games are fun for children, but also for everyone, and they are quite interesting for kids, and you as a parent will enjoy them. They are fun to play together, and you’ll be amazed at how much of a ball you’ll have with these, and the cool things that you can do in these games as well.


Fractus Learning suggests that Xbox One is generally appropriate for children 7 years old and above. Furthermore, parents would have to think twice before buying the Xbox One for their toddlers, as it retails at $499.


Plants vs Zombies: Battle For Neighborville, was recently released by Xbox One manufacturers, and so far it’s been the most loved and wanted. The war between these two groups has improved to a whole other level, with more fights and weapons, plus new characters that make the game even more awesome.




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