How To Choose The Best DSLR Camera

Most of us walk around with a camera on us all the time—in the form of a smart phone. It’s great because we can whip our phones out and capture moments happening at any time. Sometimes, though, you may want to have a camera that will allow you to take more high quality pictures of moments or beautiful scenery. That’s where the best DSLR camera comes in.


But, how do you choose the best DSLR camera? Decide on the price that you don’t want to go over. Determine how you will be using your camera because that will help the salesperson know what features to steer you toward. Get an idea of how large of a camera you will want. Finally, you’ll choose the resolution and sensor size you want. 

We’re going to look at some good examples for DSLR cameras a little further down. But, let’s first talk about how to choose the camera that’s right for you. It’s easier to make a choice when you know what you should be looking for.

The Features Of A DSLR Camera

DSLR cameras work with a reflex mirror, or prism, inside which reflects the light coming in from the subject direction to the viewfinder. The photographer can then take a picture of what is seen in the viewfinder. DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex. When the picture is taken, the mirror moves out of the way allowing the light to come in and reach the imaging sensor. 


We’ll start there for our features.

  • Mirror – These cameras create images through the reflection of light coming off of the mirror/prism inside. The light comes in through the lens, hits the mirror, bounces off, and reaches the optical viewfinder. That lets the photographer see exactly what the picture is going to look like.
  • High quality images – DSLR cameras have large image sensors that let a lot of light in and allow for quicker ISO and fast shutter speeds. That results in a clearer picture that isn’t grainy. 
  • Lenses – One of the things DSLR cameras are well known for is their ability to be used with so many different lenses. They are very adaptable cameras, so you can switch out lenses, filters, and flashes to see what kind of photos you can come up with.
  • Optical viewfinder – You’ll be able to see your photograph before you take it right on the optical viewfinder. It makes it easier to know if you’ve gotten the shot or not.
  • Manual shooting – DSLR cameras can be very good for beginners because they have preset picture-taking modes that optimize the settings for that type of scenery. However, you can also shoot in manual so you can set everything yourself. 
  • ISO range – These have a broad range of ISO to choose from. It makes them very versatile cameras that can shoot various settings and conditions.

Uses For DSLR Cameras

Ultimately, DSLR cameras are good choices for shooting all sorts of things. You just need to decide how you’re going to be using yours. Will you be taking it on family trips so you can capture the memories of great vacations? Do you intend to start your own photography business? Will you be shooting moving subjects, such as sports players? Maybe your camera will be used mostly in low-light settings. The way you use the camera will help determine what extras and features you need so you can get the most out of it. Any salesperson in a camera shop will ask you about your intended use because it helps them to serve you better.

DSLR cameras are so adaptable and so versatile, you really could use them for pretty much anything. One of the biggest things people don’t like about them is their size. They do come in a range of sizes, but they’re larger, heavier, and bulkier than your typical point and shoot mirrorless camera.


Which Camera Brand Is Best?

There are some heavy hitters in the camera market space. At the top of the list is Canon. The company has been around for nearly a century. They’re known for their consistent high quality DSLR cameras. Also, their lenses are considered some of the best.

Canon’s older brother, Nikon, is the runner-up for best camera brand. Nikon also offers very high quality DSLR cameras, as well as some great choices for mirrorless cameras. There are some photographers who prefer Nikon over Canon, but not the majority.

Best DSLR Camera Options


Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera Bundle with Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 is II Lens + 2pc SanDisk 32GB Memory Cards + Accessory Kit ( See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


This is a really good bundle deal that gives you everything you need to get started with all of your photography goals. You’ll have the memory cards to store your photos on, three different filters, a digital slave flash, and both a wide angle and telephoto lens, too. There are two batteries and a charger, as well as a tripod included. There is a large viewfinder screen for looking at your images. The camera includes image stabilization technology, too. This bundle also comes with a carrying case for the camera and accessories.


  • Everything included to get started
  • Backup battery included
  • WiFi enabled so you can send images straight to smart phone
  • Plenty of storage included with SD cards
  • Superior picture quality


  • Updates to camera made some older accessories incompatible
  • Tripod not very sturdy
  • Some would consider entry level


Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens ( See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


If you’re not up for a bundle, here you can get just what you’re looking for, the camera. This is the same camera from the bundle above, but it only comes with a battery, charger, strap, and the 18-55mm lens. As such, it’s about $150 cheaper. It has a 24.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor, which means less shutter lag time. It also has built-in WiFi capability so you can send pictures straight to your chosen device. You’ll be able to capture images that are highly detailed with crisp lines and clarity. You can also record HD videos.


  • Camera only
  • High quality camera for affordable price
  • High Megapixel 24.1
  • Wide ISO range
  • Lightweight


  • Not rated well for experienced photographers
  • No microphone jack
  • Hotshoe only works for Canon products


Canon EOS 4000D DSLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 III Lens - Pixi Advanced Bundle (International Version) ( See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


This Canon is a little less expensive than the T7. It still creates incredibly beautiful images with an 18 Megapixel APS-C sensor. This is a bundle that includes a few different lenses, as well as an SD card. You can choose between preset modes, intuitive scene mode, or shoot in manual mode. The Canon companion app has a lot of good information to help those who are getting to know their cameras. You’ll also be able to send images straight to your phone with built-in WiFi connectivity.


  • Photos are easily shareable
  • Two additional lenses and a filter
  • Carrying case and cleaning kit included
  • Spider tripod and flash included
  • Intelligent photo mode helps take stunning pictures


  • Autofocus can be a little slow
  • Entry level camera
  • Accessories not Canon brand


We all take pictures. Why not take them with a better camera? The best DSLR cameras will help you capture all of the moments you don’t want to forget. Once you’ve decided how much you can comfortably spend for your camera, consider how you will use it. Then, you can narrow down the features you want, and what level of qualities, like resolution and sensor size, to look for. Those are the things you need to do when you are choosing the best DSLR camera.


Which DSLR camera is best?

The best DSLR camera is the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. This is actually their flagship camera. It’s full frame and sets a good standard for other brands.


Which one is better, Canon or Nikon?

Canon is rated higher overall. Nikon has been around for about 20 years longer. They both produce high quality equipment. You really couldn’t go wrong with either. We will say Nikon has three very good mirrorless cameras in their lineup for those who prefer that type.

Is DSLR still worth buying?

Yes, it is. DSLR is still very relevant. It’s ability to adapt to any kind of shooting condition will help it remain relevant for years to come. It has much more flexibility than a mirrorless camera.

Should I buy a DSLR in 2020?

DSLR cameras are very easy to use and can be used in more kinds of conditions than a mirrorless camera. They’re also good for all sorts of skill levels.

Which is better, EOS or DSLR?

These aren’t different cameras. You can get an EOS DSLR camera, though. EOS stands for Electro-Optical System. It’s the auto-focus system in a Canon camera.

What camera do most photographers use?

Some professional photographers use the Nikon D5 or D6. They also use the Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

Which Canon camera is best?

The number one spot goes to the Canon EOS R5.

What DSLR should I buy in 2020?

The best overall for DSLR is the Canon EOS Rebel T7. The best mirrorless cameras are the Fujifilm X-T4s.


Is DSLR better than iPhone?

A DSLR camera is better at capturing subjects in motion, low light settings, and shots at a distance with the use of zoom.




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