Top Postpartum Catch-All Protection

In the few moments postpartum, you need some time to recover. You’ll bleed for a few weeks.  Just like a period where you need the best pads, you need the best postpartum pads to completely recover.

postpartum pads

The first month or so postpartum, you’re dealing with scarring, watching your weight go back to normal, adjusting to motherhood and your new baby, and sometimes you’re dealing with postpartum depression and postpartum bleeding, especially if you’ve experienced significant tearing during childbirth. Watch postpartum adding extra weight to your body.

Pain after giving birth is also present for both vaginal delivery and C-section incision, and even the best ice packs, cold therapy, and cold pad treatments can’t make it disappear. While an ice pack will give you enough soothing relief, it’s important to note that the pain may not completely go away, especially considering factors like irritable stitching.

  • Best postpartum pads manage substantial postpartum bleeding effectively.
  • Best postpartum pads are gentle on sensitive skin, reducing the risk of discomfort.

Best Postpartum Pads

Period pads or adult diapers are suitable for when you’re having your period, but these pads may not best handle postpartum bleeding. That’s where the best postpartum pads come in. Whether it’s washable and reusable, organic postpartum, or postpartum maxi pads, postpartum underwear has become a necessity for most moms after giving birth. Among the great benefits are:


Best Postpartum

Many factors are to be considered when you’re buying the best postpartum pads. First, is the comfort level. Since you’ve just given birth, having pads for extra protection is something you should consider. You’ll want the best ones – the top organic postpartum pads – that deliver the ultra comfort possible and don’t cause any irritation due to harsh chemicals. Also, you need to pick the right size. Too little and you risk staining. Too big, and you may have that pad noticed.

Best Postpartum Protection

Perhaps the most crucial aspect is their maximum absorbency levels, specifically designed to absorb lochia during the postpartum period. Moms need those that are certified organic cotton cover, control odor, leak-proof protection, and a strong top layer and absorbent underwear. In the early days, women used cotton pads or menstrual cups but they actually offer less protection for postpartum moms.

Best Pads

Some postpartum pads are also reusable. You can wash them and save money. They cost more than disposable, but they are a good investment. Disposable ones are cheaper, but the cost does add up. They are for traveling and for discreet incontinence, and if you don’t feel like reusing them.

postpartum: 4 dotted reusable best postpartum pads arranged together in one set.

Finally, the scent. Some women will like a pad that is specifically designed to smell good, but it’s essential to consult medical professionals, look at the ingredients, and make sure you aren’t allergic to them. If you are unsure, pick the unscented ones.

These factors should be brought into place whenever you’re picking the right postpartum pads for your situation, not an unreliable one that would simply snap or tear.  Chances are, you may need a pad with all of the above, or a few factors at least. If you travel a lot, you may want disposable pads with wings and vice versa.Anyway, let’s look at some of our top picks for the ideal maternity pads available.

Best Pads: Best Postpartum Healing Pads 

The ideal postpartum pads after your second daughter, recommended by institutions like the Cleveland Clinic, provide added protection and are specifically designed for overnight use, addressing the challenges of postpartum bleeding and the extra weight that may accompany it.

Radiant Best Postpartum Pads

These make the best postpartum pads list because they are super absorbent! New moms love the fact that they can absorb the blood quite well, and they deal with leaks decently enough. They fit like a bug in a rug, and their added wings do help with dealing with anything extra that may happen. These are infinity flexfoam pads, which give them about ten times more absorbency, providing reliable protection, especially during nighttime usage.

Their scent lasts about 8 hours, making them great for sleeping or work. Whatever you choose, as a new mom, you’re going to love these. A pack contains 90 pads, which may help you last until it’s all over.


Best Branded Pads Postpartum

TENA incontinence underwar is a great option. These are great if you’re a new mom who is leaking like a broken faucet. These underwear-shaped pads can prevent leaks from all sides unlike regular underwear, which is quite essential if you are leaking a lot.

  • During postpartum, expect to deal with postpartum pain due to stitches and swollen uterus. These are reusable, best postpartum pads, making them ideal for people who want to recycle. Just pop the postpartum pads in the washer, and you’re good to go. While these postpartum pads are not suitable for travelers, they are fantastic, and ideal for home use. If you want the discreet underwear feels, these postpartum pads can be a good option.
  • Sleeping while having a heavier flow can be a pain and you might need an immediate cooling relief of these postpartum pads. You may have a massive leakage, and this can wake you up with an unpleasant surprise. Luckily, these postpartum pads manage to prevent leakage, keeping your skin dry and ensuring a well-rested night. When you’re a new mom, sleep is oh-so-important for keeping your energy up and combatting postpartum depression through soft and comfy postpartum pads.
  • Note that during the first few days of postpartum, you may need to use extra long postpartum pads (and not just tampons) to avoid bed and bathroom stains according to credible sources due to bleeding. Also, these incontinence postpartum pads lack essential oils and scents and they prevent any odors, so that’s a plus.

Best Heavy Postpartum Pads

Maxi is a big name in pads and for a good reason, according to Leah Rocketto.  These are comfy and have wings to prevent any signs of leakage. These pads do cost a bit more than the other brands, but that’s because they are more quality. You’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, and you will love every bit of what they have to offer. Try them out today.

A big pack of Always Maxi Overnight with best pads inside.

One of the ideal postpartum napkins for stitches is the Dutchess Cloth menstrual pad. These are organic cotton menstrual pads that are reusable, meaning that they’re great for home use. They’re made from eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton, making them great for the environmentally-conscious new mom who wants to give a better world to her child. These cloth menstrual pads feature double charcoal bamboo layers that are dark enough to hide stains, but also soft enough for sensitive skin. These are lovely pads that are pricey but are suitable for many uses. These are even suitable for periods as well, as the name implies. We highly recommend this brand as one of the top organic pads just for its eco-friendliness alone.


Best Postpartum Ice Pads

These are super absorbent pads and a great fit for all. As the name implies, they are suitable for overnight wear, but also ideal for work or for traveling. You’ll feel like these are a second skin as you wear them. That’s how comfortable they are. In the end, isn’t a comfortable absorbent pad important?

These overnight pads are great for mothers who are eco-friendly too because they are made from organic cotton which is ideal for sensitive skin. They offer that all-natural feeling, leaving you with less guilt whenever you throw them away. You can rest assured in the fact that these chlorine-free, organic cotton ones will not harm the environment when thrown away, which makes them one of the top organic pad choices around.

Best Organic Postpartum Pads

Depend Silhouette is a good organic option. Depend is great and a great choice as well. These are comfortable, and elastic, and can take leakages and keep them captive until you’re ready to throw them away. These incontinence pads are another excellent pair that is disposable, making them perfect for traveling.

They are quite pricey, though. Some people are turned off by the price and want to buy other pads. You certainly get what you paid for when it comes to Depends.


Best Postpartum Panty Liner

Frida Mom pantyliner or postpartum pad is  ideal for moms with minimal bleeding after giving birth. Extending over the entire length of most maternity pads, this product aids in minimizing swelling and expediting the healing process. It provides immediate cooling relief for the perineal area, and for an additional cooling sensation, store the pack in the refrigerator. Crafted with medicated witch hazel, it contains no dyes or fragrances. Ideal for use after the initial postpartum restroom visits at the hospital and upon returning home.

Best Postpartum Pads

Cloth pads are mostly the same as your disposable underwear but with a thicker liner. And no, it does not smell, unlike regular ones.

Three checkered cloth postpartum pads

Best Postpartum Napkins

Postpartum or maternity pads are used after giving birth, while sanitary towels or sanitary pads are for regular menstruation periods. Maternity pads are usually thicker and wider to hold postpartum bleeding and the postpartum period, given the pad’s super absorbent design.

Postpartum pads or sanitary pads with mesh undies, such as Always Infinity pads, are specifically designed for the unique needs of new mothers who experience postpartum bleeding, offering excellent absorption and comfort. In contrast, sanitary pads, like Rael’s pads, are typically designed for regular menstrual flow, lacking the specialized features such as mesh underwear and pain relief often found in postpartum options like Always Discreet underwear, catering to the distinct requirements of women recovering from childbirth.

Post-pregnancy pad are used after giving birth due to postpartum bleeding called lochia. One brand that tops the list of post-pregnancy pad is the Always Infinity Flex Foam with Wings. Many new moms highly recommend it because of its ability to retain moisture without feeling wet, which helps to protect sensitive skin.

Postpartum And Healing: A Summary

Pads are not something you should cheap out on. Cheap ones can cause leakages, not absorb much, and feel uncomfortable. All of these are our top picks because they are great for absorbing blood and keeping you comfy no matter if it is a lighter flow or heavy flow.

Best Postpartum Pads FAQs:

Best Postpartum Pads: Are Kotex Pads Best For Postpartum?

It depends, The truth is they all have their usage. We say try them all out and see which one works for you. If you travel a lot, maybe you should go with a disposable pad. If you’re home all the time, pick reusable pads, and you can use them possibly for your periods too. Always remember to check the material because if you have sensitive skin, certain postpartum pads may be irritating. Or just to be on the safe side, you can go with postpartum pads that are made from organic cotton. These may cost you more money, but in the end, they are better for your sensitive skin.

How Can I Stop Postpartum Bleeding Faster?

What’s ALWAYS Maxi Napkin?

Always Maxi postpartum pad  like the Rael organic cotton cover offers extra heavy overnight pads to prevent leaking during nighttime. These are used for nighttime protection because they are super absorbent. The following are features of these napkins.

  • soft postpartum pads
  • affordable portpartum pads
  • maxi postpartum pads
  • long postpartum pads

How Long Do Cloth Pads Last?

If they are stored and kept well, they may last up to five years. Others also have lasted more than that, so it will depend on how you cared for them.


Why Are Postpartum Pads Smelly And Dirty?

They smell due to the blood and tissues with bacteria that go out from the vagina every menstrual period. You may control the smell by changing it every four hours as often as possible. Don’t let it sit for too long, especially if you tend to experience heavy bleeding or notice the presence of blood clots. Regular changes and proper hygiene practices are essential to minimize odor and maintain optimal menstrual health.

When To Stop Wearing Pads?

You can stop wearing it after the bleeding stops. It usually happens within 4 to 6 weeks postpartum but all new moms are different so pay attention to the signs your body is giving you.

  • heavy flow postpartum pads
  • soft postpartum pads
  • clear postpartum pads

What’s The Ideal Pads For Postpartum Bleeding?

Typically, regular pads won’t be able to hold out the discharges or the post-bleeding you might experience after giving birth. So using standard pads  over postpartum healing pads for post partum is highly recommended so you won’t be changing minute after minute. This is something important that all new moms should be aware of. Also, keep in mind that panty liners should not be worn instead of sanitary napkins. Pantyliners are ultra-thin and will not provide you with the leakage protection you need after giving birth. So don’t pack these ultra-thin ones in your hospital bag or diaper bag!

How Many Ideal Napkins For Postpartum?

After giving birth, depending on how often you’d like to wash and change, you usually need 12-24pcs. This one can already get you through with daily washing. In the days postpartum, you will have a variable amount of blood so it is good to be prepared with more than you think you will need.

  • Kotex postpartum pads
  • Always postpartum pads
  • Modest postpartum pads

What Are The Top Sanitary Napkins?

The best pad for postpartum bleeding is the Stayfree Ultrathin Overnight with Wings, specifically designed for high absorbency. These napkins are super absorbent, making them ideal for managing postpartum flow. What new moms love about these is that they have a soft surface, ensuring they won’t aggravate those areas that still need healing. The wings are very popular because they help the pad stay in place, providing extra security and comfort during the postpartum period.

How Do You Know If Your Postpartum Lochia Is Infected?

Can I Use Normal Napkins After Birth?

What’s The 5 5 5 Rule For Postpartum?

Best Pads Postpartum

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