Best Adult Electric Scooters

We have all seen scooters around town. They are ridden to get to work or to school or just for fun. An adult scooter is a great way to get around and see the sights. As their popularity grows, an important question to ask is are scooters street legal or not.


Having the best electric scooters can make the riding experience more enjoyable because then you can ensure the safety of all around you. You can also look for the type of scooters that are available in your area because sometimes they can be very expensive and it is cheaper to buy them online. To give you an idea of the recent pricing on Amazon, we made a list for you to use as a guide when shopping. We included the features of each scooter for adults so you can see the specifics. If you continue reading, you will also learn more about the commonly asked questions about the best electric scooters.

Adult Electric Scooters

A scooter for adults can be a street-legal if it has the required features. A street legal scooter for adults has to feature safety elements such as brake lights, side mirrors, turn signals, and a suspension system. A street legal will go no more than 25 miles per hour. It will most likely need to be registered through your state DMV. To know for sure, you need to look up the information that specifically relates to the state you live in.

Best Adult Electric Scooters


Gotrax XR Ultra Adult Electric Scooters


The Gotrax XR Ultra has an innovative sleek design . It is best used for commuting or leisure strolling. It allows a maximum travel range of up to 17 miles.

  • The XR Ultra Electric Scooter for Adults has an innovative sleek design for easy folding. It is best used for commuting or for leisure strolling.
  • This electric scooter for adults is made with aluminum Material and it comes with a high capacity LG battery that allows a maximum travel range of up to 17 miles.
  • This electric scooter for adults is equipped with a smart battery management system that helps extend the battery life for longer use. You can multiple orders of this in Amazon.

Gotrax XR Ultra with powerful motor. This is made with aluminum Material and it comes with a high capacity LG battery


The Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Scooter


  • The Ninebot Max electric scooter for adults offers a maximum speed of 18.6 MPH and a longer battery life. It accommodate a max load of 66.1 to 220.5 lbs.
  • This electric scooter for adults has a mechanical and electrical Anti-lock braking to ensure safety, and it also has front and rear wheel shock absorbers for a smooth ride. You can order this in Amazon.

one of the best electric scooters.


The Gotrax XR Elite Electric Scooter


Electric Scooters

  • The XE elite electric scooter for adults has a powerful 300W Motor that can go up to a speed of 15.5 MPH. It comes with an aluminum frame and Pneumatic tires perfect which makes it a perfect commuter scooter.
  • This electric scooter for adults comes with new safety update such as the dual braking system 6 reflectors and upgraded headlights for greater visibility in the dark. You can order this in Amazon.

one of the best electric scooters


The Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter 


  • The RX200 electric scooter for adults is one of the best if you are planning to go off road.
  • This electric scooter for adults can speed up to 12 mph and it comes with off road tires, disc break and an upgraded gear ratio for high-torque trail riding.
  • RX200 electric scooter for adults is highly recommended for kids 13 and older or for rides up to 154 pounds. You can order this in Amazon.

Street Legal Scooter Features

When you’re choosing a scooter for grown-ups street legal, there are some things to take into consideration. Do you want a 50 cc gas street legal, or a street legal. Let’s look at some of the features that these best electric scooters that are street legal.

  • Electric Scooter For Adults Speed

First, you should look at the top speed when choosing a street legal. The top speed on these do vary. Some of the street legals get a top speed of only 20 mph.  Some of them get a top speed of around 50 mph.  When choosing one a street legal, you want something with a top speed that’s easy to control, and also one that you can ride on the streets easily.

  • Electric Scooter For Adults Weight capacity

A scooter for grown-ups street legal usually holds a decent weight capacity, but if you do go over it, chances are you may not reach the top speed that it can achieve.

  • Electric or Gas Scooter

This has the option of electric or gas. Some people prefer the 50 cc gas, because with 50 cc gas, you can get more speed on a street legal. But a 50 cc gas is much faster, and some people just want something simple. They usually get you from A to B, and are good one for grown-ups street legal, and of course with a 50 cc gas one, you will need too know how to drive it.

  • Under Or Over 50 CC Electric Scooter For Adults

50 cc is when you need a license for a scooter street legal. A 50 cc gas street legal goes about 50 mph, so with a 50 cc gas street legal scooter, you can go as fast as some cars down normal streets. But the price with a 50 cc gas street legal is you do need a license.

If you’re thinking about driving a 50 cc gas street legal scooter, you will need a license. it’s also recommended that with a 50 cc gas street legal that you also have a helmet, because if you get hit on a 50 cc gas street legal scooter, it can hurt.  On other scooter street legal options, it still can hurt, but may not be life-threatening injuries.

Electric Scooters:

Other Features

Are there any features for scooter street legal you want? Look at the street legal and check out the features there. Some come with LED lights, while others do not. You can shop for accessories in your trusted stores to add a flair to your scooter.

Best Electric Scooters To Choose From

When choosing an electric moped or scooter, you may wonder if there are ones which stand out above the rest? Here are a few options for you to choose from.

  • Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter For Adults

It gets up to a top speed of 18 mph, and usually it maintains that maximum speed pretty well.  It can have up to 40 minutes of use on a single charge.  The Razor Ecosmart metro electric Is a sit and ride, and it does come with a rear suspension which can be handled.  The rear suspension on this is pretty easy to use, and is one of the top 10 best for adults for you to use. The Ecosmart metro is one of the simplest scooters out there, and with the Ecosmart metro, it also comes with a simple design, and it’s one of the best street legal choices. The weight limit on this one is 220 pounds.

  • Tao Tao 50 CC Gas Scooter For Adults

It is a moped scooter with rear brakes, a strong rear suspension, and it’s a 50 cc that goes fast.  It has an LED headlight and is a great moped scooter.  Tao Tao has a disc brake system too in order to keep you nice and safe.

This one does require a driver’s license to use, and you should most definitely wear a helmet when using this one.  But, Tao Tao is a very safe scooter.  This is also CARB approved moped scooter that has a kick start to begin it, and the disc brakes are safe in the front.  The disc brakes will stop the car when you need it, and the Tao Tao is very easy for anyone to use.  With Tao Tao, you’re getting a moped type that’s easy to use, and it’s a gas street legal scooter.

With a gas street legal scooter, you will have to fill up, which is one of the downsides when comparing it to a street legal scooter, but with a gas street legal, you can zip down the street at a max speed of 55 mph, and this gas street legal is perfect for those on a budget.

  • Tao Tao Electric Scooter for Adults

It is a scooter street legal that is fully automatic, and once you lay pressure on the disc brakes, it stops. With a fully automatic 50 cc gas street legal scooter, you don’t have to worry about starting and stopping. With fully automatic, you start and go, and a fully automatic gas street legal still gets plenty of speed at a maximum speed of 55 miles per hour on this 50 cc gas street legal. Since Tao Tao is a 50 cc gas street legal that goes up to 55 miles per hour,  it is a moped type that you can take on most streets. This top speed means that if you wanted to, you could take this moped scooter to most places, and so long as you’re wearing a helmet and the disc brakes work, you can easily use it on streets.  While it does go up to 55 miles per hour, usually you don’t get that, but with this, you can take it to and from places, and is a great for adults street legal that is 50 cc gas, so you’ll go fast.  Tao Tao is a reliable company, and with Tao Tao, you’re getting a high quality scooter. The weight limit on the Tao Tao is 220, but some people have said that the weight capacity doesn’t effect the effectiveness of this.

Electric Scooters
  • Doohan iTank Electric Scooter For Adults

The Doohan itank has a strange design, but it is a street legal scooter that does the job. It is a plastic frame, and it is a fully electrical street legal. Even though it looks more like a bike, it is one of the best street legal that works.  It has a top speed of up to 70 kilometers per hour, and while it may look silly it’s a totally valid, especially if they want something that’s powerful, with a pretty small frame. It comes with a DDWT technology, and an LED monitor, and even an LED headlight.  This scooter does come at a pretty penny, and the weight capacity is pretty sizable.  If you have the budget for this, this may be a wonderful option.

  • Gigabike Groove Electric Scooter For Adults

This is another fun scooter for adults. The Gigabike groove doesn’t have a high top speed. The top speed is about 20 miles per hour on this, so it is one of the scooter street legal to get.  It gets 35 miles per charge, and it is great for city commuters or those looking for an alternative.  It doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, but it is one of that doesn’t require a license or registration. The Gigabike groove has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, and this weight capacity is higher than some of the scooter options.

It has mixed reviews, but if you are looking for a reliable scooter street legal without too limited of a weight capacity, the Gigabike groove is a great one.

Adult Electric Scooters

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the Most Popular Street Legal or Electric Scooter For Adults?

One street legal scooter that is one of the best choices is the Razor Ecosmart Metro scooter. It has a heavy steel alloy frame and a wide bamboo deck for a maximum amount of comfort while riding. It has a cushioned seat and can reach up to 18 miles per hour.

Another good choice for a street legal is the Tao Tao Quantum. It features a 150cc engine so it can get up to 55 miles per hour. It has a cushioned seat with storage underneath it.

  • Are Electric Mopeds Street Legal?

If the electric moped, or electric scooter, meets the necessary requirements, then yes it is street legal. In order for an electric moped to be street legal, it has to have sturdy enough tires for the street, suspension and handling features, and safety features, such as turn signals and side mirrors. Registration may also be required for the electric moped to be street legal.

  • What’s The Best Electric Scooter For Adults?

One of the best Electric Scooters for adults is the Turboant X7. This scooter offers the best value for your money and has countless popular features that make it street legal. The Tubroant X7 can go up to 20 miles per hour with one charge lasting up to 16 miles. This is the number one scooter  because it only weighs 30 pounds and can easily fold up so you can travel with it or store it in a small place. Another reason why it is the best one is that the tires are large enough to act as a method of suspension. All these features making it one of the best street legal scooters.

  • Are Electric Scooters Legal In UK?

Unfortunately, scooters are not legal on UK roads. Scooters cannot be ridden on UK public roads, pavement, or bicycle paths so they cannot be considered a street legal.

  • What is the Electric Scooter For Adults’ Price?

Depending on what you plan on using the scooter for and the features you are looking at, range in price from $300 to over $9,000. The price of a streel legal depends on the brand and how elaborate the features are.

  • What Kind Of Scooter Is Street Legal?

A Scooter is considered street legal if it does not go over 25 miles per hour and has the required safety features. The scooter is then streal legal in the bicycle lane and on the very right-hand side of the street if a bicycle lane is unavailable.

  • Can You Ride Scooter On The Sidewalk?

Every state has different laws about riding an scooter on the sidewalk. Some places it is illegal and other states there are no specific laws about it, but is highly frowned upon. If there is not a law in place that prohibits riding on the sidewalk, you should consider riding on the street anyway. An scooter can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and this can be extremely dangerous of pedestrians. At speeds like this, in order to prevent any harm that could come to others, it is nice to ride the scooter on the street.

  • What Scooter Can I Drive Without A License?

Depending on what state you live in you may need a license to drive an scooter. Some states require the scooter to have a license and a registration and other states do not require either. For the most accurate information on this, you will need to research your state laws specifically before you purchase your street legal scooter.

How Much Does An Electric Scooter Cost?

A good scooter can cost around $600. At this price point a scooter can reach up to 15 miles per hour and will have a charge that lasts about 3.5 hours. If you invest in a scooter that costs more than $600, it will go faster than 15 miles per hour and last for a longer time.

  • What is the electric scooter for adults weight limit?

The average weight limit for a street legal scooter is 220 pounds. Even though this is the average weight limit for street legal, there are options available that have a weight limit as high as 340 pounds.

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