Choosing A Nurse Rolling Backpack

Making the choice to go to nursing school is one you can be proud of. It’s also one you need to get prepared for because you’ve got some work ahead of you. That being said, what you don’t need to do is overwork your back or any other part of your body because you have to carry around a backpack full of books and other things on your shoulders.


Enter, the best backpack for nursing students, the wheeled backpack. Instead of having to lug all your books, supplies, and laptops around on your back, you can simply pull them behind you. These are the best kinds of backpacks for nursing school because your books and other gear can get pretty heavy, which can result in aches and pains and even injury, in some cases.

Do I Need A Backpack For Nursing School?

There’s no doubt you’re going to have multiple textbooks, plenty of notebooks, a laptop, and other supplies to carry from class to class while you’re in nursing school. You need to find backpacks for nursing school that will help you organize all of your gear and still keep you comfortable when you’re moving around during the day. 

There are some different options that nursing students commonly look at, including a laptop backpack, a travel backpack, a sports backpack, and a wheeled backpack. Trying to choose the best backpack for your needs will depend on your unique situation.


What Is The Best Backpack For Nursing Students, Overall?

Generally, backpacks for nursing school that have wheels are some of the best options. Why? Because slinging heavy books and supplies onto your back all the time can be really hard on your body. When you have a wheeled backpack, you don’t have to carry all of that weight around. The weight of the books and other items is much easier to maneuver around when you only have to pull it behind you.

What Is The Best Rolling Backpack For Students, Then?

All students will find the High Sierra Unisex Powerglide wheeled backpack to be ideal for their needs. It has a slot for your laptop, 2,350 cubic inches of storage space, and separate compartments that will help with staying organized. You’ll also find a convenient media pocket that includes a built-in headphones port so you can have easy access to the music you like to listen to on the move. The handle is adjustable to fit different users’ height needs, and there are still straps for when you want to put the bag on your back.

How Much Are Rolling Backpacks?

You can find a wheeled backpack for as little as around $35. However, there are some features you should look for in a rolling laptop backpack that will likely push the price up. Safety features, durability features, and brand can cause you to have to pay a little more for your backpack. The best backpacks for nursing school, though, will last you a long time and keep all of your items safe inside. The high end of the price range is somewhere around $130. You can find a really nice rolling laptop backpack for about $50-$65.


How Do I Choose A Nurse Rolling Backpack?

So first off, you need to make sure you’re looking for a laptop backpack because you will most certainly be taking a laptop or tablet to school with you the majority of the time. You’ll be spending lots of time taking notes, doing research, and other projects on your computer. A laptop backpack will ensure your device is safe and doesn’t get damaged.

You’ll also want to look for backpacks for nursing school that have a lot of different pockets for keeping all of your supplies organized. Separate slots and pockets allow you to keep your class work tidy and let you have easy access to everything you’ll need throughout your day. 

It’s a good idea to look for backpacks for nursing students that have some sort of anti-theft features built into them. You’ll be toting a lot of valuable items with you to class. You should do everything you can to protect your things against theft or loss. 

Other factors to consider include materials, size, storage capacity, and weight. You need a backpack that will last, will fit where you need it to, has plenty of space for your books and supplies, and won’t be so heavy you have a hard time rolling it. 


What Is The Lightest Rolling Backpack?

Given that your books and other gear are likely going to be quite heavy anyway, it makes sense for you to look for backpacks for nursing school that don’t weigh much. Here are a few suggestions for some of the lightest rolling backpacks on the market:

  • Targus Compact Rolling Business and Travel Commuter Backpack
  • High Sierra XBT 
  • High Sierra Chaser Wheeled Laptop Backpack
  • Osprey Ozone Convertible 22”/50L Wheeled Luggage
  • SWISSGEAR 1186 Bungee Laptop Backpack

What Is In A Nursing Bag?

Backpacks for nursing students have more in them than just books and paper and laptops. Those are all things the typical student carries. Nursing students carry other items with them too. 

You will be toting many of the items to and from class that are found in working nurses’ bags. This list has some of the normal “essentials” that many nursing bags hold.

  • Stethoscope
  • Water bottle
  • Lotion
  • OTC medications (ibuprofen, Pepto, Benedryl, etc.)
  • Planner
  • Shears
  • Lunch
  • Pens and Sharpie

Every item you put in your bag will add more weight so backpacks for nursing school with wheels make it easier to lug everything you need around all day.


How Big Is The JanSport Big Student Backpack?—And Are Rolling Backpacks Better?

The JanSport Big Student Backpack has a lot of space—34 L of space to be exact. You’d be able to fit most or all of your books, along with your water bottle, all your utensils, and your nursing equipment in multiple pockets and slots. But, while the straps are ergonomically designed to be more comfortable than many other backpacks for nursing students, they still don’t take the weight off your body when you’re carrying your bag around. 

Rolling backpacks are better because you can get a huge one if you want and not have to put it on your back. If you find a large wheeled laptop backpack, you can tow it behind you with everything you need in it. You also don’t have to put the bag against your body where it creates heat that can make you uncomfortable and put your laptop at risk for damage.

The Other Side—Why Are Rolling Backpacks Bad?

As with most things, there is another side to this story. Rolling backpacks are great for your back, shoulders, neck, and other parts of your body. They can cause some inconveniences for you and those around you sometimes, though.

Not all roads traveled are made the same way. You’ll encounter plenty of bumps, stairs, and other obstacles when you’re towing your wheeled laptop backpack behind you. That can lead to some yanking, lifting, and struggling for you with your bag, which can ultimately result in damage. 

For others, your rolling laptop backpack can pose as a tripping hazard. People won’t always see the bag rolling behind you and underneath their line of sight. This is one of the reasons some kinds of schools have actually banned the use of wheeled backpacks.

Final Words: What Is the Best Rolling Backpack?

Nursing students will find a lot of conveniences and high quality in the High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Laptop Backpack. It rolls smoothly across most travel surfaces. There are corner guards to keep the bag from getting torn up. It has a padded computer slot and a pocket for media devices that has a headphone port attached to it. The straps can be tucked away when you don’t want to carry the bag and the handle can be extended out or sealed into a zipped pocket in the top of the backpack, too. 

Getting yourself a rolling nursing backpack for school is something that will give you the choice of carrying your class gear on your back or towing it behind you. It’s a good option for any type of student, but especially for nursing students who typically have a lot of weight to tote around from class to class.


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