What Are The Best Legos For Girls Sets

Legos usually aren’t based on gender, but sometimes, girls may not want superheroes, police, and firefighters, or anything usually considered “boyish.” They may want pretty princesses and unicorns. Fortunately, we know of the best legos for girls that they’ll enjoy, and here, we’ll tell you of the best ones your child will love, no matter what they’re into.

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Lego Disney Princess Palace Pets Royal Castle

This is a two-story castle that has a music place, bedroom, patio, a dance floor that revolves, a bath area, and dining room. It’s only 186 pieces, which means that it isn’t a ton of pieces, but there are quite a few details. You get two different pets, and you can even lay out a delicious cake, or have people dance in the ballroom on the revolving dance floor. You can even bring other guests into this for more fun. The pets will even have their own special beds where they sleep. It’s interchangeable with other models, so if you have a couple of these other Lego disney princess sets, then your child is sure to love this one.


Lego Friends Heartlake Puppy Daycare Building Kit

Does your child like puppies? Well, they’ll love this puppy daycare set. It has a dog park, agility course, roundabout, podium, and other features. The inside also has a feeding station, a bath, various dog beds, a place for them to be groomed, and also an office area. It comes with everything that you need to take care of the puppies, including cleaning tools, a place for them to sleep, and more. You can even use the computer, phone, shampoo, brush, bowls, hair bows, bones, a shovel bucket, stick, ball, trophy, and fire hydrant to really make this the daycare center that you love. When it is playtime for the puppies, you can have them jump over various obstacles, and play with the roundabout. This is a 286 piece kit, and it’s super simple to put together, and if your child is between the ages of 6 and 12, and also loves puppies, they will enjoy this kit like no other.

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Lego Disney Moana’s Island Adventure

Moana is a timeless Disney movie, and this set allows you to explore the island from the movie and recreate the scenes. It’s the perfect gift and when you play with this, you can learn about Moana’s ancestors, play drums in the cave, and even find the Te Fiti heart. Your daughter can even create similar adventures to Moana’s, and it even includes her pet pig Pua, who is a tiny little pig. It also comes with the mini Moana doll, and features a waterfall too. You an also put together Moana’s house along with the island, and some of the popular accessories include a coconut bowl, two fish, a banana, ora, the heart of Te Fiti, a pineapple, and also a shell. There is a secret reveal under the waterfall to place the Te Fiti heart in there, and the fire contains a pole to cook fish. If your daughter loves disney, and Moana, then this is a set that they’ll play with for hours! Plus, it doesn’t take long to put together, which is an added bonus.

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Friends Heartlake Summer Pool

This is a fun summer pool setup featuring the Friends characters. You can have them sitting by the pool, using the sliding board, or even jumping off the big diving board. There is a swim-up bar you can put together to give them refreshment too. There is an outdoor shower, along with an aquarium and restroom. This set features a life guard stand, a hot tub, and a day bed, bringing for the perfect luxury and relaxation. It also comes with all the blocks,plus two characters for this, and comes with a wide variety of accessories. This is a pretty easy set to build, and allows for hours of imaginative fun. As a heads up though, the pieces are a little small, so as always, be careful.


Disney Princess Ariel and the Magical Spell

The Little Mermaid is a critically acclaimed movie, and this set features the underwater grotto, a chest full of treasure, and a fun cave. It comes with Flounder, and Ariel, who can sit on the rocks themselves in there, and she can switch between legs and tail for even more fun. There is also an Ursula doll, and you can recreate scenes from the movie. It’s about 222 pieces in total, and it comes with wonderful details. You’ll see these transform the scenes right in front of you into something right out of the movie, whether it be transforming Ariel from mermaid to human, or even showing the contract details between her and usuals, this lego set is fun, and your daughter will love it.

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Belle’s Enchanted Castle

This is a bigger set, at 374 pieces, but you can recreate this. It features a stained glass window, balcony, magic mirror, and the rose. It has a rotating ballroom, and dining room table, along with a ton of accessories, along with mini dolls of belle and the beast, both human and transformed. It also does include some of the other memorable characters in the enchanted castle as well. It’s a fun set to put together, but do bear in mind that this one takes longer since it is a much bigger set than the others.

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Lego sets are fun because they build motor skills, allow children’s imaginations to run wild, and are just a ton of fun. If you’re looking to try out some great lego sets your daughter will love and demand to play with again and again, this is the set, for it’s super fun to play with, and also has many different pieces. Legos allow for your child’s imagination to become more creative, and these sets are no exceptions. Just remember that the pieces in this are small, so never get these for children under the age of five.

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