What Is The Difference Between Soccer And Football Cleats?

With sports comes sports equipment.  One essential sports accessory is the shoes.  You cannot play basketball in flip flops or football in sliders.  For soccer and football, it is important to have cleats.  Playing on the field in regular tennis shoes causes one to slip and slide and get no grip whatsoever.  But is there a difference between soccer and football cleats?  The answer is yes.  Just like the sports are not the same, so are the cleats.

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Do Soccer Cleats Work For Football?

Yes, you can use soccer cleats for football because they are the most versatile of the cleats, but soccer cleats have different attributes that better support soccer than football.  Wearing soccer cleats for football will provide less support around the ankles.  Just remember that you may be more susceptible to an injury if you wear the wrong cleats for a sport or specific terrain.  To get the ultimate performance, it would be best to wear football cleats for football.

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What Is The Difference In Football Cleats And Soccer Cleats?

There are many differences between the two cleats.  Soccer cleats are low cut and much lighter than football cleats.  There is only one type of soccer cleat while football has 3 different types.  These different types support different positions in football.  Football cleats are heavier because it provides more support near the big toe of the foot and the ankle.

Soccer cleats are low cut because soccer players need to be able to maneuver their feet different directions and be able to change direction on a dime.

Can You Wear Baseball Cleats For Football?

Baseball cleats differ from football cleats.  Baseball cleats have metal studs unlike football cleats.  So you cannot wear baseball cleats for football.  Metal cleats would be dangerous to wear in football.  And you cannot wear football cleats to play baseball.

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What Football Cleats Should I Get?

The style you choose for football cleats depends on the position you play.  A lineman may want more ankle support because they move side to side more often than forward so they will get cleats that are high tops.  This provides support on the ankles so a player doesn’t roll their ankle from all the lateral movement.

Mid-cut shoes allows a little bit more movement around the ankle but still gives some support so the players that usually use this are quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers.  This allows more movement unlike the high tops.

Then there are the low cut shoes.  These are a lot like the soccer cleats.  This provides better acceleration and speed for a player.  Most players that wear these are defensive players.  This allows them to switch position and directions quickly which is definitely needed when on the defense.

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Do Cleats Make A Difference?

Yes!  Most definitely yes!  Running on grass in tennis shoes or sneakers is a hard feat: any athlete knows this.  A player will slip and slide when trying to change direction that it will be hard to make any big plays.  This is even worse if the grass is wet and many sports will play in the rain as long as there is no lightning.  Cleats dig into the ground allowing traction and providing a player to propel off the ground much better than if they were in sneakers.  It provides better acceleration and speed.

Why Do My Football Cleats Hurt My Feet?

Football cleats may hurt your feet especially if they are new.  You will need to break them in so where them around the house before the playing field.  It your cleats continue to hurt, it may mean that you have the wrong size cleat.  You may need to go a size higher or lower or maybe get wide shoes.  If your football cleats fit you correctly then there should be no pain that comes with them.

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Why Is There No Toe Cleats In Soccer?

Football cleats have an extra toe stud because they need it to push off the ground in a hunched position.  This helps them lift off from that three point position.  It has been proven that this wouldn’t help traction for a soccer player.

Are Soccer Cleats Dangerous?

Soccer cleats are not dangerous in the since you may stab someone with them but they can be dangerous if you buy the wrong cleats for a specific turf.  If you buy cleats that are supposed to be for a regular grass field may be harmful if you try to wear it on artificial turf.  There have been many knee injuries that were caused because of wearing the incorrect cleats on the wrong turf.

Are Lace Less Soccer Cleats Good?

In 2016, lace less soccer cleats were released.  Strings sometimes impact the way a soccer player hits the ball and so having lace less cleats help minimize this effect.  When lace less soccer cleats came out, many players and people were skeptical about how they will fit and if they would stay snug on the feet.  Many were impressed.  These cleats were comfortable and provided much needed support.  So yes, lace less soccer cleats are good.

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Soccer cleats are the most versatile of cleats and can be worn for other sports but not the other way around.  They are light weight to help with speed and acceleration which is needed for the sport.  Football has more types of cleats.  So hopefully, now you know the difference between the two cleats.

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