Cameras For Teens

A digital camera can be a whole lot of fun for everyone, and for a beginner photographer who is very interested in photography, it can be even more so. After all, you want to make sure that your teenagers have a way to remember all of the fun things that they’re doing. Finding the best digital camera for teenagers, however, can be a little bit of a process. You want something that is going to fit their style and their needs when they shoot videos and take better images for everyday use, after all.


One of the first things to look at when you’re buying a digital camera for a teenager is what they’re actually going to use it for. If they’re going to take snapshots of their friends or things that they see you may want to opt for a camera that prints instant pictures or an inexpensive point-and-shoot. On the other hand, if they’re going to take more professional photos or get really into it in the hopes of becoming a better photographer, you may want a little more feature-heavy camera.

Moreover, you should also consider the LCD display, slow motion setting, manual controls, tilting screen, AF system, built-in wifi, auto focus, and more features. Entry level DSLRs, for instance, make for a better camera than an instant camera. It is great for teenagers who want to learn photography fast.

Top Cameras For Teenagers


Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ53-RD


  • The FZ53 digital camera from Kodak is your perfect travel buddy, it has 5X optical zoom, 28 mm wide angle and one touch HD video.
  • Pixpro Cameras have a pocket size design and you can take them anywhere you go. This mirrorless camera takes fantastic photos and won’t break your budget. It is compatible and easy to use. You can transfer images in seconds!

choose the best camera for teens





  • If you are aiming for a clearer and more detailed photo, the AZ421 Astro Zoom camera is a good option. It gives you 42x Optical Zoom option, 24 mm wide angle, 16 megapixels and 720 HD videos. This is one of the best entry level mirrorless cameras in the market.
  • These cameras come with a 3-inch LCD, Optical Image Stabilization and Li-ion Battery. This model has user-friendly settings which makes photography fun and hassle-free. This is perfect if you enjoy taking photos with a large LCD screen.


SunLeo 30 MP Digital Camera


  • The digital camera from SunLeo comes at a reasonable price and ideal for beginners who are just exploring the world of photography.
  • These cameras are compact and lightweight but have powerful shooting functions. It has a long battery life and a lot of space. It can support an SD card up to 128 GB.


Sony DSCW800 Camera


Sony DSCW800, one of the best cameras for teenager

  • Sony is a popular brand for digital cameras not only for pros but also for beginners. Its creation the DSCW800 promises high-quality features that will help you capture amazing photos without exerting too much effort, similar to the Sony E Mount Lenses.
  • DSCW800 camera offers 20.1-megapixel images, Sony Lens with 5x Optical Zoom, and it has SteadyShot Image Stabilization setting to reduce blur.

black sony camera

The next thing to consider when looking for digital cameras is the age of the child. Younger children can do better with instant print cameras or inexpensive options until they start to show more interest. If your child is older, however, you may want to look at a DSLR camera that will give them even more of the features and allow them to continue growing the camera along with their photography skills.

Cameras For Teens

With Best Features

There are some features of the best cameras on our list that we will get into, and they are as follows:

  • First, consider whether you want something with video recording, or to focus on high-quality images. If your child is more focused on video recording events, then you may want to consider an action camera.  If your child is more interested in high-quality pictures, you will want to get a camera that has better image quality.  You can obviously run the images through an image processor to get better image quality, but if you’re not looking to purchase an image processor, you may want to consider a camera that takes better basic image quality. For basic video recording or action video recording, a camcorder or action camera is good.
  • Then of course auto mode.  Auto mode is a feature of cameras for teens since auto mode helps set up all of the features in order to create a high-quality image without extra additions This is ideal for compact cameras and, specifically, for compose shots. The only downside with this setting is the hassle of adjusting your photography mode to match your theme.
  • Consider the lenses too. Some of the best cameras have a wide-angle lens built-in. Others may encourage you to buy a wide-angle lens.  Most cameras for teens are basic, but if you want to control more of the image quality, you should consider a camera with interchangeable lenses. This might only be an entry level model, but this is by far the best DSLR for beginners.
  • Then there is an LCD screen. Some cameras don’t use an LCD screen and instead, you have to run it through an image processor.  Others have an LCD screen built in to check out the images. The best cameras usually have an LCD screen put there so you can look at your features before you begin.
  • Finally, you want to look at battery life. Whether they’re taking pics for social media or to learn, you want something with decent battery life.  Usually, the battery life on these is enough to get some good shots in, and also to create some good high-quality images.
  • Most entry-level cameras have this, but the best cameras may include other features too.  If you’re looking for a good entry-level camera, a basic DSLR is a good entry-level place to start. If price is a concern, an entry-level point and shoot usually is good.

Best Cameras For Teens

When it comes to the best cameras for teens, there are a few factors to consider.  Most cameras for teenagers are pretty basic, but there are some which are pretty good.

You can start off with a simple point-and-shoot camera. A point-and-shoot camera is literally that.  You point to the camera and shoot the picture. For those who just want to take pictures for social media, this is one of the best types of cameras for teenagers. A lot of beginners start with this model as their first camera.

Digital Cameras For Teens

Then there are digital cameras. Digital cameras are usually the next step. While some digital cameras are compact cameras, digital cameras are good if your child is looking to really learn how to shoot pictures.  You may want to get digital cameras if you want to be serious about photography. Most cameras for teenagers fall into this since digital cameras are a good place to begin. Digital cameras can be run through an image processor, and the image quality is usually pretty good. These are the best cameras if you know that your teen is interested in learning a camera, and this is the best camera for teens if they know they want to get into digital photography. Digital cameras tend to be a whole lot more expensive than a regular point and shoot camera, especially if you’re getting one of those digital cameras that’s going to last a long time.

You also want to figure out if your child will be using this for images and videos.  Some cameras only focus on images, and the image quality may be a bit better than one that focuses on images and videos.  Most compact cameras are usually image-focused.

action camera best for teens

Action Cameras For Teens

Then there is an action camera. An action cameras are a great camera if your teen is interested in shooting videos, and usually an action camera is one of the best cameras for recording videos. An action camera is usually called a camcorder.  With an action camera, you record action shots, and usually, they are a great camera that has high quality video. An action camera is great for teenagers if you know your child is interested in recording sporting events.

An action camera is also good for recording action and interesting events.

However, usually an action camera is not as good for actual images as it is for video recording, and you may want to consider looking into something else if you don’t think an action camera is a right choice.

Finally, you want optical zoom. With optical zoom, you can literally zoom in on these images and the best cameras will have some level of optical zoom for great image quality. The best cameras usually have at least 10X optical zoom, because that’s a level of optical zoom that usually is enough.  Having a camera with 10X optical zoom lets you capture some great images, and they’re usually good enough that even with a higher optical zoom it doesn’t affect the quality of it.

Entry-Level Cameras For Teens


The Canon Powershot Camera

When it comes to an entry level camera with basic optical zoom, you want the Canon Powershot Camera. This goes past the normal 10X optical zoom, and hits a whopping 12X optical zoom camera, which is a pretty high optical zoom for a basic camera.

This is one of the best cameras for a lot of teens to start out with because the Canon Powershot is a very powerful and basic camera. With a Canon Powershot camera, it also comes with more than just optical zoom, but also optical image stabilizer. The Canon Powershot camera’s optical image stabilizer offers the best image quality for this type of device.

The Canon Powershot camera does have good video recording too.  With the Canon Powershot, you can get 1080P video out of this. That means the Canon Powershot is a great camera and video camera, and you get the best of both worlds with the Canon Powershot.


The Canon Powershot is one of the best cameras for teens, because it has all the features cameras for teens need, and with the Canon Powershot, it fits perfectly in your hands to take amazing, stunning images, and is one of the best beginner cameras for teens to consider. The Canon Powershot is also more powerful than other cameras for teens that they’re compared to, and that’s why they’re considered the top pick if you want something simple, yet effective.

It is a good entry level camera since it’s easy to use, and if you’re looking for the entry level experience, this is what you should get.

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Camera

Another one of the best cameras where image quality is concerned is the Canon EOS Rebel, specifically the T6 EOS Rebel model.

The EOS Rebel Camera comes with a CMOS sensor and offers some of the best image quality for an entry level DSLR. Compared to other DSLR caneras that are out there, this much more entry level, but this is one of the best cameras that won’t break the bank. It does come with an 18 MP sensor, and the EOS Rebel also comes with an image processor, and an LCD monitor so that your image quality is great.

The EOS Rebel camera also comes with video recording offered at 30 FPS, so if your teen wants to take some great videos, the EOS Rebel will do it.  The EOS Rebel also comes with a center cross-type point, so that you can keep stabilized videos. The Canon EOS Rebel camera also does well with both bright light and low light, so if you want some high quality images, the EOS Rebel will give you that. With the EOS Rebel, you can shoot in auto mode, and the Canon EOS Rebel is one of the most intelligent budget cameras with this.

The one downside to this one is the optical zoom is much smaller. It only has 3X optical zoom, which is nowhere near as much as the 10X optical zoom that the other compact cameras have.  The Canon EOS Rebel though may have a lower optical zoom and may not go anywhere near the 10X optical zoom that those point and shoots have, but despite the low optical zoom, the Canon EOS Rebel is really good for basic high quality images. The Canon EOS Rebel is also sold with a kit too, and with thee Canon EOS Rebel, you can get a lens to change out, and some other basic equipment.

If you’re looking for the best cameras that do forget the optical zoom but offer features in cameras for teens you may not see anywhere else, the Canon EOS Rebel is the best. With the Canon EOS series, they are very basic DSLRs, but that makes it one of the best cameras to start out with.  When it comes to cameras for teens, they don’t need the super detailed 10x optical if they’re looking for high quality images, and the Canon EOS Rebel still offers some good images.

With the Canon EOS Rebel cameras, they can move these picture to a computer and then post as they want. The Canon EOS Rebel is a good starter camera, since a lot of teens will learn off the Canon EOS and go onto other cameras.

Canon EOS for photography

The Canon EOS is a good entry-level teens camera, and the Canon EOS Rebel is known to last a long time, and usually doesn’t have many issues.  The Canon EOS Rebel also will teach your teen how to change lenses and also basic photo features, which is what makes it one of the best cameras to start out with.

Plenty of cameras for teens usually focus on just point and shoot, but this is one of the best cameras if you want to take it to the next level.

Choosing the right teens camera can be hard, since you may not know if a camera has features of cameras for teens that they can enjoy. But luckily, we’ve gone over just a few of the best options when it comes to cameras for teens, and are good to begin with if you’re not sure whether or not the one you’re getting is right.

Choosing correct cameras for teens lets them expand and explore, and most cameras for teens are a springboard to get them into photography.


Cameras For Teens

Final Words

There are a number of different digital cameras out there and if you’re looking for a way to get your teenager interested in taking pictures a nice camera is a great way to go. Just make sure you’re paying attention to their age and their abilities before you decide to buy any specific camera. You want to make sure they are prepared for what it really means to take care of that digital camera, after all.


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