What’s The Difference Between BabyNes Vs. Baby Brezza

Today, we’re going to be looking at two products: The Baby Brezza Formula Pro, and the Gerber BabyNes, two baby products that claim to be a smart baby formula dispenser. It’s kind of like a Keurig for babies, if you will. Why would you need this? Let’s take a look. 

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Why A Formula Mixer?

Your first question may be why you even need a formula maker to begin with. Making a bottle of baby formula is a bit of a hassle, but it’s not something you need a machine for, right? Well, here are a few reasons why a formula machine can help with baby care. 

  • It saves a bit of time. When you’re a parent, every minute matters, and preparing those baby bottles by hand can waste quite a bit of time. 
  • It gives you the exact measurements. While measuring out the baby formula isn’t rocket science, there’s sometimes room for error, especially with powder formula. Sometimes, you end up with too much or too little formula powder. Not with a formula machine. 
  • It mixes it up perfectly. Mixing a powdered drink can sometimes be a nightmare. Sometimes, no matter how much you mix, there always seems to be a stubborn clump that just won’t combine, making baby feeding harder. With the baby mixer’s mixing technology, you can get the perfect mix every time.
  • It heats up the formula perfectly. Other heaters can go too low or too high with the baby’s body temperature or room temperature, but this one ensures that it’s heated up perfectly. Perfect temperature control, every time. What’s not to love about it?

These are just a few reasons why a baby food maker can help you. But what is the best baby food maker? Is it the Baby Brezza Formula Pro, or the Gerber BabyNes? Let’s take a look at each bottle maker and decide which bottle maker makes your day. 

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Gerber BabyNes 

Gerber is a big name in baby products and baby gear. It’s one of the best formula brands around. Everyone recognizes that iconic Gerber baby, but is the Gerber BabyNes the best baby bottle formula dispenser? Let’s take a look at the Gerber BabyNes and see whether or not it is the best baby bottle dispenser, or if it falls short.  

The Capsules

The Gerber BabyNes can only make formula with its compatible Gerber BabyNes capsules. The Gerber BabyNes, therefore, is more like a Keurig, except you can only purchase Gerber products. This is a huge criticism of the Gerber BabyNes. Those Gerber capsules can add up, and they only have baby milk products. If you want a non-baby milk product, like something more plant based, you’re out of luck.

The Gerber BabyNes comes in capsules, with six types available depending on how old your baby is.  They also have Soothe, a product that may help with crying. 

Despite its huge flaw of only accepting Gerber products for your baby’s bottle, the Gerber BabyNes is overall easy to use. Put the capsule in, set your temperature, and you’re golden. It’s also WiFi-enabled, and will order up more capsules. The tank itself holds a nifty 27 ounces every time. 

Oh, and another huge flaw of the Gerber BabyNes? As of this post, it appears to be discontinued. We couldn’t find a clear reason why, and you can still find some from third party sellers, but good luck with any seller protection. Plus, considering how the Gerber BabyNes only uses their own products, you may not be able to find enough. 

Baby Brezza Formula Pro 

Next up is the Baby Brezza Formula Pro review. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro, or just the Baby Brezza, is an important piece of baby gear, because unlike the previous product, you can put whatever formula you want in it, add water, and it’ll make the product for you. No having to worry about capsules or anything. Put organic baby powder in there, plant-based, or anything you want. 

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Great  for Mixing

With the Baby Brezza, you don’t have to worry about improper mixing. It’s mixed to the best ability, having no air bubbles or other problems that come with improper mixing. 

The Best Heating

Another feature of the Baby Brezza is that it heats properly. Right up to the body temperature. No having to worry about the temperature being too hot or too cold. 

Any Bottle Size 

You can also choose from various baby bottle sizes, from 2 to 10 ounces. Just click your size on the Baby Brezza, and it should have you covered. 

Some Awesome Storage 

If you want to store lots of formula and water for future use, the Baby Brezza has up to 700g of storage, and 50 ounces for your water. You can put a bulk amount inside and make it slowly but surely. It’s quite easy, don’t you think?

The Formula Pro is only available from third-party sellers, but unlike the BabyNes, you can purchase the New Baby Brezza for an even better experience. 

Which Is Better?

After reading this post, it should be obvious who the winner is. The Baby Brezza is the definitive product. Oh, don’t get us wrong, the BabyNes is competent enough. It’s easy to use, and its WiFi feature of ordering more when you’re running out is a good idea. However, it’s clearly a product meant for the rich, and it’s no longer available on the market. 

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Meanwhile, the Baby Brezza is still available through newer models, and it allows you to use any baby formula you want. Just load it with the baby formula you have, and you should be good to go. 

We hope you enjoyed this comparison. Also check out our other content, where we review and compare products such as the best breast pump, car seats, and review the Beaba Babycook. We hope this article helped you pick the best product for your little one. Properly preparing your baby formula can be a hassle, and the Baby Brezza makes it easier. 


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