What Is The Best DVD Player For Toddler?

Traveling with a toddler may sound more like a terrible idea than going around with an infant. The latter will at least be happy once you feed or change his or her diaper. You can also make the baby wear a noise-canceling device so that the external sounds won’t disturb or her sleep.

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When you go out with a child between the ages of one and three, however, you have to prepare your “soothing paraphernalia” days before the trip. E.g., crackers, chips, and little toys. It is common for young kids to get bored quickly, after all. If you put them in a moving vehicle for hours, they can hardly stay still in their car seat.

The thing is, the most practical way to make a child stop being fussy is to show him or her a movie or cartoon. That can keep them busy enough to let you drive in peace, for sure. In case you don’t want the baby to get used to iPads, smartphones or laptops this early, though, you can find the best DVD player for toddler.

Here are some features to look for right now.

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Wide Screen

The first aspect you should think about is the size of the monitor. It will always be best to opt for a screen that’s nine to ten inches wide so that your child will not have to crane his or her neck to see the characters on it. The resolution has to be quite high as well to prevent the little boy or girl from squinting or straining their eyes.


You should try to stay away from DVD players that have complicated or too-hard-to-press buttons. If you have a hard time turning the device on without putting so much pressure on your thumb, you know that a toddler cannot use it effortlessly either. What you want is an electronic item that even a two-year-old will be able to operate without your assistance.

Durable Hardware

It also matters to invest in a DVD player for toddlers that is made out of non-flimsy materials to avoid needing to purchase something similar a few times a year. Many cheap ones have a plastic body; that’s why they are light and quite handy for little children. Once they drop it or knock it on a hard surface accidentally, though, the apparatus might break immediately.

USB Port

Although the device already has a slot for CDs and DVDs, it is still ideal in this modern world for the portable player to have a port for a USB stick. When you rely on discs,  after all, you may have to bring a CD organizer so that your baby can choose one. However, if there is a USB port, you can fill the drive with his or her favorites and merely flip through them digitally.

Long Battery Life

The best DVD player for toddlers can stay on for more than five hours too. They will likely require not a lot of attention from you when watching their favorite show. Thus, you can drive or get some work done before they feel hungry, bored, or sleepy.

Bonus: Remote Control

Lastly, it will be great if the DVD player you get for your little one comes with remote control. One-year-olds, as you know, may not be able to understand instructions even when you try to teach him or her which buttons to click. With the controller close to you, you can increase the volume or change the movie without reaching for the device.

In Conclusion

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Source: en.wikipedia.org

The features we mentioned above ought to serve as your guide when choosing the best DVD player for toddler. You can find an excellent one regardless if your budget is 50 or 300 dollars. Only, be sure to inspect it and check out a few more options before paying for anything.

Good luck!

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