What Are The Best Backpacks for Middle School Students

As a mom, you probably have everything in your purse save for the kitchen counter. To middle school students, their backpacks are the same.  This is why, when buying backpacks for middle school students, you need to understand what it means to them. What are the best backpacks for middle school students? Here are some ideas on how to answer this question.

What Do Middle School Students Have In Their Backpacks?

Middle school students have a lot of things in their backpacks. They have pencils, pens, erasers, coloring materials, at least 12 colors of permanent markers, highlighters in several different colors and dry erase markers which seems to be a staple nowadays. These are just the writing materials. They also have paper items such as folders, copy paper, colored paper, wide-rule loose leaf paper, and index cards. They also have other art materials such as scissors and glue. Some students may carry a change of clothes, their lunch, and their tablets or phones. Imagine how heavy their bag would be? Now, put some books in, and you have a regular workout.

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Now that you know what you will find in the backpack of a middle school student, this should give you an idea of how sturdy their backpack should be. There are a lot of study bags that are not too expensive. Just step into a Walmart or a Target store, and you can get a good backpack for $20 that can last you a year or maybe two. You need to check the material closely to make sure that you have what you need.

What Should The Backpack Of A Middle School Student Be Made Of?

Depending on which part of the country you live, you may also want to consider the material for the backpack you will get for your middle schooler. If you leave in a region where it rains a lot of experience a lot of snow, you should remember to go for one with waterproof material. Commonly, waterproof backpacks are made of nylon, PVC or vinyl or a combination of two of these materials. Some brands that you can look for that use these materials are Overboard Pro-Sport, Timbuk2 Spire, Dry Case Basin, Ortlieb Velocity, Sea to Summit Rapid Drypack, Lowpro Dryzone 200, Mission Workshop VX Sanction Rucksack and Patagonia Stormfront.

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How “Cool” Should A Middle School Student’s Backpack Be?

Being a student comes with the pressures and pleasures of being “included,” “accepted,” or being one of the “cool” students. Since their backpacks are, for the most part, the only accessory they have, their backpacks play a considerable part in achieving this status.

The color of their backpack is important. It cannot be too bright or too dull or too corny. In middle school, some would treat using a bag with Disney characters all over it as “uncool” or not at all age appropriate. Unless, of course, it is Mickey Mouse, because everyone admits, Mickey Mouse is just way too cool.

Size and Design also matters. You may come across backpacks in the shape of an emoji, a dragon, etc. Currently, Pokemon may be considered ok as a design for one’s bag, as well as, Transformers. Again, you may want to choose designs that are age appropriate, or you run the risk of your middle school child not using the bag or begging you to get something else.

Brands Can Be Your Safest Bet

At their age, middle school students are already aware of which brands are “cool.” Here are some go-to brands and bags according to Best Reviews. These are Abshoo Cute Lightweight  MiddleSchool Backpacks for Girls, High Sierra Loop Backpack, Vbiger, HotStyle Fashion Printed Trendy Max Galaxy Pattern Backpack, Goldwheat School Backpacks, Leaper Thickened Canvas School Backpack, and Rick-H School Backpack.

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