The Best Helicopter Toys In 2024

Kids love helicopter toys. They love those cool RC toys that challenge them and, at the same time, are not too complex for them to understand. The best RC vehicle is a staple toy of any childhood. Running around with the best RC car in hand, riding in your little mini car, and, of course, the RC helicopter.

Best RC copter: Blue and green colored helicopter for kids

It used to be that the top remote helicopter set was lacking. They couldn’t fly high, and all it took was a blast of wind to knock them down. Nowadays, a remote-controlled helicopter is relatively cheap and can give you the coolest flight possible. It can provide hours of entertainment, an incentive to go outside and give your child the ability to have all sorts of fun while doing so. Plus, if your child becomes interested in flying, they may be interested in the best drones or even flying a copter of their own one day.

The Best Wireless Choppers

Here are some things to look for in the top remote helicopter set.

Charging And Use Time

Nothing is more disappointing than flying your RC helicopter for 10 minutes, only for it to need to be low on battery life after an hour. Luckily, many mini helicopters find the balance between use and charging time, ensuring a good main rotor and an optimal flying experience. Some may require you to put batteries in there, so beware of that. If you’re into indoor flying, consider the best indoor helicopter with LED lights for added fun. Always check the specific requirements of your helicopter toy to maximize your enjoyment.

Height And Range

Different copters can only reach a certain height when flown. You won’t find a toy helicopter that can lift to the same heights as a real helicopter, but at the same time, you don’t want one that goes barely above the heads of your kids or gets stuck mid-flight.


Your kid may be a bit rough with the top RC helicopters as they’re trying to learn it. You may expect helicopters that crash into walls, fall, and all that good stuff. Copters for little tykes from durable plastic make it ideal for that kind of audience. These helicopters have flashing LED lights for added fun and enhanced visibility. The advanced barometric pressure technology ensures a stable flight experience, and they boast various safety features to protect both the child and the helicopter during play.

  • The remote helicopter design allows for easy control indoors, and the remote helicopter rotor blades are crafted for resilience.
  • Some remote helicopter models even feature a built-in WiFi camera for capturing exciting moments during helicopter flight.
  • You can find these high-quality remote helicopter models at your local hobby shop, providing entertainment and educational value.
  • Enjoy extended playtime with impressive fly time to keep your child engaged with their remote helicopter for hours.

Indoor Or Outdoor Use

Your helicopter may be able to be used inside or outside. On a rainy day, many helicopters are great for indoor use, provided your kid is responsible and doesn’t cause damage with the chopper.

RC Copter: This RC helicopter is good for the outdoors.

Night Use

Some helicopters have new features, such as lights, making them great for nighttime use. If your helicopter does this, then you’re in luck. Feel free to fly it as high as you want to with ease.

Ease Of Use

Choosing the best remote control helicopter for your child involves considering various factors, such as age, mentality, and preferences. Two-speed modes and channel controls are critical aspects to explore. Some helicopters are more fun for older children, equipped with more features and intricate controls, while others designed for younger children offer simpler controls and fewer features. Assess your child’s age and mentality to determine which helicopter aligns with their skill level. There are video tutorials that can help you get a hang of the controls.

Top Remote Choppers

Additionally, exploring your local hobby shop for a diverse selection of helicopters is beneficial, ensuring you find the most suitable option. Indoor play is often ideal for these helicopters, fostering a controlled environment. Always remember the importance of adult supervision during playtime, especially if your child is learning to fly left. Check for helicopters with a sturdy metal frame for durability. By considering these factors, you can enhance your child’s helicopter experience while prioritizing their safety.

Best Helicopter Toys On The Market

Here are some of the top RC helicopters on the market today.

Syma S107 RC Helicopter

It is an affordable option among RC helicopters for beginners if we do say so ourselves. This RC helicopter is quite natural for a young child to get into and is lightweight. Despite being lightweight, it flies well with hover stability, and it doesn’t take long to charge, which is tricky in our book. The build quality is commendable, ensuring prolonged flying fun for enthusiasts.

This helicopter comes with the same features in three different channels to fly and a variety of colors as well. We say it’s worth trying out if your kid is a newbie to flying an RC helicopter, helping them make an informed decision. The altitude hold function adds to the ease of control, making it easy to fly even for those who aren’t experienced pilots in handling toy helicopters.

The tail rotor and fixed pitch contribute to the flight stability, while the altitude hold mode enhances the overall experience. This is a fantastic addition to the world of RC vehicles, providing three channels for a seamless and enjoyable introduction to the realm of RC helicopters.

Best RC helicopter: This remote controlled copter comes in three different channels to fly, and a variety of colors as well.

GP Toys G610 RC Helicopter

This model is a good helicopter for general flying, and it’s a helicopter that is quite large, too. It’s almost a foot long, making it great for older kids. It has about 10 minutes of flying time and takes nearly an hour to charge. We guess that because of its size, it takes longer. Plus, it requires assembly, too. For the impatient kid, it’s something that you may want to hold off on, but for the kid who can wait, it’s an excellent helicopter to try out.

Flying Ball Best Helicopter

This helicopter is more like a Snitch from Harry Potter, featuring gyroscope technology for enhanced stability. You control it with your hands—no remote is required. Just put your hand under this mini remote-controlled helicopter, and it responds to your hand movements, allowing for altitude hold and even performing aerial acrobatics. Pretty cool, huh?

This helicopter is excellent for young children and experienced pilots alike. It lights up, making it suitable for day or night use in a designated flying area. Also, it takes just 20 minutes to charge up its rechargeable battery using the provided USB charger, and it can fly for around 15 minutes. With its ready-to-fly design, it’s equipped with advanced features for all skill levels.

The helicopter’s hobby-grade build ensures durability and can easily take off and land with precision. The USB cable included in the package ensures convenient charging. This helicopter is designed to fly for a certain altitude, allowing you to fly higher and enjoy the experience.

Little Tikes My First Flyer Best Helicopter

As you may have gathered from the name, this is not merely a toy that older kids will love, but it’s ideal for young children who are interested in embarking on a new hobby of flying their helicopter. This one has beginner-friendly features and electronic stabilization, making it fairly easy to control through its remote. The four blades contribute to its stability, making the learning process smoother for the young pilot.

The remote, facilitating aircraft control, makes it easy to operate and allows your child to spend a fair amount of time getting used to it. With just a button press, voila! You are flying with style. It’s all solid plastic, too, so you don’t have to worry too much about your child wrecking it. We say that it’s worth checking out, especially for those with limited space, as it navigates well in confined areas.

  • One downside is that this remote helicopter needs a whopping six AA batteries.
  • Consider investing in the RTF version of this remote helicopter with an extra battery or opt for a rechargeable remote helicopter brand.
  • Replacement parts for this remote helicopter are available for added peace of mind in case of unexpected crashes.
  • This remote helicopter provides a fun and fairly easy introduction to remote-controlled helicopters, offering stability and style for your child’s remote helicopter adventures.

Syma S102G

It is another good chopper for a younger audience. This helicopter is a bit of an upgrade compared to the last one, and it has a light, making it great for nighttime use, too. Charging time is 40 minutes or so, and you can even use USB to charge. You can also buy spare parts if your child is rough on it.

GPToys Iron Remote Control Helicopters

Top remote helicopter set that combines ease of use with some impressive distances. It can go around 50 feet, and you can play with other friends. Not to mention, the controls are simple too. If you end up bumping it, it’s no big deal. This helicopter is for handling that and much more. Like all these copters, it’s great for indoors or outdoors. The downside is that it has a short flight time. You’re lucky if you get six minutes from it. Thankfully, the charge time isn’t that long, so it’s a trade-off.

RC Copter: RC copter for outdoor use.

Top RC Choppers: Frequently Asked Questions

What’s New In RC Helicopters?

Blade released the Fusion 480 Smart Power Combo Helicopter Kit recently. It has landing gear and frame that’s carbon fiber, as well as a high-strength steel shaft and spindle. You can also consider the Blade Nano Series (more about it here).

How Much Does A Good Helicopter Kit Usually Cost?

A good helicopter kit costs approximately $600. A more advanced version of it can cost more than that.

How Much Do The Best RC Helicopter Kits Cost On Average?

High-end RC helicopters’ prices go up as high as $7000. Those are not the most expensive ones, though, because others cost up to $18,000.

How Do RC Copters Fly?

RC helicopters have a primary rotor that lifts them off the ground. The spinning of the blades creates buoyancy.

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