Picking The Best Instant: Unveiling The Perfect Polaroid Camera

Most of us walk around taking pictures wherever and whenever we want with our phones. Gone are the days when you needed an actual camera with cam film in it to capture your best memories. Your phone includes a digital cam that’s easy to take with you anywhere. But it doesn’t let you print a picture right then and there as an instant camera does. You can get print-quality photos immediately with a digital instant print from shutters.

Cute and best photos printed from polaroid camera placed on top of the table near a small potted plant.
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If your children are also interested in instant photography and want many prints and instant photos, you can choose the finest ones for them here.

So, how do you find the best Polaroid cameras?

First, decide on a type—SX-70, 600, or 1200.

The type and the look should be based on who will be using it.

Choose the color, size, and weight to match the user’s preference. You should check out these best features:

  • Display
  • White balance
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Blur function
  • ISO
  • Self-timer
  • Video
  • Storage

Looking for the best polaroid camera. The classic instant camera, Polaroid camera, has made a comeback. We’re looking at what features make for other instant cameras. Classic Polaroid cameras have come a long way from the Polaroid originals, including great image quality, creative shooting modes, and instant camera film packs, among others. Read on to discover what you should look for. Discover today’s best deals on basic instant vintage polaroid cameras.

Best Polaroid Camera 

Let’s start with a quick breakdown of the different types of Polaroid cameras. There are three:

One top polaroid camera worth checking.
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The Difference In Polaroid Film Types

  • SX-70 –

This is the older model in the bunch. It uses a film that’s at a lower ISO. These have less sensitivity to light than the other two types, thus the pictures won’t be as sharp/detailed.


  • 600 –

The 600 is the standard now. Instant film cameras of this type develop film quicker than the SX-70. The ISO is higher and there is more light sensitivity.


  • 1200 –

This is also referred to as Spectra. These have the same level of light sensitivity and develop at the same speed. They use wider film, though. And the square images are of higher quality. This level is better suited for an experienced or professional photographer.

The realm of photography has seen a surge in interest in the new hybdrid instant camera, with models like the best premium instant camera bridging the gap between the traditional and digital worlds. One standout feature in many of these cameras, such as the Instax Mini Evo app, allows users to transform digital snaps into physical memories using an instant printer and specialized photo paper. While some prefer the simple instant camera, like the Polaroid i-Type, which is known for producing vibrant double exposures and detailed close-up shots, others lean towards the versatility of the Instax Mini film-compatible models. These cameras often come with built-in flash, parallax correction, and even light painting capabilities, setting them apart from other Instax cameras and even some mirrorless camera models. The process of printing images from these devices, especially when using Instax film, offers a nostalgic experience reminiscent of the classic era of photography.

The Best Look For Test Instant Cameras

When you’re looking for the best test instant cameras and a stylish instant camera rolled into one for you or for your loved one, choose the look and style that matches the user. Polaroid cameras come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and styles. You’ll find everything from plain and serious to bright and fun.

You’ll notice different sizes of them, too. The originals were large and bulky. Today’s Polaroids come in a range of sizes.

Top Instant Camera Features 

Like any other digital camera, the best instant cameras have plenty of modern features to consider. Here’s a list of some of the most important ones:

The best instant polaroid cameras have plenty of features to consider.
Source: pxhere.com

Best Display

The originals didn’t have screens for you to view your print images on. The photographer looked through the viewfinder and took the picture.

Presently, some of Polaroid’s top cameras feature display screens that enable you to view your pictures and even edit photos directly on the screen. The screen is a full-color TFT LCD screen.

White Balance

Make sure to check out the white balance selection. The options below are available that include:

  • fluorescent
  • cloudy
  • incandescent
  • daylight
  • manual setting

You can choose your white balance setting based on the lighting where you’re taking the picture. It helps to give you the best digital image quality.

Best Dynamic Lighting

If the lighting isn’t the best, dynamic lighting on this fun camera allows you to tweak the lighting in the image, so you don’t have overexposed and underexposed areas in the photo. This feature gives your pictures better balance.

Blur Function

This feature is newer. When a blurry image is detected, it will make an automatic adjustment into a continuous mode to combat the blur.


This is the best setting for sensitivity requirements due to light and group shots speed. If the light is low, increase the ISO. If the light is bright, decrease the ISO. Note that when you increase the ISO setting, images look more pixelated.


The best instant cameras, known for their classic instant photo look, include self-timers. This feature allows the photographer to be in the picture or quickly hold something in the frame if needed. Once the shutter is pushed, the timer will start.

Best Video

Some have video mode like the digital camera on your phone. You can record videos at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Many of the best instant cameras with video mode also have a voice memo feature.

It allows you to add a voice note to a still image.

Best Storage

You want a Polaroid camera with an SD card slot. The originals didn’t give photographers the option to back up their pictures. Now they can do instant film photography right then and there!

Now, you can choose a card slot for photo storage.

Best Instant Cameras

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini is not only the best looking instant camera but also a hybrid camera that combines the charm of instant prints with digital images. With its companion app and close up mode, users can capture and print photos with ease, blending nostalgic instant photography with modern convenience.

Originals Now I-Type Cameras

The Originals look a lot like the cameras of old. It’s basic in its design. It comes in 11 different color options. This is a point-and-shoot instant camera. It doesn’t have a display screen to look at. It does everything for you. Autofocus helps to cut down on blurriness. With a self-timer and the capability to do double exposure settings, it’s versatile for various types of shots, including landscape photos, where exposure control is easy to use.

  • Lightweight
  • Includes battery
  • Many color options
  • Includes micro-USB charger


  • Does not come with any multiple exposures of same film
  • Images look fuzzy
  • No in-depth user manual

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 

The Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay and the Fujifilm Instax mini Evo are budget-friendly and created to have lots of fun. They come in different colors. The Mini 11 camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed to whatever is right for the setting. There’s a one-touch selfie mode for all those adventures you want to capture yourself in. You can customize your manual control shutter button with an included jewel or glow-in-the-dark add-on.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera placed on top of the table surrounded with cute pictures.
Source: flickr.com


  • Affordable
  • 5 fun color choices
  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Selfie mode included
  • instax wide film packs


  • Customizable buttons fall off
  • Picture quality is so-so
  • No display
  • No manual focus

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera 

This is the predecessor to the model listed above. It comes in 10 color options. This is a bundle purchase, too. You get a double pack of mini format film with your colorful camera. The instant pictures are the ideal size for carrying around in your wallet. This version also has a built-in selfie mirror. The camera is small and doesn’t weigh much, so you can take it with you everywhere.

Source: flickr.com


  • Take pictures immediately with included film (Instax square film )
  • Includes a close-up lens attachment
  • Prints are wallet-sized
  • Budget-friendly
  • 10 color options


  • Must adjust manually
  • The picture quality is sub-par
  • No user manual with purchase

How Much Does Film For Cameras Cost?

The film for most instant cameras has come down in reasonable price. However, it’s still not cheap enough to make them your go-to cameras. When you have digital cameras built into your phone that you can use for free, you don’t need to use your Polaroid Originals camera most of the time. You can use the instant cam for capturing certain special capture moments and your phone’s digital camera for everyday use.

Film for the FujiFilm Instax Mini goes for about $.60 per sheet. Film for the Polaroid Originals i-Type sells for somewhere around $.94 per sheet.

Is The Polaroid Camera Worth Buying?

The best instant film camera is a lot of fun to use. There’s something about taking a picture of a memory you want to capture and having it in your hand immediately after. It’s different than just snapping pics on your phone’s digital camera. It’s worth buying if you or someone you know will use it occasionally, to make fun pictures that can be passed around for good times. It’s not worth it to use it for every picture you want to take. You should use it alongside the digital camera in your phone for it to remain economical. The film for the best instant cameras is cheaper than it used to be, but it still adds up quickly if you’re taking too many pictures.

Final Thoughts

The best instant cameras are fun, stylish, and easy to use. It is like a blast from the past. Other cameras that are iconic are making a big comeback. They’re popular with all age groups and are easy enough for even young children to use. Look for the advanced features that will give you the highest quality photos and the body that’s easiest for you to carry and use. Take pictures the way people used to but with higher quality film and a camera that makes all adjustments for you.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What Cams To Buy?

The good instant cameras include the Polaroid Originals OneStep+ and the Polaroid Now. In the realm of today’s instant cameras, it’s clear that not all instant cameras are created equally. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 stands out with its double exposure mode and the inclusion of physical lens filters, offering a unique twist to instant photography. Powered by AA batteries, its battery life is notable. The Instax Square SQ1 distinguishes itself with its signature square prints and an efficient automatic flash. While mirrorless cameras remain popular for professional shots, Instax cameras provide the immediate satisfaction of printing pictures on the spot. Some of these models even come equipped with a smartphone app and Bluetooth connectivity to bridge the gap with the modern smartphone camera, yet they maintain the charm with features like auto exposure mode and portrait mode.

Are Instax Better?

Instax is better in terms of fun for younger users, such as the Instax miniplay or the Fujifilm Instax square sq6.  It also has cheaper films. Polaroid has better options for more serious photographers.

What’s The Best Vintage Cam To Buy?

The Polaroid OneStep Close-Up 600 is a good option for the budget-minded shopper looking for a vintage camera. It’s durable and reliable. It shouldn’t be tough to find one in good shape, too.

The best vintage cam OneStep Close-Up 600 is a good option for the budget-minded shopper.
Source: flickr.com

How Long Do Instant Camera Photos Last?

If you keep these photos in an album or some other type of storage box, your pictures won’t fade any faster than other types of film. Photos can last for upwards of 100 years.

Do Polaroids Fade?

Polaroids won’t fade any differently than other types of photos. Keep them stored in an album or photo box.

Is Instax 9 Or 11 The Best?

Instax 11 is better for two reasons. It adjusts for the setting you’re in automatically. It also has a pull-out close-up lens pre-installed rather than having to attach one.

Does Shaking A Polaroid Help?

It doesn’t help. In fact, shaking a Polaroid can result in bubbles and marks in the picture. Shaking Polaroid cameras before developing credit card sized prints is a common misconception; in reality, it’s best to let them develop naturally. Despite being twice the price of most instant cameras, Polaroid’s hybrid cameras offer point and shoot simplicity, blending analog photography charm with the convenience of smartphone photos and instant prints.

Are Old Cameras Worth It?

Most old Polaroid cameras aren’t worth much. There are some that could get you upwards of $100. They must be in excellent condition and fully functional. One that could get you more than $200 is the Polaroid SLR 680.

Which Is Better Than Fuji?

While Fuji’s hybrid cameras are popular, some argue that other hybrid cameras offer superior features, such as easier film refills or iconic Polaroid styling. About the size, alternatives may provide more compact options without compromising on image quality or functionality.

Fuji is the leading digital publisher worldwide.

What Instant Camera Has The Best Image Quality?

Is A Fujifilm Instax Worth It?

Fuji film is worth considering for those seeking better photos and creative features like double exposure modes. With its reputation for quality and the joy of producing a physical photo, it’s often seen as the perfect camera companion for capturing memorable moments.

What Is An I Type Film?

I-Type film is specifically designed for Polaroid’s I-Type cameras, offering instant prints with vibrant colors and sharp details.

Is Instax Mini Film Better?

Is Polaroid Film Better?

Which Fujifilm Instax Is Better 9 Or 11?

Is Kodak Better?

What Instant Camera Do KPop Idols Use?

Is Polaroid Cheaper Than Instax?


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