Best Rolling Backpack For Nursing Students

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Best Rolling Backpack For Nursing Students

How can the best rolling backpack for nursing students help with school? Can nursing students benefit from the best rolling backpack? The endless days of class and long hours in clinics that nursing students face can be tiresome, pushing their way through their schooling. One easy way to save a little bit of energy is to opt for the best rolling backpack for nursing students.

Using a wheeled rolling backpack allows these students to tow their heavy books and supplies behind them. In fact, using the best rolling backpack is being recommended over carrying a backpack, by medical professionals.

Does this mean that it’s important to get a high-quality rolling backpack for nursing students? How much does the best rolling backpack cost? Read more on the rolling backpacks for nursing students here.

The Best Rolling Backpack For Nursing Students?

Wheeled backpacks take weight and stress off your shoulders. You can fill them with the heavy and necessary equipment, from scrubs to books to the dozens of granola bars that sustain you when shifts get stretched out, all without needing to worry about overweighing your backpack.  

So what is the best rolling backpack for nursing students? Is it a big backpack or a branded rolling backpack? What’s the difference between the ordinary backpack and the rolling backpack?

Since there are too many options for the best rolling backpack for nursing students, we made a list of the best college and nursing school rolling backpacks to make choosing easier for you. We highlighted the features of each bag for comparison. You can also continue reading the article if you want to learn more about famous brands and the good qualities of a good nursing backpack.

Best Rolling Backpack For Nursing Students:



AMBOR Best Rolling Backpack For Nursing Students - (See Reviews On This Rolling Backpack)


best rolling backpack with retractable handle.

  • The Rolling backpack is made of high-quality polyester and water-resistant coating to keep the backpack dry.
  • It is designed with two inline-style wheels and a retractable handle which enables you to cruise with it without hassle.
  • It not only fit your laptop, but it also has multiple compartments for your books and school essentials.

Best Rolling Backpack For Nursing Students

J World New York Sundance Best Rolling Backpack For Nursing Students - (See Reviews On This Rolling Backpack)


  • The Colorful rolling bags are made of 600D Polyester, they come in fun colors and designs perfect for stylish students.
  • It has an Ergonomic S-Shaped adjustable shoulder straps and can be converted to a back pack if needed.
  • It has a T-Shaped telescoping handle made of high quality PU coated materials and aluminum pipes.
  • It has ample space fore your school gadgets and essentials.

Best Rolling Backpack For Nursing Students:


Nursing students need to keep up their physical health while in school and beyond, as you well know. Wheeled backpacks are just one small way to make that goal a little bit more attainable. 

You’ll find them with all sorts of useful features that help you stay organized and provide you with convenience. The best rolling backpack for nursing students will be made of high quality materials that are water resistant, include a padded laptop sleeve inside, have a separate main compartment, laptop compartment, and front pocket, and have extras like a telescoping handle. They’ll also come with shoulder straps, too, so you have the choice of using your bag as a traditional backpack when you want to. 

So is the best rolling backpack really necessary for nursing students? Should they primarily choose a rolling backpack?

Now, many people often associate wheeled backpacks with the hall monitors of elementary school and the socially-unaware nerds of high school, but those stereotypes are a complete misconception. Wheeled backpacks swoop in to save the day after tough days and harrowing nights and choosing the best rolling backpack colleg and nursing school is essential. 


Best Rolling Backpack For Nursing Students


Choosing the best rolling backpack for nursing students might seem difficult at first, since there are so many out there on the market, and different people use a wheeled backpack for different purposes. But, for nursing students, there are a few key elements that you should keep in mind when picking one out: 

Rolling Backpack Weight

Even though going for wheeled backpacks makes weight less important than a bag you wear on your back, weight should still be a factor you keep in mind when looking at wheeled backpacks. A lighter bag, no matter how you transport it, will always be easier to manage, and having a lighter bag means you can fill it up with heavier items without straining as much. Nursing students have plenty of heavy things to put in the rolling backpack, so the bag doesn’t need to be heavy, as well. 

Type of Rolling Backpack Wheel Configuration

Some rolling backpacks have wheels that swivel, and some have wheels that are fixed in one direction like with skate wheels, kind of like a suitcase. Swiveling wheels tend to come on fancier backpacks, while fixed wheels are often more economical. Both kinds of wheels will work just fine, but keep in mind which you prefer. If you’re looking for more maneuverability out of your wheeled backpack then you should look for one that has swivel freewheel wheeled capability, such as the High Sierra Freewheel wheeled backpack.

The other thing to look for regarding wheel configurations is whether the wheels are corner mounted, or not. Corner-mounted wheels are situated at the corners of the backpack, just as they sound. Other rolling backpacks for nursing students will have the wheels mounted closer to the center of the bag, rather than having them corner mounted. Most of these will be more like skate wheels that are fixed.

Backpack Interior Storage Space

There are two aspects that go into interior storage space in wheeled backpacks. Firstly, you’ll need to consider how the space is configured. Does it have a laptop pouch? Are there many pockets? Secondly, you’ll want to check how much space the bag actually has, which is usually measured in terms of volume. 

You’re definitely going to want a wheeled backpack with a padded laptop compartment that is large enough to accommodate whatever sized-inch laptop you will be using. Then you’re going to want a main compartment that still has ample space for books and notebooks. Most nursing students also find a zippered compartment and other multiple pockets to be ideal. 

Rolling Backpack Handle

Many people often overlook the handle of rolling backpacks, and they shouldn’t. Choosing among various options for the best rolling backpack for nursing students to find the one with the most comfortable and practical handle is very important since you’ll deal with the handle more often than any other part of the bag. It should be comfortable in your hand and easy to stow away. You’d also do well to find a wheeled backpack with a telescoping handle for convenience.

Rolling Backpack Appearance

Even if the best rolling backpack for nursing students doesn’t seem like the most stylish option out there, that doesn’t mean they don’t come in different colors and patterns. Picking one that makes you smile can be a great pick-me-up on a difficult day, so don’t forget to keep it in mind. You’ll be spending a lot of time with your wheeled backpack so it doesn’t hurt to choose one that you like to look at. Just make sure you’re also still looking for high quality, at the same time. 

Best Rolling Backpack For Nursing Students

With all of the above qualities in mind, we’ve picked out few-wheeled backpacks that best meet the needs of nursing students. Our favorites are light and functional, but also durable and attractive. Below are our recommendations for the best rolling backpacks for nursing students.

AOKING Waterproof Rolling Backpack 

Why We Love it: This rolling backpack has large wheels and is waterproof which makes it excellent for maneuvering no matter where you go, from the park to the parking lot. It also has an easily accessible water bottle pouch to keep you hydrated and comes in two colors. 

This rolling backpack has a laptop sleeve inside the main compartment so you can keep your computer protected by the water-resistant material. Pretty much every nursing student is going to need to put a laptop in their wheeled backpack so this is certainly a plus. There are also multiple pockets located throughout this wheeled backpack so you can organize all of your items for school.


Gladiador Business Bag with Wheels 

Why We Love it: This bag is the king of slick, wheeled backpacks. It combines a simple design with functionality. The bag is equipped with a large laptop pouch and can convert to a lightweight bag to carry on your shoulders when needed, making it a very versatile option. 

This one is great for the nursing student who wants a wheeled backpack that looks slick and will serve well as a laptop backpack that could also be used for work. It has a laptop sleeve that’s padded for extra protection, the main compartment that has multiple pockets for organizing, and is made from high-quality, durable materials.

Targus Rolling Backpack 

Why We Love it: This backpack has pockets galore. If you love to have dividing pockets, pockets for your laptop and files and pockets for your supplies like thumb drives and pencils, this bag is perfect for you. It’s also very lightweight and compact, so it’s easy to transport all the little things you’ll need throughout your day. Nursing students definitely have a need for carrying a lot of items so lots of pockets to keep things separated in the main compartment is certainly a good thing.


J World New York Sundance Rolling Backpack 

Why We Love it: Nursing students will love this rolling backpack. It has everything you need in a nursing school rolling backpack: It’s light, roomy, easy to handle, and comes in about 20 different patterns and colors. 

The wheeled backpack is water-resistant, has a padded laptop sleeve, and includes the zippered pocket you’ll want where nursing students can keep their valuables. This one definitely meets the standards to be called the best rolling backpack for nursing students.

High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Backpack

Why We Love It: This is one of the best rolling backpacks because it’s large but lightweight. The wheels are designed to give you a smooth roll over all types of terrain. The straps stay hidden when you don’t want to use them. The High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Backpack is also a laptop backpack with a dedicated laptop sleeve.

The High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Backpack qualifies as the best rolling backpack because it’s a water-resistant laptop backpack that has plenty of useful features, a large main compartment that has the capacity to hold 34.5L of stuff, and comes in several different colors and patterns.


Jansport Driver 8 Core Series Wheeled Backpack

Why We Love It: It has shoulder straps that can be hidden away. The Jansport Driver is a laptop backpack. This rolling backpack comes in 8 different colors. The Jansport Driver is definitely worthy of being called the best rolling backpack as it has not one main compartment, but two, and that’s in addition to the laptop slot. In terms of a wheeled backpack that’s ideal for nursing students, the Jansport Driver is one we can get behind. 


Best Rolling Backpack For Nursing Students


The most important part of choosing the best rolling backpack for nursing students isn’t necessarily about looking for the right brand, but more about looking for the right features and functionality of a wheeled backpack. You need it to be lightweight, but with a large main compartment for holding many items. It’s best if you get one that is made of water-resistant materials, such as the High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Backpack, so your laptop backpack keeps your computer protected. High Sierra is known for its durable and water resistant backpacks so you can feel good about going with a rolling backpack from High Sierra.

That being said, the best rolling backpack for you is all about you. Choose yours based on your needs. If you live in a wet region, High Sierra might be your best bet. If you don’t use a laptop at school, then don’t get a laptop backpack. Think about what you.

FAQs On The Best Rolling Backpack For Nursing Students


Are rolling backpacks better? 

Rolling backpacks can be better for your back and shoulder health. A bag that sits on your shoulders, especially if it’s not well-adjusted or if you wear it on just one arm, can strain your back and shoulders, and even cause bruising if very heavy. Wheeled backpacks, on the other hand, eliminate these problems. 

Do college students use rolling backpacks? 

College students often use wheeled backpacks when they study subjects that require large textbooks or have classes that require them to be on campus for long periods of time. A rolling backpack can make it much easier to lug around the many things college students need to get them through the day. 


Do I need a backpack for nursing school? 

Yes! You absolutely will need a backpack for nursing school, and wheeled backpacks are ideal. A nursing school rolling backpack will carry your textbooks, schoolwork, and possibly laptop computer as well as clothes, shoes, and snacks for clinicals.

What’s an important tip when buying a rolling backpack?

Decide initially what kind of rolling backpack to buy by observing first what nursing and other college students are using. You can also learn more by checking out online reviews from popular sites like Amazon.

What Is In The Best Rolling Backpack For Nursing Students? 

Nursing students usually have a few extra items that other students don’t need to carry. That includes clothes, shoes, and snacks because classes are often back-to-back with clinicals, so nursing students might not have time to rush back and forth between home and school to get what they need. 


What Makes The Best Rolling Backpack For Nursing Students? 

Wheeled backpacks are an excellent choice for nurses. With long shifts and many items to keep track of, nurses need bags that combine ease-of-use with lots of space, but that won’t become too heavy to handle. Wheeled backpacks fit that bill. 

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