What Is The Best Backpack For Nursing School?

There is something special about the kind of tired that comes with being a nurse. It’s physical, emotional and mental, and can feel like a heavy weight that’s never quite lifted as you care for others.

This exhaustion is not just limited to nurses either. It also extends to students of nursing that battle long days of classes – sometimes classes that aren’t even in their discipline – and balance hours of clinicals as they try to commit to memory important knowledge that could save lives.

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If you know the feeling, then you’re probably a nursing student, or at least someone close to one. You’re probably wondering there is anything you can do to ease the burden.

It may seem like a relatively small thing in the grand scheme of all of the different kinds of work nurses and students of nursing need to do, but one way to help a nursing student feel a little less exhausted and a little less stressed throughout their day is a good backpack.

Yep, you read that right. Why?

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The Importance Of A Good Backpack

Backpacks for nursing students need to be able to be stuffed full of all of the necessary equipment a nursing student needs. I’m not just talking about medical equipment, although there may be some of that in there, too.

I mean that huge anatomy textbook that you have to lug around until you know every little piece of the body like the back of your own hand. Or, that lifesaving change of clothes that can help you feel a little cleaner and a little more refreshed after a day of running around.

And, you can’t forget about lunches and snacks, water, pens and paper, a computer and everything else a student and professional needs, because at the end of the day, a nursing student is both.

So, of course backpacks for nursing students are often pretty huge. But, a big ol’ hunk of fabric isn’t enough to keep everything contained.

No, you need something that provides support to your back, neck and shoulders and keeps your things protected, both from bumps and from the weather. 

A well-structured laptop backpack is a good choice, as long as it has good support and plenty of space.

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Our Favorite Backpacks For Nursing School

North Face Borealis Backpack

Why We Love It: Stylist and functional are the two words we think best describe this bag. With comfortable shoulder straps and attractive colors, this bag is a godsend. Bonus? It’s also a laptop backpack.

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AOKING Waterproof Rolling Backpack

Why We Love it: This rolling backpack has large wheels and is waterproof which makes it excellent for maneuvering no matter where you go, from the park to the parking lot. It also has an easily-accessible water bottle pouch to keep you hydrated and comes in two colors. And, of course, a rolling backpack is the best kind for your neck, shoulder and back health.

Patagonia Tamangito Pack 20L 

Why We Love it: For a laptop backpack, this bag makes extremely efficient use of its space. Unlike some bags with laptop sleeves, the other pockets in the bag are well-thought-out for any uses, including for use as a nursing school backpack.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a backpack for nursing school?

You definitely will need a backpack for nursing school. Since students in nursing school often double as both students and professionals, you might need textbooks, medical equipment, a change of clothes, snacks and more to get you through both classes and clinicals on your journey toward becoming a nurse.

Picking out the right backpack is important because a good backpack can last for years, taking future stress out of your nursing career, but that’s not the only reason. 

You should also remember that a backpack that provides lots of support with plenty of space can make your mornings quicker and your afternoons a little easier, which is something many students, but especially students in nursing school need.

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What is the best rolling backpack for students?

Two of our favorite rolling backpacks for students are the AOKING Waterproof Rolling Backpack and the Targus Rolling Backpack. Both backpacks feature useful pockets and are easy to pull.

Sometimes students worry that rolling backpacks are out of style or may not be the most durable, but we think those two bags challenge both of those notions. They have many useful features and wouldn’t stand out in a crowd. At least, not in a bad way.

What backpack brand is the best?

There are many reputable backpack brands out there like Swiss Gear, High Sierra, JanSport, Patagonia and North Face. No one brand is necessarily better than another, but certain brands do have advantages over other brands that might appeal to some people and not to others.

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For example, you may be hard-pressed to find a great rolling backpack from North Face or Patagonia because that’s just not what they do, while High Sierra has plenty. On the other hand, those outdoor brands all have great waterproof bags.

The best brand really depends on what you’re looking for, but it’s never a bad idea to pick a bag from a brand you recognize because you have a little more assurance that the quality will be there. 

What is the most durable backpack?

If you’re looking for a durable backpack for everyday use, from work to school to the outdoors on the weekend, it’s a good idea to look for a bag from brands that specialize in casual outdoor recreation, like Patagonia, Fjallraven and North Face.

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These brands make their bags with durability foremost in their minds. Often the bags are waterproof and made of heavier materials that will ensure that they will survive many different conditions.

At the same time, they know that many of their customers aren’t full-time backpackers and many of their bags end up in universities and workplaces, so they also keep in mind certain functionality and style aspects that make them all-around solid bags for many different uses.

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