Why Consider Toy Chests For Storage?

When your kid is done playing with their toys, where do they put them? If you haven’t bought them a toy chest, they may have no place to put them. If you’ve considered buying your kid a toy chest, here are a few reasons as to why that may be a good idea.

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It Keeps The Room Organized

Obviously, the biggest reason why kids should have a toy chest is that it allows your kid to put the toys in a place that will keep the room clutter-free. Not only does a clutter-free room look great, but sometimes, your kid can end up stepping on the toys if they are lying around, or you may as well. You may end up hurting your foot or breaking the toy, which is never fun and all it does is cause unneeded anger.

It Can Make Cleaning Seem Fun

Okay, no kid likes cleaning. Heck, some adults don’t even like cleaning. But it’s needed. One way you can make cleaning seem fun is by getting them a toy chest. Most of these toy chests are shaped like stereotypical treasure chests. Your kid can feel like they are burying their treasure and you can turn it into a fun game of pirates if you so wish.

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They Are Relatively Inexpensive

Sure, you can buy an expensive chest with a beautiful finish, but this is for kids. Many of the chests are made from plastic and similar materials, and they cost less to buy. Buying a toy chest is less of a hassle because of that. When shopping for a toy chest, remember that and think about what your budget is. It’s not something you need to splurge on. Take a look and see what the prices are and buy the best value for you.


Many chests can easily be painted, decorated, or covered in stickers. This allows your kid to be creative. It’s their chest with their toys, so why not let them use their chest as their own easel? You can help your kid paint their own colors on it and make the chest look great. In addition, they can put their own little stickers on it. We say to give them some creativity and allow them to decorate the chest however they want to. It’s quite a fun thing to do.

What To Look For In A Toy Chest

When you are buying a toy chest, here are some features you should look for.

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How Much Can It Store?

This is an obvious first step. Pile up all your kid’s toys, think about the possibility of them getting future toys, and see how big the chest should be. Obviously, you don’t want a chest that is too small, but a chest too big can be useless and just take up space. You should get one that holds your kid’s toys, but leaves a little more room for other toys as well.

Does It Have Shelves And Other Compartments?

Some toy chests consist of one giant hole that your kid can chuck their toys into when they are done, which is fine and all. However, if your kid has toys that have multiple parts and accessories, or they like to organize their toys by type, you may want to consider a toy shelf that has many different compartments that allow your child to organize and be able to find the toy they want. If the toy they want is at the bottom of the chest, they may just make another mess, and that’s never good.


Obviously, a chest filled with toys is going to be heavy, but many chests may have ways to make them more portable should you be moving or if your kid wants to move the chests from location to location. For example, it may come with handles that allow your kid or you to carry it. It may have a rope to pull the chest, making it easier. Portability is always good, because otherwise, you may have to empty the chest out to carry it, and that’s always a hassle. If you don’t plan on moving it, this is less of an issue though.


What materials do you want your chest to be made from? Some parents just buy their kids a chest made from plastic. You can find colorful plastic chests that don’t cost too much and do the job. This is the best idea if you’re on a budget.

However, some parents can splurge  a little, and they may want to buy chests that are made from better materials. A wooden chest, for example, is always aesthetically pleasing and you can find many chests that look like a treasure chest you may find buried under an X. Some may go for more metal chests, too.

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Some chests come already assembled. You just take them out and there you go. However, bigger chests may require a bit of assembly. Some chests consist of sliding a few panels together, while others may require tools and whatnot to assemble. Assembly won’t be anything complex, but it’s something to keep in mind, as not everyone wants to deal with that hassle. What you should do is do some research and see what you will need. The last thing you want is to bring the chest home and then have to buy a screwdriver or something else.


Toy chests are very useful for kids and adults alike. Organization is a skill that you should teach your kids at a young age. No one likes to clean up their room, but then they can’t find their toy, or they trip or step on something they shouldn’t. Teaching your kids about organization, or making it fun, is something that can make your life much easier. Plus, having a safe place for all the toys is fun. Your kid can think of it as their toys’ bed and then they can put them to bed every night.





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