What Are The Most Popular Lego Technic Sets?

Legos have evolved quite a lot in the long time they have been here. Originally, they were simple, interlocking building blocks. Now, they’ve evolved into setpieces made of thousands of Lego pieces, and there is are Lego sets out there for every skill level. Older children, teens, and adults can enjoy Lego, and it can teach a child patience, skill, and how to make some amazing structures out of blocks.

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So what are Technic sets? These are vehicles and other machines your child can build, and they can include motors that can make them come to life. It can teach your child how to be a machinist, and maybe they will grow up to build or repair cars. Just remember, these toys are meant for older children who have experience in Legos. If your child is bored with their normal sets, get them a Technic Set. With that out of the way, let’s look at a few of them.


  • Rough Terrain Crane

Who doesn’t love cranes? This is a set that when you build, creates a crane over three feet high. You can rotate the crane and use it. With its V8 engine, adjustable mirrors, and its intricate details, you will be quite amazed at what this crane can do. It’s colorful and can pick up quite a bit considering it’s made from Legos.

It comes in an A or B model. The B-model is smaller and a bit lacking, but the A model is huge and allows for complete control. We highly recommend it.

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  • Bucket Wheel Excavator

Who doesn’t love a large setpiece? This is two feet long and 16 inches in height. It’s also one of the biggest sets around. With over 4,000 pieces, it will be a tough job for your kid, but once they’re done, they will feel satisfied.

You can drive this piece of equipment in all sorts of directions, and there are two sides that look good. It’s a vehicle that goes across terrain, but it does move a bit slow and its movements can jerk around. So it’s not as fast and slick as a remote-controlled race car, but it’s so satisfying we don’t think your kids will care. It’s a good way to teach your child about conveyor belts and whatnot.


  • Mercedes-Benz Arocs

Who doesn’t want to drive around in a Mercedes-Benz? This is a construction truck that can teach your child about the world of construction, and it looks cool to boot. It’s detailed, has a large and powerful motor, and it’s fully controllable. You can do quite a bit with this piece of equipment to make you feel like you’re in a real construction field. It’s a challenging piece of equipment to build, but it’s oh so satisfying.

However, its control scheme is a bit annoying and you need to customize it to drive, so there’s that.


  • 42030: VOLVO L350F Wheel Load

This is a popular construction vehicle, and boy, does it show. It has many different parts including a six-piston motor, and its lift arm actually works. The gears can make everything nice and controllable and its bucket can carry your loads and allow you to feel like you’re playing in construction. Plus, it drives great. You don’t need to change functions, and once you build, it’s easy to play with it. However, there is a pesky gap that makes it appear unfinished.

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  • Crawler Crane

Here is another crane that is great for any kid of any age to use. It’s two feet in height and you can control its boom with ease. Raising the claw has never been so fun. You can even build onto it and make the crane bigger. You may end up with a crane about five feet. That’s quite impressive.

As for its pulley system, it’s quite real and it uses lots of cable, which you should have. It comes with many moving parts. As for the B-model, it’s not powered but it does use cables, making it an entirely good experience as well. It’s a great, elaborate toy and you can have many different functions. Also, its motor is powerful and can run different functions without any trouble. Also, because both the A and B model use the same bases, less disassembly is needed if you want to switch.

However, the crane lacks suspension, and the batteries are a bit short. Despite these couple of setbacks, it’s a very impressive crane, and we guarantee that you will love it.


  • Mack Anthem

Here is another truck that many kids will love. It comes with an L motor that has a whopping 6 cylinders. This makes the process much more fun. Its radiator spins and its pistons do function properly. Also, you can control its drive. The colors it has are a bit unrealistic, but it’s still bright and colorful. Also, you can detach the trailer and you can load everything manually. It’s another build that’s great for your future engineer.

There is a second build, and build B is about the same thing, just with a few differences. It’s cool to see a build where both models are good. Sometimes, the B model just fails in comparison. However, you do need a lot of practice with the crane, which is manually operated, and it does lack a rear bunk.Also, despite having a lot of pieces, it’s smaller than you’d think.

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  • 6×6 All Terrain Tow Truck

A tow truck can be a cool accessory to build. While it can’t tow real trucks, this build is still powerful, and it comes with its own powerful engine and an extending crane. Plus, its build is one of the more complex ones.

As for the B model, it’s an explorer vehicle. It uses less pieces, but it’s still fun to create and explore. It’s good if you want to prepare your child to build the main vehicle. It drives well, but some of the wheel differentials are a bit sensitive.


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