Kolcraft Cloud Plus Vs Sport

When you’re about to have a little one, choosing the best baby products for them is essential. One important item you need for your child is the stroller. A good stroller can last you a long time and ensure a comfortable, safe ride while meeting all your baby’s necessities. In this post, we’re going to look at two strollers from Kolcraft with lightweight design. First, there’s the Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller, and the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller. Which one is the best: Kolcraft Cloud Plus vs Sport? Let’s take a look to see which stroller is best designed for your family.

A baby sitting on a kolcraft stroller. Can you recognize if it is a kolcraft cloud plus or sport?
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To give you various options, we also made a list of the best-selling strollers that are lighter than the others. This list is from Amazon based on pricing, safety features, and materials quality. When you search for your child’s stroller, make sure to go through the list to compare each stroller’s characteristics from the Kolcraft Cloud plus vs Sport, which you find out more about as you read further.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Vs. Kolcraft Cloud Sport

First, let’s look at the Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight. If you are in the search for a cheaper stroller, then this one could be an option for you. This is a cheaper model, going for about $69 online. Here are some features of the  Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight, Slate Grey


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  • The umbrella stroller has lightweight design. It’s a compact stroller and highly recommended for travelling.
  • It has a removable child tray with two drink holders or dual cup holders and juice box holder that can accommodate regular bottles and smaller sippy cup.
  • It features a roomy storage for your baby’s necessities.
  • The peekaboo window is useful in order for you to quickly check your child.
  • It comes with adjustable 5-point safety harness, all-terrain wheels for wiggle-free ride and reclining seat to keep your little one happy while strolling with you.
  • The maximum weight of this stroller is 50 pounds
Kolcraft Cloud
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Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Travel Stroller, Fire Red


Kolcraft Cloud
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  • It has the same features as the first stroller on the list but it comes in a bright red color. It is best to bring anywhere specially when commuting.
  • The stroller has dual cup & juice box holder.
  • It’s folded dimensions are 18″ W x 12″ d x 34″ and can fit your car trunk but may take up more space compared to other regular strollers.
  • It comes with an extended canopy to protect your child from the sun and wind, and it has a large storage basket for your baby essentials.
  • This travel friendly stroller has an assembled dimensions of 17.6 x 29.9 x 41.7 inches.
  • The stroller has five point harness and is recommended for children who can seatwithout assistance & has full head and neck control.
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Delta Children Stroller 365 Lightweight


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  • The stroller from Delta children is JPMA certified and passed all safety standards set by the CPSC & ASTM. It is recommended for infants 6 months up to 45 lbs.
  • It offers comfort to both parents and the baby since it also has ergonomic handles to accommodate patients of all heights.

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, Gray


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  • The stroller is made with superior quality aluminum frame and it has a large seat to keep your baby comfy when strolling.
  • It also offers 4 position recline and an extra large basket for your baby bag and more.

The Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller’s priority is safety. It has a 5-point safety harness you can adjust. This 5-point safety harness also has some comfortable, padded shoulder sleeves. 

A red and black Kolcraft stroller. Kolcraft Cloud Sport is a Lightweight Stroller and safe for kids.
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The wheels of the  Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller are all-terrain. This feature means that you can take it virtually anywhere, and it delivers a smooth ride. If your baby is picky, you know the importance of a smooth ride, don’t you?

The Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller has a removable child tray that included a cup holderIt holds all your child’s favorite snacks and you can put their drinks in the cup holder. The removable child tray is easy to take off, making it convenient for most parents.

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Aside from child tray, there’s also a parent tray with two cup holders in Cloud Sport Lightweight stroller. When you need your nourishment, the parent tray and cupholders can ensure you the most convenient access possible to your water bottle. The Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller delivers on this quite well. 

The Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller is very lightweight. You probably figured that out with its name, but you may not have realized just how light it is. It’s 12 pounds, making it great for travel. It’s easily foldable, with a convenient one-hand fold to make things easier. Also, Cloud Sport Lightweight stroller has a self standing fold as well.

The  Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller has a large easy access storage basket. This feature is always essential for a parent who is packing all the necessities and other items.

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The Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller has a multi-position reclining seat. If you want to have an infant car seat, this is always important, as you want to make sure that the car seat reclines flat. Unfortunately, the  Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller lacks the ability to be a fully reclining seat. 

The Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller is considered an umbrella stroll with a canopy and a peekaboo window. The peek-a-boo window lets you see your little one while they’re sleeping, which is always a good thing.

If you like the peek-a-boo window, then you should figure out how you can buy Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller. Now that we looked at the  Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller, let’s look at the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller. 

Kolcraft Cloud Sport has almost the same look with Cloud Plus.
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Kolcraft Cloud Plus Vs. Sport

Now, for the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Easy Fold. If you look at the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Easy Fold, you may notice that its features are similar. You may wonder why that is. We won’t list out the features of the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Easy Fold, and instead, look at what makes the two different.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus vs Sport: Build 

It is noticeable that the Kolcraft Cloud Plus vs Sport Stroller have similar builds, with both being umbrella strollers. This means that they both feature a canopy for maximum sun coverage. You really can’t tell either apart, which may confuse some people. If you have a third eye for details, you may notice some teeny tiny differences, but overall, both Cloud Sport and the Plus are pretty much the same in looks. 

Both the Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller and the Cloud Plus stroller do have a slim aluminum frame. While it doesn’t look the best, one thing that we love about it is that it is indeed more comfortable to carry and gives a more compact fold. 

Both Kolcraft Cloud Plus and Sport are both lightweight. Easy to carry, fold and not complicated to use.
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Weight Limit 

Both the  Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller and the Plus have a 50-pound weight limit. For most parents, this is perfect, but if you’re looking for a big kid stroller, you may want to look somewhere else. Sometimes, baby strollers for big kids are great if you’re traveling. 


If you’re comparing Kolcraft Cloud Plus vs Sport in terms of safety, both are certified to be safe. Some people may wonder that because these strollers could be their cheapest option, there’s something wrong with the stroller’s safety. It is not the case at all. You can put your little one in the stroller and not have to worry much about your child getting hurt as long as you follow the safety rules.

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Both the  Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller and the Plus have plastic wheels. Although they are all-terrain, you shouldn’t get them too heavy-duty. The all-terrain wheels may not be able to handle it. 

Seat Comfortability 

This point is where both the Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller and the Plus fall apart a bit. Because it’s a cheaper seat, they aren’t the most comfortable. It’s not as breathable as you thought. The solution to this problem can is a bit of padding, but we do wish that the seats had a more breathable fabric.

Kolcraft Cloud Sport and plus have both the same dimensions. Which one would you go for between the two Kolcraft?
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Sizing And Weight 

The Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller and the Plus do have similar sizing and weight to them. These baby strollers are both slim, allowing for a compact fold and storage. The Plus and the Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller do have handlebars that are a bit low and not good for taller individuals. 

The Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller and the Plus have the same dimensions. Both are 18 inches in width, a foot in-depth, and 34 inches in height. Where they differ is their weight. The Plus is a little less than 11.8 pounds, and it’s light for most people. The Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller is 12 pounds. For pretty much everyone, the weight difference is meaningless.


Baby strollers with a compact fold are essential, so how do the Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller and the Plus compare? Do both of them have a beautiful, compact fold, or does one fall apart a bit? 

Both have a tremendous folding option, but we found that the Plus is more comfortable to use when compared to the Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller. The Plus’s one-handed fold is just more convenient and takes advantage of the folding power of the stroller. Cloud Sport though has a self standing fold.

It isn’t to say that the Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller isn’t easy to fold, but the Plus just has it beat. With the Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller, you cannot fold it. It means that the stroller is a little less compact. Don’t get us wrong, the  Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller is small, but the Plus just has it beat, and when you’re traveling in extra-tight spaces, there’s no reason not to get this. 


Both use the 5-point safety harness system as mentioned before, but the Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller has padded straps. The Plus does not. The solution to the problem is to add some straps to it, but the Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller has it beat by having pads already, so there’s that. It isn’t a huge difference, but for some parents, it may be. It all depends on what you’re looking for, we assume.


Both the  Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight Stroller and the Plus have different multi-position reclining seats to pick from. Neither is suitable for infants because they don’t have the inserts needed to support them in the multi-position reclining seat positions. The canopy and peek-a-boo window, however, is present, and both Cloud Sport and the Plus have that.


Both models have a large easy access storage basket and places to put your cups and snacks. When you need to pop the diaper bag in the storage basket, you can do so with ease. There isn’t anything wrong with either model’s large easy access storage baskets. In addition to the extra storage space, the two drink holders come in handy for both parents and children alike. 


Both work well on flat surfaces, preferably in the urban environment. Because of their compactness, both work well for tight spaces. They also have a front suspension and braking system as well. Their braking system is known as dual action, where you must push both. This feature is a bit annoying, making it a stroller that you don’t want to use while you’re going too fast.

Both Plus and Sport have a front-wheel suspension system too. A baby stroller with a front-wheel suspension prevents some bumps and gives an overall smooth ride. However, due to the low-quality wheels, neither baby stroller does that job very well. One plus of both strollers is that they are considered umbrella strollers.


Finally, both strollers have a variety of color slates available. For some parents, this is the least important part, but many parents want a color slate that fits their personality, so it all depends. Different color slate options set these strollers apart, which is beneficial for when you are someplace where many of the same strollers are.  

Kolcraft Cloud Plus VS Sport: Which Is Better?

Both strollers work well enough for a budget-friendly option. However, the Plus edges it out just because it’s better for folding. However, if you can only find the Sport, it’s not a bad pick for a budget stroller.


Both Plus and Sport are budget strollers that work well enough. If you want to search further, we have the following pieces of content as well:

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We hope that this post has made it a lot easier to pick the best stroller for your baby. We know that choosing a stroller is a challenge, but with enough research, you can do it. Always look at all of the variety of options to see which is best for you.


Which one is heavier?

Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight stroller is heavier than Kolcraft Cloud Plus by 0.2 pounds. It is almost negligible but still worth noting in regard to these strollers’ lightweight features.

Cloud Plus vs Sport: What is more comfortable to fold?

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight is more comfortable to fold compared to Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight stroller. You won’t need to use both hands to fold the former.

Why does Kolcraft Cloud Plus have a better folding mechanism?

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight has a better folding mechanism than Kolcraft Cloud Sport Lightweight stroller because it has a convenient one-hand folding system. Meaning, you can collapse the entire stroller with practically one click of a button.

Can I wheel the Kolcraft Cloud Plus around even after folding it?

Yes, you can. The wheels remain at the rolling angle even after folding the stroller.

Can I wheel the Kolcraft Cloud Sport around even after folding it?

No, that is not possible. Its wheels won’t touch the ground once you fold it.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus vs Sport: Which one is more compact?

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight is more compact than Kolcraft Cloud Sport, but both are perfect for traveling and day trips.

Are Kolcraft Cloud Plus and Sport safe to use?

Yes, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus and Sport are both safe to use. These strollers have built-in 5-point safety harness systems.

Why is Kolcraft Cloud Sport more comfortable than Kolcraft Cloud Plus?

Kolcraft Cloud Sport is more comfortable than Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight because of the harness padding it comes with. You will need to buy separate pads for the latter’s straps.

What extra features do both strollers have in common?

  • 3-tier extended canopy – this 3-tier extended canopy provides your baby with maximum sun coverage
  • Parent tray
  • Large Easy Access Storage basket
  • Different color slate options

Why Kolcraft Cloud Plus vs Sport strollers suitable for city dwellers?

City dwellers should get either stroller because it is narrow enough to go on the sidewalk. The plastic wheels do well on pavements, too.

Is it OK for baby to sleep in a stroller overnight?

It is not recommended for babies to sleep in a stroller overnight, as strollers are not designed as safe sleep environments. Infants should sleep on a firm, flat surface in a separate sleep space, such as a bassinet or crib, to reduce the risk of SIDS and other sleep-related hazards. While some strollers, such as the Britax Affinity stroller, Kolcraft strollers, UPPAbaby, Baby Jogger, Graco, Chicco, and Bugaboo, may have a flat recline that can be suitable for napping, they are not intended as a substitute for a safe sleep environment. It’s important to follow safe sleep guidelines for your baby’s health and safety.

Does the cloud sport stroller recline?
How do you clean a cloud sport stroller?
Can baby sleep in reclined stroller?
Do strollers lie flat?

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