What Is The Most Durable IPad Case For Kids?


iPads, when supervised correctly, can be valuable learning tools for children. Kids can play on apps that are educational, play fun games on them, and watch videos. Obviously, adult supervision needs to be required so they don’t run into something they shouldn’t see, but there isn’t anything wrong with moderate use.

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With that said, kids are rough. They’ll hit, drop, and throw things at the poor, fragile iPad. Adults already can be klutzy and damage their devices, so you better believe that if you have an iPad you want to use for your kids, you need to have a great case that is durable. With that said, here are some cases that will allow for durability and fun.

What To Look for In A Kid’s Durability Case


Duh. A case isn’t that good if it can’t protect your case against a fall or something splashing on it. Now, obviously, no case is foolproof. Even the most durable cases out there can still fail. So don’t test it. However, most cases can withstand the occasional drop your kid may do to it.


A kid’s durability case may be more colorful and have more illustrations on it than a normal durability case, which is always a plus. Of course, cuteness does not beat durability in priorities, but a cute case can tempt your child to want to use it more, which is a win in our books.

Easy to Put in and Take Out

Some cases are hassle for you to put inside your iPad, and if you want to take it out, you often have to pry it open with a knife. A good case will be much less of a hassle, yet still keep your iPad safe and protect it from a curious child who may disassemble it.

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Age Appropriate

Some cases are designed for young children in mind, giving it grips and whatnot. Meanwhile, some cases are intended for older kids, with designs that teens and adults may love too. Make sure you’re buying a case that is appropriate for the age of your child.

Version Compatible

There are many different versions of iPads, and you want one that is appropriate for your version. Some may be adjustable to work with all versions and possibly future versions of the iPad that come out, which is always good.

Features for Children

Not to mention, you want an iPad case that does more than just protect. Some will have features that are great for young children. For example, a case may have a stand so that your child can access it easier, or grips for them too. Many of these features make it easy for the iPad to stay in one place, giving it more protection than ever.

With that out of the way, let’s look at some cases.

ArmorBox Kido Series

This is a case that is quite durable to say the least. It comes in a carry case that allows you or your kid to carry it with ease, as well as  a stand to make your kid play with it with ease. This is a case that excels in durability and it’s for all versions of the iPad.

iPad Monster Case

This case is shaped like a monster and it’s furry as well, making it great for your kid. Honestly, you may get one for yourself, too. This case has a mouth, and once opened, it can fit your iPad with ease. This case has wool that is undyed, perfect for children who may be a little mouthy.  

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iGuy Freestanding Case

This case has legs to let it stand and arms to help your child grip. It offers some decent protection as well, and has three colors to boot. Overall, it’s a unique case we believe you’ll love.

ROARTZ Slim Fit Smart Rubber Folio Case

Who doesn’t love a good, slim fit? This case is simple and easy to use, and provides quality without breaking your bank. It’s cheaper than your official cases while giving the same quality you’ve come to expect. Not to mention, this case gives you adequate protection no matter who you are. We say this case is worth trying out.

Snugg Shock, Drop & Kid Proof Case

When you’re dealing with a child who has a hard time gripping and an easy time dropping, this case is for you. The case has handles on each edge to keep your child’s grip firm, and it offers the iPad full protection from a child who may be a little handsy at times. Try this case out and see what we mean.

Mosiso – Canvas Fabric Sleeve

This is a sleeve that fits most iPads and comes in many styles and colors, giving it protection and style like none other. This sleeve is great for older kids and honestly, it’s a sleeve that is good for any age. Adults and teens may like it too. If you’re looking for a fabric sleeve that keeps up with your busy lifestyle, we say this one is worth checking out.

iPad Organizer – Weird Old Snail

This is a case that is anything but weird. It’s quality. It provides you with great protection and fits all iPads. This case is also something that’s good for an older audience, too. Your kid will love it, and you may love it too. Try it out today and see if it’s good for you.

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Laugh And Learn iPad Case

This comes from Fisher-Price, which means you can expect a toy for little ones. Now, the problem with this case is that they stopped making it after the third iPad came out, but if you have an older one, this is a good little case to have. It’s durable, large, and has cute little handles and beads to make the grip so much better. We hope that maybe one day, they will make this for future iPads, hopefully. You never know with these products.


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