What Are Some Nice Watches For Kids They’ll Use 

Watches may not be as in fashion as they used to be, but kids do love them. Plus, they’re great for telling time, and if you don’t want your kid to have a smartphone yet, this is probably the best option. Here, we’ll discuss some nice watches that kids will love, and some of the features of these that you’ll enjoy. 

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Timex Girls Time Machines 

This is a USA-based company that’s known for creating some great, high-quality watches. The display on this is incredibly easy to read, and there are even minute markets too. Unlike some watches, this one does have a second hand, and it’s really good for boosting cognitive development.  It is pretty good for a lot of girls, especially if they’re trying to learn. The color may not be a boy’s favorite but if he wants a pink watch, this is a good one. It is water resistant up to 30 meters, but unfortunately, that isn’t enough for swimming, and you can’t submerge it for a long period of time. It also does fit smaller than others, but this is a good one if you want something that’s easy to adjust, and is comfortable for most small kids, this is the perfect option. 

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Paw Patrol Kids Watch 

Does your child like Paw Patrol? Well, now they can get their favorite Paw Patrol character on a cool watch. it’s a 3D model of it, and it comes with a strap that’s super adjustable and allows for you to create the perfect fit.  It does have a construction to it that’s made for kids, and it won’t harm the kid at all. It also helps teach children accountability and responsibility. 

There are a couple of downsides to this one. The first is that it isn’t waterproof, so if your child likes to go swimming or play in the water, then you may want to get them another option. Another problem with this, is tat the pin that’s in the watch band tends to come loose if you’re too rough with it, and that could be a problem for kids that are a little bit rough with using this, but it is great and if your child is obsessed with Paw Patrol this is the best one on the market from that series. 

Waterproof Swimming Digital Watch 

Finally, a watch that is waterproof. This is a great sports watch that comes with an Indiglo light that the child can press to illuminate their area. It’s got a bright LED display, a stopwatch, backlight, an alarm, and even a day/date calendar and a little chime that happens when y the hour changes.  It is a sleek design, and it’s very fashion-forward, and is great for little girls and boy.s the two downsides to this one is the compass is literally design only, and the buttons don’t work when they’re submerged in water, but otherwise, this incredibly easy and light to wear, and it’s a great sport watch. The features are incredibly easy to set up and use.  it’s great for most children, and the wrist size can go up to 7 inches, and it comes in many different colors. This is a waterproof sports watch until 100 feet. So, you’ll have a great watch that’s used for sports. This is my personal favorite in term of use, but there are other options on this list too that is great. 

Vtech Kidizoom DX2 

Vtech doesn’t’ just make cameras, they make watches too. It is a great smart watch that teaches children how to tell the time easily, and it can be customized to a child’s liking. The watch can take pictures and record, but if you want to include parental control settings you can. It’s a full digital watch and it’s incredibly durable.  it’s waterproof, but it’s best if you don’t submerge it for too much since it could affect it. It does come with some games too that children can try, and is a great smart watch without paying the price for say, an Apple watch. However, the games aren’t really the most intriguing and deep, so a child can get a bit bored with the games over time. But, if you’re considering the smart watch route, this is one of the best on the list. 

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Lego DC Universe Smart Watch 

If you’re a fan of Legos or superheroes, this is a superman style watch. It includes 12 links in it that a child can use, and add to the wrist as needed. This is a great watch for children over the age of 6 due to the small parts. But, it is adjustable and comes with a 2 year warranty. It is water resistant, but not ideal for swimming and showering. The face is incredibly easy to read, and it comes with vibrant colors, making using this for your child all the more easier.  This is a great one that teaches children what time it is.

In fact, it’s almost too good at it.  This doesn’t have a digital face on it, so it’s all analog. So, if the child doesn’t know how to tell analog time yet, then it may be best to go with a different watch, but this is a great one if you want to teach your child this still. I don’t know how helpful it is these days since most clocks are digital, but with a cool Lego face, and a great superman figure on it, it’s worth potentially buying for those kids that want something that fits their style.

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These are some great watches, and whether you’re getting them as a fashion accessory, to teach kids how to tell time, or to have a sports watch that children can wear without wrecking it with water, these are some wonderful options that fit any child’s style and needs. You can show your kids the ones you’re considering, and then they can choose which one they want. 

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