Stay Comfy And Confident: Get The Best Postpartum Underwear To Wear

Congratulations, you are a mom! You didn’t only give birth, you brought life into this world, and that is incredibly amazing. Now you are ready to start a new journey with your little one, and it’s going to be exciting. Exhausting but definitely exciting. With that said, let’s be real for a second this birth stage will bring a lot of unpleasant changes to your body and even underwear preferences and underwear options. It is about time to think about the postpartum stage and the best postpartum underwear as well to use.


Things like weakened abdominal muscles, vaginal bleeding around the incision site (heavy bleeding from vaginal birth), discomfort and pain from C-section incision, etc., are all part of your reality for the next couple of weeks.

This is where you need after-birth care the most. One of the things you can do at this stage is to invest in a high-quality, comfortable pair of high-waisted briefs specifically designed for after-birth care – the best mesh postpartum underwear for maximum comfort.

The Best Postpartum Underwear

How are postpartum undies different from regular comfy pre-pregnancy size undies? Why do you need them? More importantly, how do you find the right size of postpartum underwear for this stage?

Postpartum underwear is a panty specifically designed to provide comfort, coverage, and extra support for after-birth belly. This is extremely important, especially for women who have had a C-section or who are experiencing some swelling and pain in the abdominal muscles.

Best Reasons For Postpartum Underwear

There are actually many after-birth types of underwear out there, such as best disposable postpartum underwear, high-waisted underwear, shapewear, disposable undies, etc. After-birth undies are usually made up of light compression material (often mesh undies), with a combination of nylon spandex blends.

If there are good reasons to wear postpartum underwear during your pregnancy, there are also a few reasons for getting postpartum underwear. These reasons include:

It’s easy on the stitching. Some pairs of underwear can irritate your delicate stitching, or induce swelling, which can annoy or possibly hurt you.

The right pair will provide you comfort and freedom to move around because it is gentle.

They have a great breathability aspect, which allows you to keep your vaginal area dryer. It also has moisture. When you’re in the healing process, this is important to prevent any infection. You may also experience some postpartum bleeding this type of panty is good at helping you keep contained. In addition, it can cover your c-section properly. That’s why it’s the most comfortable panties for mothers everywhere, compared to normal underwear and disposable underwear.

These are just a few reasons why you need the right postpartum underwear. When searching for materials, you need to find the comfiest materials. The mesh is breathable but doesn’t last long. However, you don’t need postpartum underwear for too long, anyway. Microfiber is a better choice and is more absorbent. Not to mention, you may be considering different types of lingerie. Some are disposable, while others are more compressed. You can use postpartum underwear that have moisture-wicking materials inside to absorb the blood and discharge you’ll likely have after giving birth. Some new moms really like to wear high-waisted, light-compression underwear post-pregnancy, as well.

Best Mom Postpartum Underwear

Some of your decisions for the type of underwear that works for you will have to do with what type of delivery you had. If you are left with a C-section scar, you may not want something rubbing over that area. In that case, the right one for you could be crossover underwear or c-section recovery underwear. If you had a vaginal delivery, you might be more comfortable going with a style that gives you full coverage, like high-waisted underwear or traditional maternity underwear. The postpartum underwear options that suit you may not be the ideal choice for every other new mom.

We say to try on a few pairs and see which one feels the most comfortable and supportive. With that out of the way, let’s look at the different types of panties to use after giving birth. Learn more about the pads for moms. You can also check out the top one to use.

Best Affordable Postpartum Underwear

Their Beyond Soft Panties line is excellent for new mothers. It’s not expensive whatsoever, and it’s machine washable because it’s blended cotton panties. When you’re a new mother, you need that convenience, which Fruit of the Loom delivers within spades. It’s a brief style of underwear that gives you full coverage and goes high on your stomach, but its waistband is sadly a bit thin. They are suitable for both C-section and vaginal births and can help you a couple of weeks postpatrum. Also, they come in six pairs, so that’s almost a pair for every day of the week. They are tag-free and are incomparable to the Frida Mom disposable underwear.

Also, these panties are a bit big. Try them on first and see if they fit you.


Best Discreet Postpartum Underwear

As the name implies, they are more discreet. You don’t need any pads, and they are quite comfortable for you to wear. These are disposable pairs of panties that handle leaks, stains, and everything else that comes with the after-birth world. These are gentle on the stitches, and despite running a bit thin, they manage to hold a lot. Even though they’re disposable postpartum underwear, they’re still attractive with a pretty pattern on them. They’re high-waisted and designed so you don’t have any visible underwear lines.

They are scented. Some will love the scent, while others may not, so keep that in mind. Also, because they are disposable, they are not the ideal pair if you’re an eco-friendly mom. If you can get through those two cons, they are still a great pair of after-birth panties. These panties are perfect for new moms who need extra convenience. When you’re done with your disposable postpartum underwear, you simply toss them out.

Best C-Section Postpartum Underwear 

The baby c-underwearis for moms who have had a c-section. That scar needs some TLC after you’ve given birth, and this pair of panties delivers. They handle swelling and protect the injury from any further damage. They can keep the blood flowing. The pair of panties even has some gel to speed up the healing process that’s held within a silicone panel sewn into the front of the underwear. The silicone panel is located right where your incision will be, so it speeds up your recovery.

We suppose the only downside of this pair of postpartum underwear is the price tag. They are a bit expensive, but if you had a C-section, you might end up paying more if you don’t protect your wound. Buying the right pair of panties is a worthy investment that we highly recommend. We say to give this a try and see what you can do with it.

Best Vaginal Birth Postpartum Underwear

The Intimate Portal Maternity Underwear Bump Panties are a great pair of panties, and here is why.

The last pair of panties is for c-sections. This one is reserved for vaginal births and is useful if you want low-rise postpartum underwear that is breathable and you can wash. They give you enough coverage to keep your pad in and allow you much more comfort than the other types of underwear out there. Because of their little coverage, they are discreet enough so that no one knows that you are wearing them. The only problem is that these pairs are quite small, so they may not be able to fit all mothers. However, for the price, they are great and are colorful too. Intimate Portal Underwear the Bump Maternity Panties is one of the ideal panties for those who are looking for choices after giving birth, though. They come in different cuts and are super comfortable cotton underwear.


Best Stylish Postpartum Underwear

This one is another breathable pair of after-birth panties that are good for both types of births. While they do run a little bit small, just like the last pair, they are so soft and comfortable. They work well with any type of stitches, and they cover you quite well. Some women care about how their panties look, and they want a pair that is not only useful but is cute too. These panties offer the best of both worlds, and we recommend you try them. They’re high-waisted with a lacey band at the top. Honestly, they look more like pre-pregnancy underwear.

As we mentioned before, having breathability is essential. You want to be sure your body is nice and dry as you heal up, and you deal with the aftermath of your birth. This pair of panties helps you out with that and then some.

Also, if you’re selecting sizes, you may want to go a size up more than you usually are. We can’t stress how small these are.

Wearing The Best Postpartum Underwear

You should wear postpartum panties for the first few weeks after your birth. After that, you can go back to your regular underwear. However, these panties are so comfy, and you may find yourself wearing them for much longer. If you want, too, you can keep your postpartum underwear and use them for period panties when your period comes back.

That’s the beauty of motherhood. Some mothers prefer comfort over looking good. You can do both, but you’re no longer dressing to impress for the most part. You are wearing whatever you want.

Which pair is ideal depends on what you want. Disposable panties are suitable for stains, while the other pairs are more permanent. You can always keep these panties and use them as period underwear down the line. You don’t need to stress about this decision—just try a few out and see what works for you.

The best postpartum underwear is comfortable.

Best Postpartum Underwear Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s The Best Brand Of Postpartum Underwear?

According to surveys, the best after-birth panties and postpartum underwear brand is the Fruit of the Loom Women’s Underwear Beyond Soft Panties. These are considered the best absorbent postpartum underwear for their comfort and utility. They come in a variety of sizes, catering to the size of postpartum underwear needed by new mothers. They are tag-free and feature a 100% cotton liner, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Each woman is different, with varying after-birth body types, sizes, preferences, and needs. There are many different types of postpartum underwear options available on the market, and what works great for one might not work for another. Also, different postpartum stages may require different types, styles, and fits of undies. Thus, it is crucial to find the right own underwear that ticks all the boxes for you.

What’s The Best Underwear To Wear During Postpartum?

After giving birth, comfortable underwear is essential for every mom. A brand that often tops the list is the Kindred Bravely High Waist Postpartum Underwear and C Section Recovery Maternity Panties. These have a comfortable material with a pretty lace waistband that won’t pinch or bind, making them an ideal choice for early postpartum days and beyond.

What Is The Best Disposable Underwear For After Birth?

For many moms, the perfect choice is the Brief Transitions Mesh Postpartum Underwear. Many mothers prefer these absorbent postpartum underwear because they offer the convenience of being disposable yet are durable enough to be washed and worn a few times. Their mesh material provides excellent breathability, an essential feature for postpartum pads and ice pack usage, ensuring comfort and leak protection.

When Can You Wear Regular Underwear Postpartum?

After giving birth, most mommies wear particular types of underwear for added comfort, such as the bodily all in underwear, which is designed for the weeks postpartum period, commonly known as the fourth trimester. Some opt for high-waisted postpartum underwear with elastic bands. Typically, you can go back to wearing regular underwear about four to six weeks after delivery. It’s better to stay away from your pre-pregnancy underwear right after giving birth, as they may not fit right, and you’ll likely stain them with maxi pads or underwear liners. Go with something high-waisted with light compression to hold you in and something designed to be used as absorbent underwear, which can accommodate pads and gel packs. These types of underwear can absorb the equivalent of up to four tampons, making them a must-have in your hospital bag.

Can I Wear Tight Underwear After The C-Section?

Tight underwear is not for women who undergo C-sections, not right after giving birth. Women who undergo a C-section should wear particular types of underwear that would be comfortable to wear. Motherhood and maternity isn’t always about sucking it in and looking your thinnest. You want to give your body time to heal with the best postpartum underwear brands for your situation.

What Do You Wear For Postpartum Recovery?

Mommies may be stressing out about what to wear after birth, so they won’t look like they are still waiting for their delivery due date. For postpartum, you can use your maternity clothes. Do not dispose of them yet; they will be helpful. You can also get underwear suited for postpartum bodies, like high-waisted and absorbent size postpartum underwear. Something high-waisted and absorbent is ideal, often needing up to six weeks for full recovery. Consider how many pairs you will need during this period, as moms love having enough comfortable underwear to last through these early days, often paired with a panty liner for extra protection.

What Should I Wear After The C-Section?

Typically, after you have undergone a C-section, you need to find the best postpartum clothes or underwear  that can provide you comfort. Avoid those pants that have a button so as not to irritate your incision. You’ll also want to look for either high-waisted underwear or anything that doesn’t rub to the section incision.

Can You Wash Mesh Panties?

Mesh panties are typically designed for single use and are intended to be disposed of after use. There are, however, some high-quality mesh undies that are washable and reusable (for a few times).

In this case, it is better to hand-wash mesh panties to avoid damage. If you cannot wash your mesh panties by hand, you can wash them in a washing machine. Just make sure you place your underwear in a laundry bag (or lingerie bag) and set the washing machine in delicate cycle mode to minimize the risk of damage.

Avoid using bleach or fabric softener, and make sure to air-dry the panties. Heat and friction from the dryer can easily damage their delicate fabric.

Why Do You Wear Mesh Panties After Birth?

Mesh panty is breathable, so it may help a lot to use mesh after birth. It is to hold out maternity pads for post-birth bleeding. A good brand to try is Frida Mom Disposable Postpartum Underwear for motherhood and maternity. These are super stretchy, so they can hold your pads and even the ice packs right after giving birth. Frida Mom panties are high quality and don’t cost a ton, either.

When Can You Wear A Bra After C-Section?

After the C-section, you should wear the right support bra 24 hours for the first two weeks, even while sleeping. Maintain cleanliness, especially on your breasts.

What Do Moms Wear After Delivery?

Women will need comfortable postpartum underwear that can provide support during their recovery phase. Specialized clothes and undergarments are available for this phase, and they come with special features that are crucial for recovery, including a high-waist band and gentle compression to support the stretched skin, breathable fabric for comfort, etc. Some women may also choose disposable mesh underwear from the hospital for post-delivery. The goal of this special postpartum underwear is to provide the most comfortable support as the mother adapts to the physical changes of her body after childbirth.

How To Choose Maternity Panties?

First, prioritize comfort by choosing the best postpartum panties or underwear made with soft and breathable fabric. This will minimize skin irritation. Next, you can opt for a high waistband, which can help provide gentle support and accommodate your growing belly. Different types of undies have different levels of support, from briefs to boyshorts to full-coverage styles. Also, choose something that is easy to care for.

What Underwear To Bring To The Hospital For Labor?

When packing underwear for hospital labor, choose the most comfortable ones you can find in your closet. You can also opt for disposable postpartum underwear; many hospitals provide disposable mesh panties. These are quite convenient and comfortable, too, and are excellent for your immediate post-birth needs, such as bleeding support. You can, of course, bring your own preferred disposable postpartum underwear.

What Size Should I Buy Postpartum?

It varies from individual to individual, depending on different factors, such as pre-pregnancy size, weight gained during pregnancy, and how much the woman’s body has changed after giving birth. With that said, the general rule of thumb is to go two sizes larger than your pre-pregnancy size. This is to accommodate the temporary changes in the body. Moreover, choose the best postpartum panties or underwear that can stretch. You can also opt for those with adjustable waistbands to help you get the support you need for your core as your body gradually returns to its pre-pregnancy shape. Note that every woman’s pregnancy and child-birth journey is different, so try on different sizes and styles that you feel confident and comfortable wearing.

How Long Will I Leak Lochia?

The duration of post-childbirth vaginal discharge, also known as lochia, differs from one woman to another. On average, it lasts around four to six weeks after childbirth, but again, this varies due to a lot of different factors, primarily the woman’s natural healing process and the type of delivery (vaginal or caesarian). Moreover, it is important to note that the color and flow of the discharge may change during this time. It can transition from bright red to pink or brown, and eventually becoming lighter and clear. Throughout this time, it is important to use maternity underwear and sanitary pads for protection. Also, make sure to consult your healthcare provider should you notice any drastic changes on the characteristics of the discharge.



Best Postpartum Underwear Brands

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